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When was the last time you took a pause from the busyness of life? Have you ever sat down and took a quiet moment to reconnect with your inner self?

In pursuing growth and abundance, I encourage you to amplify the pauses you take to fulfill your aspirations. As you take this moment, tune in to the present— the only time that truly exists is now!

Despite our busy lives, we need to take intentional pauses. This is the easiest way to reconnect with your intuition. Breathe into your heart. Let go of the external things that control you and trust the divine to unfold miracles that the universe has been keeping for you.

​Embracing stillness doesn’t have to be challenging. Do it wherever you are. Look for what’s best for you. That subtle voice that speaks to you during calmness will not open doors for better decisions.

​In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to amplify your pauses.

​Make your steps towards abundance filled with gratitude. Make it a habit to highlight the aspects of your life that you are thankful for. Abundance and gratitude have a very deep connection. Let these flow effortlessly into your

​Listen to this episode of The Power In The Pause – Amplifying the Pause to Increase Abundance.


And so when I tapped into my intuition by taking that month off by learning how powerful the pause was it enabled me to reconnect with the universal flow of the universe which has an an intention of gifting you with the [Music] abundance hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the Pod podcast are you guys doing today man I am so pumped up I love the

Energy of 2024 and if you have been following me on social media my handle is Wendy page Sterling or if you are on my email list you know that I am in the middle of an incredible Summit all about amplifying your abundance tapping into your intuition creating Financial Freedom and creating the business that you desire and if you haven’t signed up yet you are going to want to do that you can access that URL Down Below in the comments you

Can also go to my website Wendy pag sterling.com and you can sign up because there is a popup and there is also a ticker up at the top of the web page for you guys to get access it’s free so there’s no excuse and I’m giving you a lot of time to hear all of the speakers that I have I’ve got over 20 that are going to be speaking with you so be sure to sign up free gifts so much goodness coming out of that so without further Ado let’s dive into today’s episode

Which has everything to do with amplifying the pause to increase your abundance so we are going to dive into this topic because it is one that is very near and dear to my heart because it really is something that I have lived and yet I was super resistant to in the beginning of my Pivot from corporate into entrepreneurship so I’m going to invite you guys to grab your favorite cozy drink and sit down and you know or if you’re walking um get yourself

Centered in this moment and let’s dive in and go on this journey together so when I talk about amplifying the pause what I mean is it’s really the idea of intentionally slowing down tuning into the present moment then now is the only time that truly exists because when you do that you are actually creating space for abundance to flow effortlessly into your life and so given that we live in such a fast-paced world the the world of social media has us

Needing instant gratification we’re getting lost in our phones these days and it’s so essential for us to learn how to pause in our very very busy life and so I want to share with you a time in my life where I really forced myself to do this I was in the doing energy I was running my divorce business and I got to this place where I was burned out I wasn’t making the time for the things that really lit me up I felt obligated to be doing certain tasks

And I got to this place where I just said to myself you know what no one is going to give me a break I learned that in my marriage and ultimately my divorce I’ve got to declare it I’ve got to take that break myself and so I decided that the month of August which was also my birthday month that I was going to take that month off and I was going to focus on me and part of my birthday month also involves me going to Maui and I happened to be in Maui this last year during the

L fires and if there is no other reminder of the importance of the now the importance of really what truly matters in life that that was a moment that really taught me the importance of grounding into the now and knowing the importance of taking a pause what that month that gift of that month gave to me was it really allowed me to reconnect with my internal what I call my intuition right it’s that inner

Knowing voice it’s that voice that says I feel I believe I know and to connect back in with that voice because ultimately that was the voice that never led me wrong it was the voice I reconnected to the night I found out that my ex-us now ex-husband was having an affair it is what helped me to build my first six-figure business it is what eventually got me to move that business from six to seven figures and has helped me to build my new brand Wendy pach

Sterling into a six-figure business in only a matter of months and so when I tapped into my intuition by taking that month off by learning how powerful the pause was it enabled me to reconnect with the universal flow of the universe which has an an intention of gifting you with the abundance and so in that pause what I was able to do was to quiet the noise to quiet my ego to quiet the external need for validation and to really give myself permission to open up

To receive the gifts that I knew that the Universe had in store for me that the Universe wasn’t going to bring it to me until I allowed it I gave it the space for it to be heard and that’s why the concept of being still the concept of being in the now being present is so incredibly important and so I want to offer you ways in which you can start practicing that Stillness it doesn’t mean you have to take a month off like I did it can be something as simple as

Just a a one minute meditation at your desk it can be when you’re driving in the car maybe you turn off all of the distractions and just listen to the silence as you’re driving perhaps Perhaps it is spending time in nature and just going out in your backyard you know I know it may be winter for some of you but that’s okay go outside and breathe in the air and just connect with the sounds that you hear in nature this is something that you can

Very easily incorporate into your daily life set a reminder on your phone or in your calendar that has you like every two hours taking a mindful minute where you are engaging in one of those Stillness or being present activities experiment see what works for you and I’d love to hear what comes up for you and what it is that works for you so some of you may be feeling a little resistant um in in this whole theory of

The pause right you’re a doer you’ve got stuff to do you don’t have time but I’m here to tell you that nobody is going to give this to you only you can give this to yourself and it’s interesting because I have a client who I was recently speaking with and she even said she’s like God she’s like I feel this massive amount of fear of being by myself of being in this pause like I notice that I always keep myself busy and so we had a conversation around what is it about

That that that has her uh you know resisting or um feeling challenged and overcoming being still and being in the silence because what I know to be true is that when you embrace the silence when you surrender to the silence that is when you’re really able to hear and to reconnect with yourself and the easiest way that you can do that is just to breathe yes breathe but breathe into your heart be intentional with your

