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Are you losing that excitement and passion for your business? Do you feel like you’re stuck in the same place? Is your message not getting to the right people?

This is the universe telling you to make a change.

In this episode, I will share the 5 signs that it’s time to pivot your business. The urge to shift is normal. And the first sign to start pivoting your business is misalignment. It’s the universe’s cue to reignite that spark and explore new opportunities. The second sign is when everything feels like a roadblock and nothing is working, it’s time to make a change.

The third sign is the feeling of not being heard. To find your place in the market, be authentic, re-engage your audience, or go into another venture altogether. Beware of this fourth sign: feeling stuck. Get back to your momentum, start shifting your gears, and rev your engines to chase abundance.

The last sign is when it doesn’t feel right anymore. Pay attention to that ‘I can’ voice and follow it.

As an entrepreneur, every step is a risk. Don’t forget that there’s always an opportunity to turn around an obstacle. Take the path that leads to abundance. Start pivoting your business to move forward!

Tune in to this week’s episode of The Power in the Pause: 5 Signs It Is Time to Pivot Your Business.

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And when you tune in to that gut, when you tune into that lower volume conversation that is happening, what your body is telling you, and you embrace what I call the power of the pivot. It’s not just the power of the pods, it’s also the power of the pivot. You have the opportunity to not only change your life, but to change your business, to pivot your business into a horizon that is going to bring you more abundance. It’s it’s going to amplify your abundance. 

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Okay, shall we dive in? So today’s episode, we are going to talk about the five signs that you are being revealed when it is time to start pivoting your business and the lens through which I’m going to talk about this today is actually the five signs that not only appeared to me, but they appear to every single one of my clients, and they may not be the signs that you think. So. If you’re ready to dive in, let me give you a warning that I’m going to get really real today. I am here to shake things up in your business, and it’s really about you being open to what it is that I’m going to share with you guys today. And it’s really from the lens of, I really wish that somebody had said this to me. 

And so if you’re somebody who is even just saying to yourself right now, something has to change, well, this is the episode for you, and I want to help you to turn those thoughts into actionable pivots. Speaking of pivots, I also have in the comment section a free workshop where I talk about how to pivot your path. It is an easy to follow, great first step for you. It will complement this episode beautifully, so be sure to grab that by clicking the link in the comments and picking that up. 

Okay, here we go. So the first sign is if you find yourself saying or feeling or just getting this nudge that says, God, I’m just not feeling this. I’m not feeling aligned with this. So this is if you’re somebody who is just not fired up every day, right? You lack that excitement and you feel heavy getting out of bed or having to go to work or sitting at your desk just feels so heavy. It feels low vibration. Well, that lack of excitement is definitely a cue. One of our signs that you get to start considering a pivot. 

Now listen. Just like me, it is common for entrepreneurs to experience shifts in their passion and motivation over time, especially if they have been doing something for quite some time now. As a reminder, when I separated and got divorced from my ex-husband, I ran a divorce business for about six and a half years, and it really wasn’t until almost six months ago that I decided that I just wasn’t feeling it anymore, that it just it wasn’t that I didn’t want to help those people that were going through divorce anymore. It was just that I wasn’t coming from a place where I knew that I could serve them in the same way that I had served them before. And so really, the sort of the visual that I want you to see, if you’re somebody who you think is saying this or feeling this, is that this is kind of like when your passion meter is on low. Right? 

And this is this is something that you have the power to make a change about. Right. So whether that’s exploring new opportunities, if it’s talking to different people, if it’s engaging a new mentor to help you navigate and figure out what that’s going to look like, maybe it’s a new product that you want to offer. Maybe you’re like me and you want to completely reinvent your brand. Well, this sign of I’m not just feeling it anymore is your message. It is the universe poking at you, right? Poking you, saying it’s time to reignite that spark and to infuse fresh, new high vibration, bright light and energy into your business. Because what I know to be true is that when you’re not lit up in your business, it affects every area of your life. 

Okay sign number two. This one was so rampant for me, and that sign was me seeing and feeling like everything I did was not going my way. So it was almost like everything felt like a roadblock So if you’re somebody who feels like every step forward isn’t a step forward, it’s literally you hitting a wall like your head is banging up against a wall every single time. Time to consider a pivot. Okay, so yes, entrepreneurship is full of challenges but guess what? It is also super exciting. So if you’re somebody who feels like what it is that you’re doing right now and you’re hitting your head against a wall, I guarantee you that there is an opportunity for you in this moment to reassess your approach, to reassess your business, for you to take a really hard look and wonder, why is this so hard? 

