Wendy Paige Sterling

Your leadership can create harmony when you harness the power in the pause.

In this week’s episode, I am joined by Elle Nagy, author and visionary behind “The Unapologetic Woman,” to discuss how you can create balance in your life and business by integrating feminine energy and trusting your intuition for incredible breakthroughs.

Our socially conditioned paradigm is masculine. But the beauty of female empowerment is coming into wholeness as you begin leading your enterprise with creativity, fearlessness, and stillness.

I invite you to tap into your innermost self and lean into your gut feeling to bring you to spaces of satisfaction and enjoyment while reaping success. Tune in to this week’s episode of The Power In The Pause: Creating Harmony Through Leadership with Elle Nagy.

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Elle Nagy is the visionary behind The Unapologetic Woman and the author of “The Little Book of Big Principles for Greatness” and her upcoming book “Keys To Self Leadership” which explores the integration of the mind, heart, body, and soul for a holistic approach to self-leadership. With over 2 decades of experience as a life and transformation coach, her mission goes beyond societal success, supporting women to reclaim their authenticity and to live life boldly as she empowers them to access their intuition and creative power and live with purpose.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elle-nagy/

Website: https://unapologetic-woman.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ElleNagy


 You can either see people as givers or they’re takers. And I agree with you that I think that the it’s, it’s in the feminine that we really are able to lean in and come from our hearts, come from a place of gifting. 

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Show. So thank you for tuning in with me today. I am super duper excited to be joined by a new dear friend and dare I say a soul sister,. Elle . Hello, Elle . How are you? Hello, 

Wendy. I’m doing fantabulous. Thank you so much for asking and thank you for inviting me into your show. 

Of course, I am really excited about our conversation today.

You guys, Elle has so much to talk about. I was trying to figure out like, how can we get everything into this episode today? So we’re going to do our best  and we’re going to talk today about how it is that you can create harmony. Through leadership, and that is going to be the cornerstone of our conversation.

So what does that exactly mean? Well, it means how can you start integrating the feminine into business and trusting your intuition to have some incredible breakthroughs. So before we dive in, I want to share a little bit more with you about Elle today. So Elle is the self leadership artist, and she’s a legacy mentor.

She is going to be your partner in intentional living, merging mindset and heart set for conscious women on a transformative journey with a foundation spanning three decades, including a BA, which is an honors BA in psychology, ILS coaching. Chronic psychotherapy and yoga teacher certification. Elle crafts a holistic approach to the feminine art of self leadership.

She re empowers women to access their intuition and creative power, unlocking their genius. Elle’s book, the little book of big principles for greatness explores five ancient and evolved principles. For holistic calibration to inherent greatness, while her upcoming book, Keys to Self Leadership, introduces groundbreaking concepts like the historian’s journey and renpowerment,  lighting the path to personal sovereignty.

Elle’s mission extends beyond societal success, aiming for a life lived boldly and authentically. Music to my ears, her artistry and self leadership is an invitation to embrace life’s events as catalysts for growth, offering an unapologetic celebration in life. Oh my God. I love you. And I’m so honored that you said yes to be a guest on my show today, because you guys love me.

Elle and I, I think we had like a two hour zoom the first time that we met because we are just kindred spirits and just so similar in so many ways. So I knew you guys would love her. And so Elle got an extensive, just amazing background, but I would love for you to share from your heart right now, what inspired you to want to do this work?

And how is it that you have created this incredible journey for yourself? 

Oh, thank you so much. It’s such a beautiful question. Um, I think I was born to question. I think that I came into this world and I didn’t feel like I quite fit. And I’ve always wanted to understand.  I’ve always. Experience felt the true greatness in people.

I just inherently when I meet somebody, it’s as though I’m meeting two people. I’m meeting who they really are in their astounding greatness and genius. And then I’m meeting the. socialized persona who they think they are and how they are showing up in the world. So I wanted to understand this, which is why I went down the route of psychology.

I honestly thought that this was going to be a study of humanity and, and understanding how we operate. But life blessed me with suicidal depression. And when I went for my own therapy, I thought,  Oh my lord, this sucks. I, I didn’t enjoy it at all. I just, I felt more miserable after every single session.

