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Boundaries are not just rules or guidelines. They are the foundations that shape our relationships and guard our well-being. 

I invite you to uncover the beauty boundaries as flexible expressions of self-love and respect and how they evolve with us over time. 

With the power of the pause, we are gifted with immense clarity. And this includes being able to recognize how we want to be loved. Boundaries should be bridges that connect us and weave empathy and understanding into our interactions.

In this episode, I encourage you to embrace the wisdom within the pause and see how boundaries transform your life into a masterpiece of authenticity and fulfillment.

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✔️ Embracing boundaries through the power of the pause offers clarity. Intentional pauses act as catalysts for understanding, articulating, and upholding personal boundaries, which play a crucial role in shaping relationships and maintaining overall well-being.

✔️ Boundaries are dynamic. They are not set in stone but can change overtime as you go further in your self-discovery. See them not as limitations but as fertile ground for fostering self-respect, authenticity, and meaningful connections.

✔️ The power of the pause transforms triggers into peace. This pause is an empowering tool that helps in acknowledging needs, and recognizing what serves us best. It allows you to pinpoint where that deep-seated hurt comes from and what you can do about it.

✔️ An intentional pause is the secret weapon in honoring one’s essence. When you pause, you identify what truly serves your vision and values. This leads to a life filled with purpose, connection, and joy.


Boundaries evolve they Flex they breathe with us on our journey and they become conduits bridges for self-love and respect and meaningful connections so as you’re navigating your everyday life please remember the empowering truth that in the pause Clarity rains boundaries Thrive and our existence becomes a symphony of authenticity and fulfillment whether you want to admit it or not an

Intentional pause is your secret [Music] weapon hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast how are you guys doing today as a reminder please do not forget to hit subscribe and it would mean the absolute world to me if you would please give me a five star review you and also give me a a written word down below it would be just so helpful in reaching more people with this podcast and I

Appreciate you so much for supporting me and doing that so today’s episode uh I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about how it is that you get to embrace boundaries through the power of the pause and what I want to talk to you guys about today is really how it is that we are able to uncover extraordinary Clarity when we embrace the power of the pause and as we navigate and dance in our everyday lives boundaries play a very crucial crucial

Role in shaping our relationships fostering authenticity and safeguarding our own well-being and as we are all continuously embarking on a journey of self-discovery what I am asking you to explore today with me is how intentional pauses become the Catalyst for understanding articulating and upholding your boundaries and for those of you who know me and know me well you know that I love

A good definition and I want to make sure that we’re all on the same page when I talk about the word boundary and to me what a boundary is is it’s a rule it’s a guideline there limitations that we convey and establish based on maintaining our own well-being and boundaries are intended to protect us they are not meant to hurt anybody else and they are what I believe are the foundation for shaping our interactions for shaping our relationships and

Honestly for maintaining our overall well-being and I don’t know about you guys but we all live in the hustle and bustle of real life and we often find ourselves navigating what I call you know kind of the hamster wheel of life without a clear understanding of what our boundaries are and that’s why I believe that the power in the pause is so incredibly important in these moments where we are

Feeling when somebody is crossing over and you know essentially not honoring one of our boundaries and ultimately what that reflects is the need for us to uphold and articulate what our boundaries are and so the boundary or excuse me the pause is really what is going to allow you to see what it is that is being being triggered within you to understand why you feel like you are being pushed outside of your comfort zone and for you to be able to really

Define the Line in the Sand where your authenticity and your truest self lives for you to be able to communicate with the other person or in a situation now please remember okay boundaries are not meant to keep people out they actually are what are going to bring people closer to you it’s what’s going to connect you deeply so don’t think of boundaries as constraints I actually believe that boundaries are almost like a fertile ground right where

Self-respect and authenticity and meaningful connections are able to thrive and flourish and boundaries are really affirmations of our needs they are the guardians of our well-being they are are The Architects of a life they’re really the blueprints that the architect us creates that align with our values and when we have well-defined boundaries we’re actually able to feel free to express ourselves authentically

