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In this episode, I’m joined by my dear friend Catharine O’Leary, the ‘Quiz Queen’, as we discuss how you can ditch lead generation, recognize your clients’ worries, and harness the power of curiosity to connect with them.

Many businesses have widely used lead magnets to gain customers. However, creating a deep connection with your qualified leads is crucial. One way to do this is to understand what’s keeping them at night, or what Catharine would like to call the “3 a.m. question.” Let them see your solution to their problems before offering your services because showing up as an expert enhances client attraction.

I urge you to pause and take a second to understand your consumer’s needs and wants. What matters is what they learn from you and the solutions to their challenges.

Tune in to this episode of The Power In The Pause: Ditch Lead Generation and Switch to Client Attraction With Catharine O’Leary

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  It’s really about just taking a second instead of feeling like you have to rush through to make an offer that it’s really about understanding your consumers so that it’s almost like it helps you weed out those that you do want to make an offer to versus those who you’re like, you know what, I’m not the right person.

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So without further ado, I want to welcome you guys to today’s episode where I am here with Catherine O’Leary. Hello, Catherine. How are you? I am fantastic, Wendy. Thank you for having me. How are you? I’m great. I’m so happy that you have joined me today. And I am so looking forward to our conversation today about how it is that each and every one of you guys listening can ditch the lead generation and switch to client attraction.

So my language, Catherine. So you guys, let me share a little bit more about Catherine and why she is the expert in this conversation. So Catherine O’Leary Also known as the quiz queen is an expert in client connection with over three decades in market research and consumer insights. She specializes in attracting ideal clients and boosting revenue.

Her approach uses insightful questions to foster strong client relationships and to grow businesses. Join her mission. All of you, please join her mission to harness the power of curiosity, to connect with your ideal clients. I love that last line, Catherine, because what I have come to learn. Over the last couple of years is how crucial that curiosity piece is as a business owner and in how it is that we go about attracting our ideal clients.

And I would love for you to Share a little bit more with our audience today about why is that important in client attraction? How does that tie into people’s ability to make the pivot out of, you know, the buzzword of like, let’s find leads to attracting clients? Yeah, that’s a great, great questions, Wendy.

I think, I think the first thing to understand is. Leads, lead generation, like especially, you know, the way that the industry really runs lead generation is. purely a volume game. Um, and it is just get as many emails into your list as humanly possible and then start pitching and just start going. And then hopefully, spaghetti on the wall, right?

Hopefully something will stick. And that’s, you know, that’s one way to do it, I guess. The problem with that is When, like, I mean, that’s one thing for a magazine subscription or something like a Hilton hotels or something like that, um, to, to do, it’s another thing for coaches and consultants who do a little bit more customized, a little bit more one on one, even if you’re doing group coaching or you have, you know, transformational programs.

That requires a little bit more know, like, and trust, and it requires a little bit more of a conversation, I feel, between the ideal client and the business. So, you know, if I, as the ideal client, am looking for something, I’ve got a problem that I’m trying to solve, right? And it’s, and it’s like enough of a problem that I’m actually looking for help.

to solve that. I think we’ve taken that a little bit for granted as business owners and just assumed that everyone is looking for our solution and we must be the one solution for this particular problem and we don’t take enough time to say, hey, okay, wait a minute, hold on here. You know, hi, how are you?

What’s your name? Like, you know, where’d you grow up? What, what’s going on? Like, what’s, what’s going on with your business? What, you know, tell me a little bit more about what’s going on with you and the problem that you’re having, and let’s see if I’m even a solution as a business owner for you before we go any further, before we talk about, you know, offers or prices or, you know, how you can, how we can, you know, work together, you know, how we can, you know, work together, Let’s see if we actually gel first.

Let’s see if we actually, you know, are, are in match for one another, because I would rather be in a room of like 25 people that are my ideal clients that are ready to go, that, you know, have really good questions are engaged with the conversations that we’re having, you know, are, are all on the same wavelength, then be in a stadium of 10, 000 people and trying to find those 25 people.

Because that’s what lead generation is, right? Lead, I can, I can, I can generate leads all day long, right? Globally. It doesn’t mean that they’re good clients. And the time it takes to figure out how to go from 10, 000 down to that 25, or whatever those numbers are for you, that’s exhausting. You know, and that’s where, that’s where we can lose a lot of money on paid advertising that doesn’t go anywhere or spending a lot of time and money on speaking, or, you know, like we don’t, we’re not making that connection.

It’s just, it’s really. We’re setting apart ourselves up for a really hard battle. Yeah, no, I agree. And, and tell me if you agree with this too. I mean, I feel like so many times as you know, those of us who are entrepreneurs and we really are diving in and, and trying to figure out like, you know, to me, the way I’m going to say it in more layman’s terms is like qualified leads, right?