And so  I remember sitting in the car one day and going, universe, there has to be another way. Like, I cannot do this anymore. Show me.  And I see that with conviction. It was a declaration to the universe that there has to be a different way. And I wanted to see what it was. And ironically enough, on the way back home, I drove past same route I’ve been driving for 10 years, guys.

And I saw a kickboxing dojo and there was just something inside that said, stop and go and sign up.  And so I did, I stopped and I signed up for kickboxing and within two weeks I no longer had depression. I stopped therapy, I stopped all medication and this started me on a whole new journey going there’s so much more. 

I want more. Well, life brought me to coaching. And from the moment I had my first coaching experience, which is back in the old days, we had extensive training and coaching. I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the. Badassery with the goal setting, with the future vision, with the belief in self. And so I practiced as a high achieving life coach for close on two decades, working with incredible people  until  life said, no, it’s time for the new, it’s time for a new path for you.

And I was brought, you talk about the pause. Man, it wasn’t just a pause. It was a standstill and fortunate for me, it was when the entire world was invited to pause  and we all went into lockdown as we know.  And I use that time to really question what inside of me is now no longer in integrity.  And when I speak of integrity, I want people to understand this is not about you doing something wrong. 

It is about understanding that we evolve. We evolve on our journeys naturally. We evolve consciousness and we evolve in ourselves. And often, we get more stuck up on life.  Then on our evolved selves.  And I needed to let go of my identity that I had created as a high achiever, as a high performance coach, as a leadership coach.

I had to let go of that identity and sit in the nothingness for me to bring through the feminine art of self leadership.  And so that is really what called me to now create something new in the world for us.  

I love it. And I, I’m a big person who likes to get super clear on what terms mean. So I’d love for you to kind of take this a little bit like a step further.

So how do you define feminine leadership? And why is it so essential in our business landscape today?  

Beautiful question. So first of all, I want to distinguish between self and self, self with a small letter S and self with a capital letter S.  When I talk about self leadership, the self that I’m referring to is your inner being, your inner guidance, your higher self, your soul, whatever it is that you want to call it.

So self leadership is when we allow ourselves to go inside and connect with our true selves and lead from that space.  What I have found is that when we look at the current, um, social conditioned paradigm, when we have a look even at the coaching modality, it is all masculine in nature. It is all singular focus,  need to have certainty, making plans, massive amounts of action, determination, willpower, motivation, pushing through, painful game.

All of these are masculine in energy.  The feminine is  ensuring that you are really well taken care of, that you operate in from a full container. So you don’t need anything from anybody else. You come as a whole being, you come as a fulfilled person, and then you start going into leading in your business. 

It comes from, from  trusting your intuition. It comes from creativity, from nothingness, and not being scared of the nothingness, not being scared of the evolution anymore. In fact, when we step into the feminine, we have the ability to lose fear.  We have the ability to lose Fear, because we have a different view of life and the world.

We no longer operate from a need to, to prove ourselves or seeking approval or fitting in. We come from, no, no, who am I authentically? What is my personal preference? And we get to speak from divine love. What would love do? What would love see in this? How would love feel about this? So it’s an extremely elevated, uh, frequency in consciousness that we get to operate from.

And this is where I see business evolving into because people are tired of the transactional of the exhaustion of that, of the. Imposter syndrome that everybody talks about. I don’t love labels. I think that if we had to get rid of all these labels, people would have a different life experience, but it’s still being used.

So I’m going to throw it into the conversation. So when we come into feminine leadership, what we are referring to is that we first do the work to reconnect, reclaim ourselves, remember who we are, and then from this, We lead, we lead in the creativity of our businesses. We start operating from wanting deep connection, wanting to have lasting relationships.

How do I create win, win, wins in the world instead of how do I get, get, get from the world?  

I love that. It speaks my language so deeply because, you know, many times you can either see people as givers or they’re takers. And I agree with you that I think that the it’s, it’s in the feminine that we really are able to lean in and come from our hearts, come from a place of gifting.

And, you know, I know that you and I have had, you know, our prior conversation, we were talking a lot about this. You know, I tend to be, um, I, I am masculine dominant, but I know that my power is in my feminine and I know that every time I lean into my feminine is when  Achieve even greater results than I ever could imagine if I had stayed in my masculine and also Just want to level set with everybody tuning in Feminine when we’re talking about the word feminine.

