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Abundance is what all of us are hoping for as the new year unfolds. Are you looking for that perfect time to take that first step? Or you are currently overwhelmed with what’s happening in life?

I encourage everyone to take an intentional pause. Maybe, it is what your body is looking for. Give yourself some time to reflect and connect with your inner intuition. What better way to start the year than giving yourself the chance to access your highest self?

Let yourself experience the positive outcomes of taking an intentional pause today, and you’ll never have to miss an opportunity for growth again!
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✔️ Our intuition is our compass towards our deepest aspirations. Taking an intentional pause will help us access our inner intuition, which takes us on the right path toward our deepest desires. Going in that direction will lead us to personal wellness and above all, abundance. 

✔️Taking a pause creates a safe space for reflection. Creating a connection with your inner intuition is important for gaining self-trust. That safe space is where you can contemplate and understand yourself, bringing out your full potential toward abundance.

✔️Listen to that whisper of your intuition. Often, it’s our inner self that reminds us of the things that we should and shouldn’t do. Pay attention to what this state of peace is saying to keep the abundance flowing. 

✔️Allowing yourself to pause is also giving yourself clarity. It gives your body the chance to reflect and have intuitive insights that align with your potential.

✔️Embrace intentional pauses this 2024. Doing so comes with, not only practical benefits but is also an opportunity to muster courage and confidence to navigate life’s challenges.


So as we are all embarking on our journey into 2024 I want us to just take a moment and recognize that intentional pauses are not just a practical strategy for abundance but it’s actually a gateway to understanding your deep inner [Music] self hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast how are you guys doing

Today don’t forget to hit subscribe so that you do not miss a single episode and please give my podcast a five star review I would so appreciate it and it will help more people to find this amazing podcast so we are in the beginning of 2024 and so today I want to talk to you guys about creating abundance how to what it means what not to do what not doing it is costing you all the good stuff so let’s begin shall we so in charting the course towards

Greater abundance this year your journey is going to involve not just embracing what I like to call intentional pauses but also diving into the profound relationship between our pauses and our intuition and intentional pauses actually serve as these sacred moments really providing us with like almost imagine it’s a blank canvas for us to create on right it’s an opportunity for us to create and tune into the

Gentle Whispers of our intuition the different colors and shapes that it’s telling us to paint on this canvas and so often this is a wisdom within us that is so easily drowned out based on the noise of our daily life and our egos and trusting ourselves in these pauses really truly is an art because it is a practice it is a habit that you have to create because it involves leaning into your intuition into that intuitive knowing that subtle but super

Profound inner voice and our intuition I like to call it a compass right it’s that reliable compass with and us that’s guiding us towards our choices and paths that align most authentically with your deepest desires and your aspirations trusting ourselves in the pause means that you’re actually creating space where your intuition can bubble and rise to the surface offering you with Incredible insights and even direction that can contribute

Significantly to your overall abundance and your well-being so the pause in essence is really what transforms us into this this Sanctuary that we can create right this this place where we canot only reflect on our goals and our plans for the year but really tune into the signals that are guiding us towards our most fulfilling and prosperous places so really what the uh the silence and the pause is inviting you to do is to create a place where you practice

Trusting yourself trusting what it is that you hear during these pauses and ultimately what that is going to do is create sort of the symbiotic relationship between intentional reflection and your intuitive insight and that’s what’s going to build your self trust so as we are all embarking on our journey into 202 full of our I want us to just take a moment and recognize that intentional pauses are not just a practical strategy for abundance but

It’s actually a gateway to understanding your deep inner self so by trusting what we hear in these moments of Stillness we’re actually cultivating a really powerful connection with our intuition it’s almost like we’re unlocking this like inner resir of wisdom that can really illuminate The Way Forward on our quest for abundance and what you call success so let me ask you a question what Whispers of intuition will you start paying attention to during an

Intentional pause in the coming year and and that question really holds the key to unlocking the transformative potential within you between reflection and intuition and really it’s going to set the stage for you for a year filled with abundance and purpose and by not doing this like let’s look at what happens if I don’t great I’m listening to a podcast that’s great I’m taking an information but really it’s about taking action I’m really fired up about this