Not just any lead, but actual buyers, right? Qualified people who are in the mindset of, you know, Of purchasing from you and I think one of the crucial pieces that we don’t pay enough attention to is like what is keeping them up at night because it is probably not what you think it is and part of why it’s not what you think it is is because you are not taking the time to get to know them.

So how, how does really understanding and I know you call it the 3 a. m. question, right? So how can understanding. 3 a. m. question really deep in your connection with your audience to be able to attract them as, as a potential client and buyer. Yeah. The 3 a. m. question has a couple of, of, uh, You know, kind of facets to it.

The first one is that you want to make sure you’re understanding your ideal clients, 3am question, not the broader group, not everyone. Like if you can’t narrow down, you know, the one question that your clients are waking up with, you’ve probably got too, too broad of a definition of your, of your client base.

Right. Cause like you, your ideal client should be waking up with, you know, What is it like, like, how do I get to seven figures or how do I, you know, afford that vacation home or how do I, you know, get over this, this gap that I have in my relationship or, you know, how do I feel like successful when I’ve checked all the boxes and like, it’s not happening.

So really understanding what your ideal client is, is the problem that they have. The other, the other thing that entrepreneurs tend to do is that we tend to create solutions for problems that we’ve had. Right, so our businesses are nine times out of ten, they’re solutions for things that we’ve solved for ourselves.

The thing is that when you’re in the solution phase, you use different language. For what the problem is and you don’t remember or you can’t put yourself back to when you were waking up at 3am and worried about this, you know, this problem. I use the example that, you know, for me, I help, I help clients build quiz files.

There’s probably two people on the planet that wake up and, and like actually think to themselves at 3am. I wonder how I can do a quiz. I wonder how I can make a quiz funnel. I wonder how I can optimize a quiz. That’s not what people say, right? It’s the how that I can help them with is the tool to get more clients, to get more quality, you know, prospects to, you know, start those conversations and build deeper relationships before people even come into the community.

Those are the kinds of questions that, you know, at 3am people are waking up for. So, you know, there’s, there’s a little bit of a language thing going on. And we’ve forgotten. You really want that, you know, and, and don’t forget folks that clarity beats clever every day. So let’s not get too markety with the 3am question and make sure that we are driving home like We understand what it is.

So really understanding, like, if we can stop people in their tracks with the, with the solution to the 3am question that they are already looking for a solution for, it’s going to draw them in, right? And that’s, what’s going to draw them into Okay, tell me more, right? Okay, help me with this. Help me with this problem.

Because actually, yeah, like I’m trying to figure out how to get seven figures, or I’m trying to figure out why I’m not feeling fulfilled when I’ve checked all the boxes.

Before we continue with today’s episode, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve discussed so far. So far, we’ve explored the transformative potential of life’s pauses and the importance of embracing them to unlock your true potential. Remember these moments of reflection and growth are stepping stones towards creating that intuitively designed life that you desire.

So in this moment, let’s take an opportunity to pause, breathe, and consider how you can apply. Apply what you’ve learned so far to your own journey. Now let’s dive back into our conversation where I will continue to explore the power within life’s pauses and how they can guide you towards a life filled with purpose and authenticity.

Yeah, I think that that’s so important and I hope that everybody just heard that, right? Like and so much so that I just wrote it down because it’s just such a good reminder, right? Is we’re thinking about language. We’re using language that when you have the solution, you know, you know, you’re kind of already in that place versus your ideal buyer hasn’t gotten there yet.

So would you mind elaborating a little bit more on how helping your clients to see your solution? Is is beneficial because like it’s almost like what came first, the chicken or the egg, but it’s really about helping them to see your solution before it is that you are offering the actual tool and the service itself that attracts them to you.

So. Expand on that a little bit and how can those people listening start integrating that into their approach and their strategies? Yeah, well, if you think about the 3 a. m. question as, as the quiz hook, because in my, in my world, we use quizzes as that. That conversation piece, right? So if the quiz is, the quiz question, you know, what’s, you know, for example, what’s stopping you from going from six to seven figures?

Like what’s the hurdle? What’s your number one hurdle to, you know, seven figures? Somebody that’s struggling with that question is going to stop and go, I want to know that. I actually am struggling with this, and I, I would like to know what my number one hurdle is. The quiz questions themselves are your stepping stones between, okay, they’re thinking about, you know, the hurdle that they’re going through to get to seven figures.