This is energy So everybody out in the world men and women have masculine and feminine energy. So I just want to Put that out there to everybody and also Elle i’m assuming you are speaking the same language but I would be curious to know from You Your own experience when you have leaned into your feminine, when you have leaned into that energy within your self, your truest highest self,  what is the breakthrough that either you’ve seen in your own business or that you’ve witnessed clients experience?

Like, what is the Like paint a picture for people so that they can really understand and see the significant breakthroughs that are on the other side. 

Absolutely. And I want to affirm that masculine and feminine, we are referring to energies and it’s not just in people. Your business has masculine and feminine energies as well.

Creation is based on masculine and feminine energies. So please, I am not saying Completely abandon the masculine energy you have. And I personally functioned on my masculine for most of my life. It’s why I became a man. It’s why I was the high achiever. But here’s the thing.  The masculine is achieving.

The feminine is receiving.  The masculine is driving. The feminine is allowing.  So what I have found is that when I was in my masculine in my business,  I 100 percent got results,  but I was exhausted.  And I also discovered that there was no lasting satisfaction in anything.  If anything, there was just continuous more pressure. 

Oh my God, I need to do the next thing. What’s the next goal? Has to be bigger, has to be more impressive. Who do I need to inspire through this? It’s very much an externally driven, um, paradigm to live from. I see more and more people crumbling under that. I see more and more entrepreneurs going six figures, seven figures, eight figures, and then burning it all to the ground because it’s like.

I can’t do this anymore. It’s too much.  When I let go of my masculine in my business,  I literally let my business go. I was like, this is not in alignment for me anymore. And I just sat in the feminine and I really had to sit in the feminine for a while. So this is why I speak about it. People, you don’t have to wait a year.

Just saying.  And then I just started following the weirdest little nuggets of intuition that started dropping in.  I wrote a book on self leadership. I never even thought of the concept self leadership, but I wrote a book. I sat down in two weeks, I wrote it  and everybody goes, Oh, you’ll never get your book published.

And I was like, okay. I went online, I found four publishers, I submitted my manuscript and three immediately accepted me.  And I was like, I’ll help him. Okay. Left it.  The next nugget, start a podcast.  Podcast? I don’t know anything about a podcast. Doesn’t matter. Start it. Okay. What do we talk about? Just talk.

Call it the Unapologetic Woman. So I phoned a friend and said, Hey, do you want to be on a podcast with me?  Sure. What are we talking about? I said, I love it. Yeah. Let’s just record and put it out into the world. And so the Unapologetic Women podcast was born.  The next nudge was okay. It is time to connect, and I went to all of these networking meetings and I hated it.

I didn’t enjoy, I didn’t enjoy the, the elevator pitch. I didn’t enjoy the transactional nature. I didn’t enjoy. They’re very masculine, aren’t they? The structure 

Masculine. So masculine, so I thought. What do was like, I want deep connection. I want a space where we can get real, where we can dance, where we can have rich conversations.

And there’s no attachment to giving leads or getting leads or anything. I just want to be surrounded by fabulous women and see what happens. So we started the soiree. The unapologetic women’s war, right? Which is a friend working space. So yes, we all collaborate. We all create amazing opportunities for each other’s introductions, but that’s just a by product of the fact that we are mad in love with each other and we can’t wait to get on the calls and have fun. 

Then it was. Start a magazine. And I was like, okay,  whatever. So the unapologetic women empowerment magazine was bought.  Everything that I’ve done, there’s no vision. There’s no goal. I am simply saturating myself with the magnificence of life every single day. And when something drops into my mind.  I go, wow, okay, I’ll do it.

Don’t know how, but I’ll just take the steps.  So I have created a global company now with a podcast. I shut down the podcast at this stage to focus on the magazine, because we’re partnering with an award winning photographer. So we’re going to print and we’re creating a book out of this. So that’s a beautiful project that’s just been gifted to me.

I have women from all over the world in the soiree and clients that just find me and sign me up and go just tired. And I just want space. I just want to think I want to be unlimited. I want to hear myself again. And that’s all feminine.  And what I have seen, even in my clients is it doesn’t take much and just all of a sudden their businesses open up because they stop.