It shouldn’t have to be this hard. Like, and literally, I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be. This is very much a mindset roadblock that you are coming up against. And so if you’re somebody who is feeling like nothing is working and that everything feels really hard, well, this is the opportunity for you to start changing your mindset around what is it that I could be doing, where I would feel in flow, where I would feel the light shining on my face every day? So this is something that I, I love doing with my clients. And, and I actually, um, had a session with one of my clients recently where we were really talking through this, and what we were able to uncover was that there was there was a layer of a money story for her around feeling obligated to stay in this place, even though it felt like she was not moving forward. She just felt like she was stagnant. But the fear of making a change, the fear of, you know, pivoting the roadblock felt really scary for her. And so what’s super important is to see that there is an opportunity for you, you know, especially if you reach out and you ask for help of you being able to really pivot around that obstacle, because that’s where the clear path forward towards progress and opportunity and abundance exist and live. 

Okay. Sign number three. So this one was one that I kept saying all the time, because for about six months I was making offers. I was out there in the marketplace putting together a new things, and it was crickets. How many of you can relate to that? Right. Like, I literally felt like I was speaking to a room full of people who just, like, couldn’t hear me. So this third sign is like, hello? Is anyone out there? Right? Is anyone even listening? So if you’re somebody who can relate to what I just said, well, guess what? Another sign that it may be time for you to pivot your business and to pivot your strategy You know, we are living in a very crowded digital landscape. We are also living in a time and place where there’s a lot of messages coming at us every single day, and people are taking more time to make decisions. And so what this means is that it’s a lot more challenging for us to capture and retain our audience’s attention now more than ever. 

So it’s really, really important that you start to unpack and figure out how it is that you get to be authentic and to show up in a way that your ideal buyer wants to work with you. That’s going to hear you, that that you’re going to make the right noise. And that doesn’t mean to get louder. Okay. I want to be really, really clear. Making noise doesn’t always mean that you have to be louder. It means that you have to be real. You have to be authentic And one of the best tools that I use all the time is tapping into my existing client base and conducting my own internal research to figure out what it is that is resonating, what it is that is landing. 

You know, I’ve got an email list. I tap into them and I ask them questions all the time. And so it’s really important that if you’re in this place of wondering, like, is anybody listening? It’s this is the time where you get to re-engage your audience. But it could potentially be from a place of a totally new business. And I know that that’s what happened for me when I was thinking about shifting my business, I they weren’t hearing me because my message wasn’t quote unquote loud enough for them, because it wasn’t coming from my heart. It it was coming from duty. It was coming from my head. It was coming from ego. It was coming from me saying, I’m going to make them listen. And that doesn’t work. I can tell you that with the most certainty out in the world, it doesn’t work. 

What works is when you talk from your heart, when you speak from a place that people can truly hear, you make sense. Hope that lands, because that’s a really important one.

Okay, number four sign is if you feel stuck, you’re thinking to yourself, God, I just I feel stuck. I feel like I’m in the neutral zone. I feel like it. Things are just I’m in neutral. Think about being in a car and being in neutral. Right? You feel the spinning of your wheels, but you’re not going anywhere, right? You’re working, working, working. But like you’re not going anywhere. And that to me is an indicator that it’s time to switch gears. And that is another example that I experienced probably about I would say it was probably, gosh, maybe even a year ago. And a lot of that had to do with not only I knew that I was shifting, and I was also in the process still of grieving the loss of my mom. 

But what I also knew was happening was that, you know, other people were coming out into the divorce market, and the conversation was starting to shift, and what was resonating was starting to shift. And to be honest, I was not shifting with it because it didn’t feel authentic. And even though consumer preferences and desires were shifting, I wasn’t. I was feeling stagnant and I was feeling like it just it wasn’t an alignment for me. And so what I had to really get authentic and real with myself around was what is going to rev up my engine what is going to get my engine going and get me back on the road of of momentum and feeling like I was in this place of really connecting with my ideal buyer. 

And so when you allow yourself the opportunity to really think, you know, maybe this is a sign right? Maybe I’m in neutral. I’m feeling this, you know, like I’m like, my feet are in quicksand a little bit because it’s time for me to pivot. That’s the way to move my business forward, and that’s the way for me to grow. 