We have the courage to say yes when it resonates and the strength to say no when it doesn’t and when when it’s necessary and boundaries when they are nurtured through that lens of clarity they become the pillars that support the architecture of your purposeful and fulfilling existence so the pause the The Reason Why the pause is so incredibly important in boundary creation is because it acts as almost like an alchemist where it enables you

To transform that trigger that chaos into into peace into Clarity into calm and even uncertainty into understanding and as we allow ourselves what I call the grace of the pause we unlock the wisdom to discern where our boundaries actually exist and it’s in this intentional pause that we find the courage to acknowledge our needs the insight to recognize what is going to serve us in our highest and best and the mindfulness to communicate our limits

Our boundaries with Grace with respect and with kindness and so through the power of the pause we can see more clearly that boundaries are not these rigid walls what they are are flexible expressions of self-love and self-respect and I know that so many of us get nervous about implementing and really upholding our boundaries especially as we’re navigating different relationships with people in our life

And boundaries really become these invisible threats that tie us together with the people in our life that weave together respect and understanding and empathy into the fabric of our connections and it’s really through the clarity that you receive in those moments of pause that you’re able to really see and envision your relationship through a clearer lens of authenticity and so instead of seeing boundaries as walls in relationships

Really what they are are bridges that connect that Foster relationships that are built on Mutual understanding communication and even shared and respected values and so what I’m hoping you’re hearing me say is that there’s Beauty in correcting in um creating boundaries that it is important for each and every one of you to create a boundary Centric life and here’s the thing okay boundaries are not something that are

Always set in stone because they evolve as we grow and change there’s boundaries that I had seven years ago that I don’t even have anymore there’s boundaries I had two years ago that have now evolved and look very different and so in the spirit of Contin self-discovery I invite you to be open to the journey of creating and adapting your boundaries that align with your evolving self and the way that you’re able to do that is through the pause so

Through the empowering action of the pause what we’re able to do is really sculpt this beautiful light where boundaries are invitations for you to live authentically to live wholeheartedly and to navigate the world around you with resilience and purpose and so as we embrace the power of the pause we step into a rhythm of a boundary Centric life where Clarity is our Compass where authenticity is our guide and

Fulfillment feeling fulfilled is your destination so through this transformative lens of the pause I hope that you’ve heard me say that boundaries evolve they Flex they breathe with us on our journey and they become conduits bridges for self-love and respect and meaningful connections so as you’re navigating your everyday life please remember the empowering truth that in the pause Clarity rains boundaries Thrive and our existence becomes a

Symphony of authenticity and fulfillment when whether you want to admit it or not an intentional pause is your secret weapon it is your secret weapon to create and maintain boundaries that honor the essence of who you are they are the compass to guide you towards a life filled with purpose and connection and joy so I invite you to please embrace the wisdom within the Paw set your boundaries from your heart and with

Intention and do me a favor pay attention and watch as your life transforms into a masterpiece of authenticity and fulfillment do you feel that it’s just it’s so empowering so what I wish from you after listening to this episode is this I wish that your boundaries be clear your pauses be perfect purposeful and your journey be profoundly empowering along the way thank you guys so much for

Tuning in to this week’s episode I hope that you found inspiration in my words today what boundaries are you going to go out there and set for yourself if you’re somebody who needs support in setting boundaries please feel free to contact me on Instagram DM me boundary and I will will send you an amazing resource that will enable you to start sending boundaries today easily they don’t have to be hard and I’ve got your back so remember the

Power in the pause has the ability to help you uncover the boundaries that you get to set with those people in your life so that you not only Foster Connection in your relationships but you are operating from the lens of authenticity so thank you guys again for tuning in don’t forget to follow me on social media my social media handle is Wendy page Sterling sending you all so much love and light as always mwah bye [Music]


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