The insanity of being told what to do  and live from the principle of pleasure and allowance. Now I’m going to say this as well. Allowance is the hardest thing for people at this stage because we are conditioned to believe that we have to achieve in order for us to have worth. We are conditioned that we need a story of challenge of overcoming in order for people to respect us.

Whereas the feminine is, I know my absolute worth as a human being evolving consciousness through my human experience. How can we be more worthy than evolving consciousness?  So from a space of absolute worth, I just get to go, okay, well, I’ve lived some life.  How do I want to live and I allow it into my life?

I don’t need to be the director. I don’t need to say this is where we’re going in the next five years. So here’s people say it takes courage.  They only think it takes courage because we are told we need fear. You have to feel the fear and do it anyway. You have to live out of your comfort zone. If you’re going to become anything or anyone worthy,  like, what if you just let all of that go and you just go, nope, I’m pretty dope, I’ve got this.

The universe is bringing it to me and I get to allow it in the measures that feel good. 

Before we continue with today’s episode, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve discussed. So far, we’ve explored the transformative potential of. pauses and the importance of embracing them to unlock your true potential. Remember these moments of reflection and growth are stepping stones towards creating that intuitively designed life that you desire.

So in this moment, let’s take an opportunity to pause. Breathe and consider how you can apply what you’ve learned so far to your own journey. Now, let’s dive back into our conversation where I will continue to explore the power within life’s pauses and how they can guide you towards a life filled with purpose and authenticity. 

Well, and I think that so many people, and you know, I’ve taught this before too, is that so many of us confuse fear with our intuition and those of us who have stepped into our own leadership  have also created, or I should say, really cultivated a practice of trust of our intuition within. So how has that, I mean, you gave a great example of how.

That has played a role in your decision making here, uh, with, with your own business. But somebody listening is thinking to themselves, well, how do I do this? How do I cultivate trust in my intuition? What would you say to them?  

You first need to take care of yourself.  If you are coming from a space of feeling pressured or, Oh my God, I have to cultivate this now in order for me to get results because I’m in a bad space. 

You need to take a breath first, like you need to step away from the noise and you need to start taking care of yourself. You need to nourish yourself first.  And then do the little things. I think people, especially business owners kind of go, Oh, I have to apply whatever I learned today in my business in order for me to see if it works.

But there’s already a lot of pressure on you in that. Well, what if you followed your intuition in change the furniture arrangement in your room, or bake a cake, or go outside?  Right now, just go outside, just, and see what is there for you that feels pleasurable.  Our intuition has a way of guiding us to pleasure. 

This is a big thing that I think most people forget. Yes. Our intuition guides us to pleasure.  Brilliant example. I have quite a routine in the mornings and I get up at a certain time and I, you know, I make my coffee and have my journal and whatever.  The other morning, there was this sense of staying in bed.

I was like, okay, a little weird, but okay. So I got my coffee and I sat in my bed with my partner and it was like, open the curtain.  And so I was, okay, and I opened the curtain. And as I sat in bed, I looked up. And a bunny rabbit came and sat in front of me.  Oh my goodness.  Oh, wow. I love bunnies by the way. 

The amount of synchronicities  that had to happen for us to be there in that moment together. was Astounding  and it gave me so much pleasure that I just sat there for five minutes It just sat there for five minutes with me just being presence  This is the power of intuition that most people are missing  Your intuition will guide you to moments of pleasure and your work is to think  fully enjoy it, like saturate yourself in that.

And then you will start working, that muscle becomes stronger and stronger. But if you’re going to do this, and you go, I’m going to follow my intuition to get to a million dollars or to do this, there’s too much pressure on you. You’re not, you’re coming from fear, you’re not coming from love.  The more I enjoy my life with deep appreciation.

Now here’s the next thing I want to give to everybody.  Appreciation is not gratitude.  I’m not grateful for the things in my life. I appreciate it. What does that mean? I, I allow myself to marinate in whatever it is and all the aspects of it that brings me enjoyment.  So if I’m appreciating you in this moment, I go, Oh my God, I see you.

So appreciate Wendy, her wit, the way that she’s always got right there with me. She holds me with her in conversation, the way that we can think the same and think differently and speak openly and be authentic. And she’s so open and she’s so real. And I get to see her soul from the word go like that is appreciation.