Okay, last one, you guys sign number five is. Oh, this one is like, oh, I can like, feel it in my body right now is if you’re somebody who is saying this just doesn’t feel right anymore, I do not feel aligned with this anymore. So this I can relate to so wholeheartedly. And not just six months ago, but even seven years ago, even probably before that, you know, when I was still married, I remember even five years before I left corporate, I remember having a conversation with my now ex-husband and saying, like, I just, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t go to work every day. I was working in ad sales. I felt like a failure. Every day. I was being judged by a number. 

It didn’t matter how hard I worked. I remember that I had, you know, closed this multi-million dollar up front and it was a huge deal with a client. I brought in and my management looked at me and basically said, why wasn’t it double the amount? And I just was floored. And I just I remember coming home crying and saying, like I can’t do this. It doesn’t feel aligned. I feel like it just didn’t feel in alignment with me. So fast forward to when I got separated and ultimately chose to file for divorce. 

I was still in corporate and finally I admitted to myself, not only did my marriage not feel right to me anymore, but being in corporate didn’t feel right to me anymore. So this is when something just doesn’t sit right. It doesn’t feel right. Like you feel the agitation within you, right? This is your intuition, okay? This is when you’re getting those pokes, those nudges inside that for me, it’s a gut feeling that is telling me that it is time to pivot and it is that I can voice, that I can pivot, I can leave, I can choose, I can is giving myself permission. And I don’t know about you, but, you know, I, I’m very much an analyzer. And so I love analytics, I love data, I love research, I love trends right when I, when I make decisions I gotta like analyze the data. Right. 

But unfortunately, you know, or I should say fortunately what my, you know, going through my separation, my unexpected separation and divorce did was it really taught me to tap into my gut instincts. And I knew in that moment that not only was my now ex husband having an affair, but I also knew that it was time for me to start living life for myself. That it was time for me to stop needing permission to take action. And so those that gut instinct in that moment provided me with such valuable insight that data wasn’t able to capture I. It’s not something that I could tangibly put numbers to And I will tell you, I went from somebody who lost touch with her intuition to one who does nothing but listen to it. 

That is all I pay attention to now in every single decision that I make in my business. And so if you’re somebody who is having a moment or can even think back recently to a moment where you were thinking, this doesn’t feel right well, I’m here to tell you that you have the opportunity to to basically engage with your intuition. If you’re feeling that, that means that your gut is telling you that you are not on the right path, that it is time for you to pivot. 

And so I invite you to cultivate that self-awareness, to really start paying attention And it’s something that I do as a intuitive business coach, right? I help my clients, six and seven figure business owners and entrepreneurs to tap back into that ICAN voice, right? To know what it sounds like, to hear it, to use it, to trust it, right to harness it so that you’re making decisions that are aligned with what is in your highest and best, and to do so with confidence. Imagine what that would feel like. 

So if you’re somebody who is thinking like, yes, Wendy, I need that DM me. I invite you to go to Instagram. Wendy Page Sterling and DM me and say, Wendy, I want to know more about how you do that and I am happy to have a conversation with you about that. So you can either choose to get bogged down in the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship, or you can choose to listen to the whisper of the ICAN voice of your intuition, telling you that it is time for a pivot. And when you tune in to that gut, when you tune into that lower volume conversation that is happening, what your body is telling you, and you will embrace what I call the power of the pivot. It’s not just the power of the pods, it’s also the power of the pivot. 

You have the opportunity to not only change your life, but to change your business, to pivot your business into a horizon that is going to bring you more abundance. It’s it’s going to amplify your abundance. So what did you guys love about this episode today? I would love to hear what resonated. What? Which of the five signs is poking at you the most? Again, DM me on Instagram, share it with me or you can send me an email. I listen and read every single one of them. It’s Wendy at Wendy Page Sterling dot net I hope that you guys have a beautiful rest of your day. Thank you so much for joining me. 

You know that with every episode of the Power in the Pause podcast, what my goal is, is to really demonstrate to you how when you do gift yourself with the opportunity of the pause, you are aligning yourself with your highest and best because you are in that high vibration, high energy state. So continue to lean into the pause. Your life is going to change, I promise. You have a beautiful rest of your day. Sending you love and light always wa. Bye everybody!

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