What do we need to know? To help them kind of think through this process, right? We need to know what kind of business they’re in. We need to know maybe how long they’ve been in business. What kind of team structure do they have? Have they, you know, what kind of marketing do they do? Have they hired on or, you know, what kind of IT processes do they have in place?

What’s missing? You know, do they, Have leadership training or do they, you know, what do they think their number one challenge is? Is it maybe they think it’s mindset or it’s it or it’s leadership? As you ask these questions and kind of from a more general frame point down to really specifically what do you think the problem is for, for, you know, not getting to the seven figures, they’re starting to think, oh yeah, okay, well here’s where I’m at, where I am in business, here’s what I’ve done.

Yep, here’s what I’ve tried. Here’s why it didn’t work. Oh, this is what I’m struggling with. And now you’re, you’re saying, great, you know what, Wendy, I’ve heard you. I completely understand. There’s a lot going on with this question. But the number one challenge that you have right now in this moment, so I’m meeting you where you’re at, is, you know, mindset, right?

So in order to get to seven figures, what got you to six isn’t going to get you to seven. Let’s talk about the mindset. For Barbara, who’s coming through the quiz, maybe she gets, you know what? It’s all about IT. You’ve got to have the systems in place, right? Because that’s where she’s really struggling.

And then Brian comes through and he’s, you know, he finds out that he needs team. They all need all of it. Right? But you’ve actually managed to talk to them and meet them where they’re at within the prob within the, you know, the problem that they’re trying to solve. It’s a perceived customization and personalization and then you get to invite them.

Invite them like, okay, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the other things that are going on. Let’s talk about how we can help you solve this problem. But what you’re, what you’re able to do is say, I understand the problem. Now we’ve gone through a conversation about what’s going on in the business and, and, you know, kind of pinpointed some of the challenges I’ve given you some solutions.

It’s not all the solutions. But some solutions to get if, if you walk away right now, you’ve gotten, you know, you’ve gotten a good start. But if you want to learn more, you know, now the second invitation comes in. Right? So you’ve had like, you know, this kind of whole conversation with people within 60 seconds.

And that is able to really kind of build that know, like, and trust of, of them, like them trusting you as the business, but also you get to learn about them and you get to know if they’re for you and you get, because if they’re not interested in the service, they’re going to drop off the quiz. Great.

Awesome. Attract the best and release the rest, because there’s somebody else’s best, right? Only bring in the people into your community that are at least willing to have a conversation with you, even if it’s in a quiz format. Right. Well, and I think that we forget so many times that it’s about them. It’s not about us.

Yes. Right. And what are they going to learn? Yeah, exactly. And it’s really about just taking a beat, right? Power in the pause. That’s the name of the podcast, right? It’s really about just taking a second instead of feeling like you have to rush through to make an offer. Right. That it’s really about understanding your consumers so that it’s almost like it helps you weed out those that you do want to make an offer to versus those who you’re like, you know what, I’m not the right person.

So in, in the clients that you have worked with, I’d love for you to just share, like, what are some of the results that, that they have seen? And, and maybe even touch on, cause maybe there’s some people thinking, Oh, I’m not far along enough in my business for me to do a quiz. You know, if you want to beat that.

You know, de mystify that myth, you know, by all means address that as well. Yeah. Well, so the, the challenge with a lot of what we call lead magnets. So those things that you give away to, to really build your email list. People are wise to them, you know, like people know that they’re, you’re just collecting the email so that you’re going to email, you know, email them later and you’re going to, they’re going to be on your list.

And that’s, that’s fine. They’re, they’re trading information for their, for their information. But. 80 percent of those PDF downloads, those checklists, those eBooks, those templates, and like they’re, they’re never opened again, right? So they’re getting downloaded and you think as a business owner, yes, I’ve gotten somebody that’s really interested.

I’m going to start sending them these emails all about the business and all about, you know, how I can help them. And they haven’t read the download. So they don’t know you from Adam. Not really, right? Like it goes into that file folder that everyone has of to read later, and two years later you go out and you just like delete everything because you never got to it.

So what a quiz is able to do is, first of all, it mimics again that conversation because it is question after question. It’s in real time. They get the answer in real time. And the solution, if you do a video right after, you know, they’ve completed the quiz, do a small little video that says, Hey, you know what?

Thanks for taking the quiz. Here’s your results. There’s a report on the way. But just so you know, because I know you’re anxious to get to get your information. Here are the three things that I think that we can be working on in order to solve your biggest challenges, right? They get, they get that in the real time.

Now they’ve seen you, they’ve heard you, you’ve heard them and, and you’ve given them an option to continue. So you’ve done, you know, a lot of like kind of six, seven steps all within one process. Yeah, it, it’s so much around, like, it does the weeding out and the weeding in, right? It, it really, it is such a powerful funnel.