And I do that. Everything in my life, even coffee, you guys, like my coffee, he’s like, Oh my God, my soul loves coffee. She, she consciousness experiences coffee in a new way through me because of how much I appreciate it.  So when you start trusting and you look for the evidence that your, your wild little crazy mind  That you say yes to it  when it brings pause all the time  and ask yourself what had to happen for this moment to happen. 

And you start seeing how miraculous this life is. That’s when you start trusting your intuition,  but it, it commands  presence.  If you pause  and  yeah, we say like, like slow down and smell the roses. Yeah. Literally slow down and smell the roses when I walk past roses because I’m like, oh  wow, this is, it’s what this moment was created for.

The whole universe conspired to create this moment. The whole universe conspired to create this moment.  The amount of people that had to introduce us to people in order for us to be introduced to each other is mind blowing. The technology people that had to go into this conversation, the platforms that had to be created. 

Everything that had to happen for this moment  is astounding.  When we start living from this, this is the feminine by the way,  this is the pause. The feminine is unrushed.  The feminine is  unconcerned.  Because we understand everything is perfect. Where we are is perfect. And maybe not perfect in our human, Oh, it has to be like this.

But it is perfect. You can’t get it wrong.  You can’t get it wrong.  And when we, when we start dropping into this, when we stop dropping into intuition, we stop comparing ourselves to everybody else because we understand nobody is ahead of anybody else because we all have our own unique journeys.  Nobody’s on a different pedestal or a higher pedestal on you because we all here for different consciousness evolution. 

Well, and I think that the, like our human desire for competition or FOMO, right, is so rooted in the masculine. And, you know, I always, you know, people are,  I mean, I have so many thoughts coming in my head right now.  I feel like we always think like we’re in competition with somebody else or You know, oh, speed, right?

Like, I’ve gotta, I’ve gotta get this done fast. I’ve gotta do it now. If I’m gonna miss the boat, I’m gonna this, I’m gonna that like speed, speed, speed, speed, speed.  And the problem is, is that so many times we lead with our masculine, where we’re in this doing, I gotta do, I gotta do, I gotta do, and we disconnect from the feminine that I call the being right?

That it’s, it’s, it’s the being. That produces the doing, and I think as a society, we’re so conditioned to do, and then the B comes second, but that’s, that’s not how those of us who have figured this out, um, you know, that’s not how it works, and I think that,  I agree with you that there gets to be harmony between masculine and feminine energy in order for, you know, for there to be, um, you know, success and, and to have everything that you desire.

But the problem is, is that I think that we put too much of our energy in the speed and the doing and not enough. In just the being. And, you know, like you said, like the, even just the energy of appreciation versus gratitude, like you can even feel the difference between the two. So  in what ways have you seen  people or even yourself?

Like, do you see the harmony between the masculine and the feminine energies create a sustainable existence, whether that’s in life and or business?  

100%. So I want to touch on two things there quickly. One is the competition aspect. And what I’ve come to understand is that the healthy masculine competition is extraordinarily playful.

So I do not make competition wrong. I think where we get warped is when we come from a scarcity mindset and then we start competing because we think there’s a scarcity of resources and that is toxic, right? So I don’t make competition wrong because the healthy masculine competition is fun. It’s us competing in a friendly and respectful manner against each other.

Right. And that is very purposeful. And it’s an enhancement, an enhancement and a deeper connection, interestingly enough, between the players. Yes.  When we start coming from the balance of the masculine and the feminine, and you said it so beautifully,  because it’s not what we’re doing, it’s about who we are being in the doing. 

Who we are being sets the tone of energy.  The energy, Infuses the action to get the outcome, which is why you will see so many people taking the same actions, but getting different outcomes.  When we start understanding this, when we start blending the feminine and the masculine in anything, but let’s take business for instance,  we understand that.

We don’t just sit and be, like that’s not what we are talking about. And I see this happening a lot. People go,  I just have to be and everything is going to change. Well, I’m sure that if you are that high in consciousness, it can be like that. But I don’t believe any of us came here to just sit on our bottoms and be all the time.