Breath and where it is that you’re feeling into the fastest way to get out of your head is to focus on your breathing and so I invite you to trust in your breath and to surrender to have faith in surrendering to the universe’s plan for you because all it wants is to give you abundance so I want to remind you that when you let go of control which if there’s any other a type personalities out there like me when we let go of control and we instead trust

In Divine timing Miracles unfold and here’s the thing Divine timing isn’t human timing so there is a certain amount of patience that is going to be required on your part to really lean into the silence and into the releasing of that control because it’s not happening quote unquote fast enough and what I have experienced in the moments where I’m trying to rush things is I wind up taking action from

The wrong place it’s not coming from the Divine it’s coming from my ego it’s coming from Fear it’s disconnecting me from my intuition and so what I have learned to do is just to really let go and Trust when it is meant to be it will come in and in order for me to really do that um I’m going to share with you guys one of my practices and that is cultivating a practice of gratitude ude because what I have learned by incorporating a gratitude practice into

My life every single day is that there is a very deep connection between gratitude and abundance so what does that mean it means shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance right glass half empty to glass half full and so the way that I do that is I actually have a spot in my notebook every single day where I write down three things that I am grateful for whether it’s tasks that I’ve completed whether it’s new clients that have come in or even sometimes it’s

Winds that I been a part of that my clients have experienced right maybe it’s even just being gratitude or having gratitude for my cup of coffee or for you know my hydrogen water that I drink every day or maybe it’s for my daughter for my kids right but the air that I breathe right the fact that I live in California whatever it is write it down create that daily gratitude practice through yourself and I’m going to invite you to

Even take it a step further and get really specific with yourself around like what what does gratitude mean to you what does it look like where do you feel gratitude because many of us feel it in our hearts sometimes it’s our chest because if it’s coming from your head that’s not gratitude that is you people pleasing and trying to you know be S of or show that you are grateful for something that’s not authentic and so

I’ll invite you to really pay attention to your body and feel into what what gratitude feels like where is it that you feel it because it’s in that moment again we’re coming back to you know full circle to the topic is is leaning back into the pause and the pause is when you can hear the things that you’re abundant to and if you’re not leaning into the pause you’re disconnecting yourself from the Divine you’re disconnecting yourself

From the ability to manifest the life and the business and everything that you desire and so you know perhaps you’re somebody who likes to say affirmations maybe you have a vision board maybe you do visualizations that’s how you manifest but whatever it is it’s really important that you get crystal clear on what it is that you’re looking to create but you can’t do that if you’re not pausing if you’re not giving yourself that

Time and so there is a there is a a balance that is needed between pausing and creating abundance manifesting abundance in your life and while pausing allows us the time to receive that guidance and to gain Clarity it’s also that moment where we get to take inspired action towards our goals and so you’ve got to integrate these pauses into your daily life in order for that to happen so what are some ways that you can do that well I

Said one before maybe you take a mindful breathing break set aside a minute every two hours maybe and just close your eyes and take really slow deep breaths to bring your awareness back to your body through each inhale and exhale it’s going to reset your nervous system so another one gratitude pause right pause and have gratitude for different blessings that you have in your life keep a journal like I do I already talked about taking nature walks another

Idea could be like maybe you set aside Tech free time right you disconnect from any and all electronic devices and screens instead pick up a book practice a hobby spend time with loved ones my kids and I have recently started reconnecting and playing cards together it’s been awesome because I’m getting off my phone and they’re getting off their phone how many of us want our kids to get off their phones it’s a great way to do that start playing games with that

You can also have a lunchtime ritual so maybe instead of eating lunch at your desk or you’re eating lunch on the go carve out like 15 minutes to really have a mindful meal mindfully savor every bite sit in a quiet space chew slowly nourish your body and your soul connect with your senses connect with the taste connect with the texture it’s really I you know I have to tell you I’ve started doing this and it’s really interesting what I have

Experienced in it it’s really helped me to appreciate the food that I do also put in my body and how it is that it makes me feel another example take stretch breaks like incorporate gentle stretching into your day to release the tension and promote relaxation right so I’m giving you guys ideas in order for you to prioritize the pause prioritize moments of pause getting present with yourself

Throughout the day no matter how busy you are I am asking you to give yourself permission to do this because when you incorporate these simple practices into your daily routine you’re going to feel a deeper sense of calm Clarity and connection with yourself and the world around you so I invite you to start experimenting with different pause practices and figure out what works best for you what I know to be true consistency is key and it’s not the

Quantity of the pause it is the quality of it so even small pauses make a massive difference over time so I want to say thank you for joining me in today’s episode and by listening I am taking this as your commitment to growth and to self-discovery so as we wrap I invite you to take a moment Med need right now at the end of this episode and connect with your breath connect with your heart connect with your intuition that inner

Wisdom because in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Our Lives you have the power within you to manifest abundance anywhere in any way in your life so start paying attention to those Whispers of your soul and trust that within you lies infinite potential to create the life and The Business of your dreams and remember carry this wisdom in you knowing that every pause is an opportunity for abundance to flow

Effortlessly into your life the way to speed up is to slow down so embrace the Stillness trust in the journey and know that the univ is actually conspiring in your favor thank you guys for tuning in to this week’s episode remember to honor the power in the Paw cherish those moments of clarity and above all believe in your own magic believe in the magic that you can create because what I know to be true is that you are worthy you are

Deserving and you are infinitely abundant I’m sending you all so much love and light as always Mah bye [Music] everybody

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