I’ve used them before, they are wildly, I mean, I have had wild success with quizzes and they are such a powerful tool for us to be able to really get to know our audience. And, What I’m also hearing you say is that quizzes also give you that instant gratification, right? It gives you, you know, versus like, Oh God, I have to like read an eight page, bloody blah, blah.

Like I don’t have the time for that. Right. But like how many of us, even when we’re on Facebook and we see someone did a quiz and we’re like, Ooh, I want to know what my answers are. Right. Like, Again, it’s you have curiosity about the quiz and the quiz is getting information from you because the person who created it is curious about you.

Like, it is just this perfect, well oiled machine that I just, again, I don’t think a lot of people necessarily understand. How powerful it can be. So as we are kind of bringing everything full circle, I mean, what do you want to leave our audience with today? Like what is the biggest takeaway you want them to hear from, um, our conversation today about kind of switching from focusing on lead generation to client attraction?

Yeah, I think that once you get the right people into your community, then you’re, you know, you get, you know, when I did my first quiz, I tripled my leads and I doubled my sales, right? You get, you know, you just get better, more qualified people to talk to makes it a lot easier to make offers and go forward with.

So, I mean, I would just say, you know, like, just be curious, But don’t just throw a whole bunch of questions together and call it a quiz. It really needs to be a story. It needs to be about them, about your ideal client, and they need to learn something about themselves. And if you’re worried about giving away the kitchen sink in terms of information, give it away.

Because if it was all about information, We’d all be billionaires because of YouTube, right? It’s all probably searchable on YouTube, so give it all away, like give away the, you know, the keys to the house because they’re gonna still wanna come and be a guest. Yeah. I love that. So it’s so true. And, and there’s also going to be people out there who, you know, who want the support, who want the accountability, right?

And so I agree with you. I mean, I’m all about a giving mentality. It’s just who I am. It’s who I’ve always been. And I just, I think that that’s such a beautiful way to bring this to a close. And Catherine, I know that you, I mean, you guys, Catherine is an expert. I mean, with all of her background in consumer research and market insights, I mean, she is a brilliant human being.

And if you guys are even thinking about wanting to jump into the quiz game, she is somebody you guys should follow, connect with, reach out to. So Catherine, how and where can people find you? Yeah, the easiest way is to go to quizformybiz. com. So that’s quizformybiz. com and take the quiz. Surprise, right?

But take the quiz and you, and you will learn what a quiz could do for your business in the sense of bridging some of those communication gaps that you might be having with your ideal clients. Um, and then, you know, then you’ll be invited to a next step and that’s how people connect with me most efficiently.

But everyone, honestly, for, for my business, everyone goes through the quiz first, because I want to know, I want to know a little bit more about you and I want to be able to. Have that information when we’re on a call to say, Oh, I see what you’re struggling with. It’s, you know, this, this, and this let’s get, let’s cut straight to the, to the chase and let’s like make this most, you know, time most efficient.

Yeah. So awesome. You guys, that link is in the show notes along with where you can also find Catherine. If you are a social media person, you can find all of her information there. Catherine. Thank you so much for being my guest. I am so grateful that you are in my circle of friends and people that I know.

And I just, I absolutely love the work that you do. So thank you for being on the show today. Thank you so much for having me, Wendy. And thank you for being a great friend. Yeah, of course you guys, I hope that you loved today’s episode. I really do. I hope that you learned something new about what it is that you guys are maybe doing in your business that you get to do differently, you know, with every single episode.

of the power in the pause podcast. What my goal is, is to enlighten you to have an moment to grab a nugget of information that is going to help you to recognize the power in the pause as you are building or Pivoting your business. So thank you guys so much for tuning in as a reminder, please hit that subscribe button so that you guys do not miss a single episode and follow me across social media at Wendy page Sterling.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in today. I hope that you have a beautiful rest of your day or evening or morning, depending upon when you are listening to this podcast, sending you all so much love and light. Always. Mwah. Bye everybody.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. Your quest to embrace life’s transformative pauses and unlock your true potential is a powerful one. My podcast here is to support you on this journey and guide you towards creating an intuitively designed life. Stay connected for upcoming episodes where I will continue to explore self discovery and empowerment.

And if you found today’s episode valuable, please leave a review and share this podcast with other people. Remember your life. These pauses hold incredible potential. Embrace them, prioritize your wellbeing, and believe in your transformation that awaits you. Until next time, keep discovering the power within you, and let’s create your intuitively designed life together.

I’m Wendy Page Sterling, and I look forward to our next empowering conversation.

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