And it’s not fun for people like us. We are naturally action orientated. We enjoy the action. It’s why I call myself an artist because an artist practices the art. I enjoy practicing. I enjoy creating. I enjoy taking action. Here’s the difference.  I first connect to who I am being.  So if I, if I am taking action, for instance, prior to this conversation, well, who am I being in this conversation?

Well, I am the woman who knows who she is and knows what she wants in life. I am the woman who knows that I know what I know, and I will always. Know that and tap into higher consciousness for whatever it is that wants to come through. In this moment, I am the woman who has nothing to hide and nothing to prove, so I can come through as an open book.

I am the woman who enjoys rich conversations. Then I get on the call and I allow my mouth to take action and do it. It’s the same with anything in my life. I first decide who is it that I am being.  And I come from being as the already evolved self. So whatever it is that I’m focusing on at the moment, you know, people talk about your future self, there’s no future self, there is only this moment, but there is your evolved self, your evolved consciousness in this moment and your human identity self. 

So I first connect into my higher self. My being and as this being what is the action that I take and I take action every day of people. I am not somebody I tried. Oh my God. I really thought that being meant just sit out and be. Just be, just be, just be. And I was like, Oh, this is so boring. Kill me now. I did not have fun.

And then I realized, no, no,  it’s about who I am being. And then I take the action and I take my action, not from a space of, I have to take the action to get the outcome. No, the outcome is guaranteed. I get to take the action because it’s fun for me to take the action.  When I do something, I do it for the love of the doing of it.

I write not because I want a result. I write because I love to write. When I do a YouTube live, I do it because I love having the conversation. I do not do it for numbers. I do not do it for clients. I do not do it for anything other than I actually enjoy it. I have a business because I genuinely enjoy having a business.

It is fun for me.  So when we are operating from an imbalanced masculine,  what I find is that we come from a space of.  It, it takes energy from our being.  So there is a distortion in we are giving. And this is why people burn out. Yes. When we come from the balanced feminine, we take action that enhances our state of being. 

So imbalanced masculine depletion of state of being. The action, because it takes from us feminine balanced and enhancement of state of being. So this is my invitation to our listeners to just think when you are taking action, is it depleting  you or is it enhancing your state of being and you can feel the difference.

Do you feel more energized  or do you feel depleted by the action? And that is when we are invited to the pause.  Yes.  

And in the pause is where you get to listen, right, to the, the silence or the quieter voices that are either affirming or pulling you in a different direction. Right. I, you know, one of the things that I just, I hope people understand too, is that sometimes we do,  I mean, literally, sometimes we just stay in the do and we forget about the being and Ellen.

I aren’t sitting here being like, we are, we have perfected the art of the being right. We get, we get thrown back into the do. And  it’s a matter of having awareness. Yeah, of the energy when you are in the being versus the doing and the energy around which is, you know, it’s almost like who’s leading you on the dance floor,  right?

It’s, it’s, you know,  so much of what you just said is, is even just coming into the play. Like, It just in an everyday example, you guys like yesterday, my partner, Jeff and I, we play tennis. We play doubles. We played a mixed doubles match yesterday and it was a friendly match, but like, yeah, we wanted to win.

Of course we wanted to win. Right. It feels good to win, but we weren’t out for blood. We weren’t out to shame. We weren’t out to hurt anybody. And  we were able to be right who we are on the tennis court. I played really well yesterday. So did Jeff. And that was because I wasn’t focused on the outcome of winning.

I was focused on showing up as the best version of myself on the tennis court.  Right. And so we won. And what’s also kind of interesting, I’m going to throw into this episode. I predicted the night before I said, Jeff, we’re going to win six, one, six, three tomorrow. And he’s like, what? Like he’s, he’s just slowly waking up to the universe and intuition and all that fun stuff.

But, and I said it to him and we were on the tennis court yesterday and you guys, guess what? Guess what our match was. 

But the difference was, was I showed up  in my  highest and best self on the tennis court. Did I make errors? Absolutely. I had some crazy shots and I was like, what even happened here? And then there were other ones where I was like, Oh my God, I was like totally on fire yesterday. Right.  And so what I invite you guys to really hear and what Elle has graciously shared.