This year so much so that I’m in the works of creating something incredible that you guys are going to hear about very very soon I’m creating an event that is really aimed at not just providing you with a wealth of information from an amazing group of people that I have that I have hand selected and put together into this event but ultimately what my goal is is to make sure that you take action from what it is that you are learning because

Failure to engage in practicing listening to your intuition could really mean you missing out on valuable insights and opportunities that are below the surface of your busy life and the cost of not incorporating these intentional pauses right and ignoring your intuitive nudges are is really going to result in either decisions that aren’t aligned with your authentic desires or it’s going to mean that it’s going to delay that abundance

Coming into your life and so really what both of those are going to do is lead you to an unfulfilling path it’s going to keep you on an unfulfilling path or it’s going to create a missed opportunity for you for growth now what are the benefits right so we talked about the the what’s going to happen if you don’t right but if we actively Embrace intentional pauses and we trust the wisdom of our intuition we’re going to unlock a wealth of benefits okay

These are just a few okay I could talk and give you probably 20 of these but here I top five number one is trusting your intuition will enable you to make decisions that are aligned with your authentic self I just said this right drawing upon that inner wisdom to guide choices that resonate with your values right those of you who know me I am I I love talking about values it is an exercise that I do with every single one of my clients because it is so

Incredibly important that you know what your values are because if you don’t then you’re not leading an authentic life number two embracing intentional pauses will allow you to tap into your intuition providing you with Clarity needed to understand your desires your goals your true aspirations and that Clarity winds up becoming the foundation for creating an abundant life with purpose number three aligning actions with your intuition in intentional

Pauses will also ensure a life riched with purpose purposeful alignment is what becomes the soil that abundance grows from right because you’re infusing it with you know your your daily Endeavors and the journey that you want to create for yourself number four it creates self Trust I’m saying this again that self assurance becomes a just a plethora of abundance positively influencing your confidence your decision making and then honestly your

Overall self-reliance and then finally by allowing intentional pauses and trusting your intuition you’re giving yourself permission for abundance it is it is almost like you are recognizing that the richness of life will unfold for you in these moments of pause that will then lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful Journey so I hope that you’re seeing that allowing yourself to pause is really gifting yourself with an

Invaluable moment of reflection allowing you to gain Clarity on your aspirations your goals your intentions and the steps needed to manifest abundance and the intuitive insights that arise during these pauses are your guiding force your intuition is your guiding force that’s pointing you towards opportunities that align with what is in your highest and best self so this alignment in turn will contribute to a more purposeful and fulfilling Journey you know the best

Investment you can make in yourself is giving yourself the gift of the pause offering yourself the space for self-discovery and empowerment and it’s really in these moments of Stillness where we’re able to tap into our intuition and our wisdom and as you guys heard me say the benefits that I talked about it’s really more than just practicality it’s really about getting a deeper understanding of your inner self fostered by that sense of self trust and

Confidence in you to navigate anything that comes your way in life so as we are all embarking on this new year please consider the impact the profound impact that intentional pauses and trusting your intuition can can have in your Pursuit for abundance in 2024 so what could embracing intentional pauses and trusting your intuition bring you this year the answer to that question lies within the pauses and I know that it’s there waiting to guide

You towards a year of abundance with fulfillment and success so thank you guys for tuning in as I alluded to in the middle of this episode I am creating something magical unbelievable and something you do not want to miss so if you are not following me on Instagram follow me now at Wendy P Sterling get on my email list you can get access to it on my website Wendy pag sterling.com because you are not going to want to miss this event that I am putting

Together it is launching soon you want to be amongst the first to register so that you save your seat and you don’t miss it so as you guys know with anything that I do my goal is to ensure that you’re not just getting wisdom and information and insights to help you navigate this thing called life but it’s also to inspire you to take action and to do something different especially discovering it in the pause there is power in the pause right thank you guys

For tuning in to today’s episode sending you so much love and light as always mwah bye everybody [Music] [Applause]

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