An immense amount of wisdom with you guys about today. And what I hope that you’re hearing also from this example is it’s really about cultivating your  highest and best leader self, right? Being a leader doesn’t mean that you are commanding a army of troops into battle. Showing up as a leader is you showing up and inspiring other people to show up.

Equally in their highest and best way possible and  gifting to them in that process, the, the tools and the advice and everything necessary that is going to feed them. It’s almost like this flower that’s blooming, right? Like being a leader means that you are inspiring others to find their inner leader. 

It’s not about you doing everything or being the example and the show off and the bragger. That’s not what a leader is.  Right. And I think that that is a really big distinction that a lot of people don’t understand when we’re talking about showing up as a leader and cultivating trust. in who it is that you are as a leader.

Because when you are, when you are being a leader,  you are, the doing is so easy because  you don’t really have to do anything,  right? It’s like, it’s so simple and it’s so, you’re in that flow and it’s so beautiful.  And I’d love for you to leave our audience today, El, with just, you know, what is one final thought that  you want to leave with our audience today, with everybody listening?

Somebody who maybe is, you know, in that place of like, they’re like on the cusp of like fully leaning in and trusting their feminine, trusting that intuitive inner leader within themselves. What would you say to that listener who’s on that cusp right now?  

Bring in more pleasure,  bring more pleasure into your life. 

The feminine is full and she’s playful. She, the more play I bring into my life, the more pleasure I bring into my life. The, the more powerful I become, the more magnetic I become, the more, um, full and  joyful I become.  If you are on the cus darling. Bring an invite in more pleasure, bring an invite in more playfulness.

Know this as well. Hey! 

You are magnificent in human form  and your life is unfurling  perfectly.  But cut yourself some slack and start enjoying it more.  Love it. 

So powerful. So true.  Thank you so much for being here. I’m so, I mean, you want to talk about the universe aligning. I mean, you and I halfway across the world from one another connecting on such a deep level.

I want to make sure that everybody tuning in knows where they can find you. So what, where, and what are some of the best places for them to find you connect with you, engage with you.  Thank you. The best ways is my, my website, unapologetic hyphen woman singular. com, where you can delve into our free online magazine and really enjoy that.

Um, book a consultation with me. I love having conversations. I am on LinkedIn and YouTube. If that is something that is of interest to, to our listeners, but yeah, I don’t enjoy followers. So if you do get me on LinkedIn, please connect with me instead of following me. Um, I’m not about the following mindset, so yeah, I’m on those platforms and I would love everybody to enjoy the magazine.

She’s, uh, she’s my passion baby right now and  so much wisdom shared in there by all our contributors that, um, she’s a joy to read.  

Amazing. Well, you are a joy and I’m so grateful that our paths crossed and that we are connected and that just, I love, love, love the work that you do in this world. So thank you so much for being my guest today and  everybody tuning in.

I hope that you guys loved this episode. I just, every time Elle speaks, I’m just, I’m like, You have this like magical way. I just, I get, I don’t know. I feel like you take me on like this fairy tale of just this beautiful storytelling. You just, you really are such a gift. And you guys know that with every single episode of this podcast, my goal is to inspire you to see the power in the flaws across life and across business because the acceleration happens in the slow down.

So I’ll thank you so much again for being here today. 

Thank you for inviting me and thank you to our listeners. If you’re still listening all the way through deeply amazing. Well, thank you guys so much. Similarly, don’t forget to follow me across social media. Wendy page Sterling. Similarly, I love conversations.

I love DMS as well. Let me know what you loved about this episode. What stood out? What was your biggest takeaway? I absolutely love hearing from each and every one of you guys. I hope that you all have a beautiful and magnificent rest of your day. Sending you so much love and light always. Mwah! 

Bye everybody. 

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. Your quest to embrace life’s transformative pauses and unlock your true potential is a powerful one. My podcast here is to support you on this journey and guide you towards creating an intuitively designed https: otter. ai Stay connected for upcoming episodes where I will continue to explore self discovery and empowerment.

And if you found today’s episode valuable, please leave a review and share this podcast with other people. Remember your life. These pauses hold incredible potential. Embrace them, prioritize your wellbeing, and believe in your transformation that awaits you. Until next time, keep discovering the power within you, and let’s create your intuitively designed life together.

I’m Wendy Page Sterling, and I look forward to our next empowering conversation. 

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