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Why start your year focusing on problems needing solutions, when you could be embracing a mindset of growth and positivity?

Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, I invite you to go into a more transformative approach on the first day of the year. It’s about shifting from ‘doing’ to ‘being’. 

By setting a word of the year, we can break the cycle of forgotten resolutions and start a journey towards true fulfillment and self-discovery.

Tune in now for an episode that could change the way you view the new year. Embrace the power in the pause, and let’s make this year one of intentional growth and remarkable achievements.

Join us in this inspiring discussion: Ditch New Year’s Resolutions & Do This Instead

✔️ Reject the notion of New Year’s Resolutions. These imply there’s a problem needing a fix, starting the year on a negative note. Instead, focus on a positive mindset. Resolutions have a low success rate, with only 9% of people keeping them and 64% quitting within the first month.

✔️ Embrace the concept of “being” rather than “doing.” In my 7+ years of entrepreneurship experience, I’ve learned that success is more about who you are than the tasks you accomplish. Select a personal word for the year (e.g., ‘faith’) and embody this in all aspects of life – relationships, finances, health, and personal development.

✔️ Create a vision based on your chosen word. Envision yourself embodying this word in various life areas, like financial goals, relationships, and personal wellness. Detail this vision vividly, imagining where you are, who you’re with, and how it feels.

✔️ Develop actionable steps from your vision. Identify the gaps between your current state and where you want to be. The transition from being to doing, creating actions that align with your vision and word of the year. This helps bridge the distance between intention and reality.

✔️ Set intentions around your goals, focusing on the feelings and states you wish to achieve. This approach can increase your chances of being among the small percentage who successfully achieve their resolutions or goals.


What does that look like what does that feel like who are you being who is around you where are you what is you know get into the nitty-gritty details because that’s how you manifest a [Music] vision hello everybody and welcome to the power in the Paw podcast how are you guys doing today as a reminder please please please it would mean the world to me if you would leave me a festar review

And even write something reviewing this podcast so that other people can find it it’s super super important that I invite you guys to support me in that so today’s episode I want to talk to you guys about what I am G to call BS on New Year’s resolutions what I want to share with you today is my complete and utter dislike for the term New Year’s resolutions the reason being that think about it you guys the word resolution

Means that there is a problem that there is an issue that needs to be fixed and why is it that we are starting this brand new year thinking that something is wrong or something needs to be fixed oh my God that is the opposite of what your mindset should be heading into 2024 and so what I want to talk to you guys about today in this particular episode is I’m inviting you guys to ditch the New Year’s resolution and to instead embody these five steps that I

Teach my clients every single year to do instead because resolutions don’t work in fact I was doing some research on this and I want to share with you guys some numbers that I found that are going to blow your mind the same way that they blew mine so did you know that of those people who actually create New Year’s resolutions only nine% nine under 10% single digits actually successfully keep those resolutions did you also know that 64%

Of people that set them actually quit after the first month oh my God no I mean I’m just gonna say it like it doesn’t surprise me and 35% of people attribute losing motivation as the top reason for giving up well again it doesn’t surprise me why because it’s not about setting a resolution resolution the word in and of itself I dislike and another reason why people are so unsuccessful at the start of the year of you know even just setting goals is that

It’s rooted in the doing okay I know believe me I am somebody who loves Crossing stuff off her list of things quote unquote to do right but what I have learned over the last seven and a half years of Entrepreneurship is that it’s not about the doing it is about the being so what I teach my clients is how to be and when you start out the beginning of the year it’s about picking a word okay selecting a word that you are going to embody and be so my word of

2024 is the word faith and it is about being faith not doing Faith but being Faith so for me it is about coming up with step one of what I teach my clients is coming up with the word that is is for you this year who who is it that you are going to be I am going to be Faith all year long in every single aspect of my life whether that be in my relationship both with my partner and with um my children if it’s with regards to money I am going to have I’m going to

Be faith when it comes to my financial goals when it comes to my health and wellness I am going to have faith that everything that I am doing this year to focus on my health is working I am going to embody faith in the fun that I going to create because you know even just now somebody offered me tickets to a basketball game like for free like I’m having faith in and I’m embodying faith in in fun and Recreation in my life how about with personal development I am

Having faith that my personal development is going to expand because of the people that I am choosing to collaborate with or who are coming into my space right so number one pick your word number two embody that word in your being just like I said that I am doing with my word faith step number three is to create a vision so what is your vision for this word right so what does that look like for you a vision is something that you see achieving

Throughout the course of the year now your vision gets to relate back to the word but from the from the lens of like what is your vision of being this word so for me right faith is my word of the year so what does being Faith look like what is my vision of that in all these areas who do I show up as in being faith in all these areas of my life what is the vision of what I want to create in in my financial goals and money what are the

What is the vision and what do I want to achieve by the end of 2024 as it relates to my relationships as it relates to my health and wellness to my personal development right so what is your vision what is that big goal right like and and the goal in and of itself is something that you come back to but we take it a step further because having a goal isn’t enough right having that Vision like and when I say Vision like I even want to take it a step further is like I really

Want you to close your eyes and to Envision what is that Vision right like what does that look like what does that feel like who are you being who is around you where are you you what is you know get into the nitty-gritty details because that’s how you manifest a vision right so what does your word look like in these other areas of your life like get super descriptive like and for me like I love to close my eyes which I’m doing right now and really just see

Myself okay what does being faith in this particular area of my life look like what is that Vision who is with me where am I am I standing you know in my current house in my am I in something else am I on vacation am I working out at a gym is it on a treadmill you know am I in my kitchen preparing healthy food like what is that Vision okay step number four is to then based on that Vision that’s when you start connecting to okay who do I be in that place to be

Able to then know okay what is in the Gap right where am I at today versus where I want to get to and what are some steps that I can take to actually get myself there right so this is where you’re creating the action do you see how we start with the being and then we get into the steps we get into the doing and the action piece and then the last step you guys is okay once I get there what is that going to feel like like what is that in I call it like setting

An intention so setting an intention around each of these goals so what is that intention what is that feeling right are you going to feel more confident are you going to feel motivated are you going to feel um you know accountable are you going to feel excited are you going to feel like love and and worthy like what are the feelings that you are going to have on the other side of this now if you guys follow these steps like it’s really a

Lot easier than you think and I invite you guys to really embody them and and to actually let’s take it a step further I invite each and every one of you guys DM me on Instagram my Instagram is Wendy page Sterling page is spelled p AIG G in Sterling like silver DM me on Instagram at Wendy page Sterling and share with me what is your word okay and maybe you want to take it a step further and say like how do I be this right or let’s talk about what your vision is for the

Word that you have that you get to be for the year like let’s talk about this let’s take it a step further let’s make this more personal personal it’s me just talking in my podcast let’s engage in an actual conversation I want to hear from you so I invite each and every one of you guys to engage with me about this like let’s start holding you accountable if you’re somebody who knows that accountability is your jam like it is mine then let’s get off of the podcast

And get into the DMS and let’s start having a conversation about this because part of what my mission is this year in 2024 as an intuitive business coach is really to help people to see through of of their vision for the year I want to see you let your intuition guide and lead you this year to create the business and the life that you so richly deserve it starts with setting your word of the year it starts with you embodying it creating a vision setting some goals

And having intentions around those goals that is what’s going to make you successful I want to see you guys be a part of I want to actually see that 9% of people who are successful at you know achieving their resolutions I want to see that number go up and how that number relate to you actually achieving your word of the year throughout the course of the year so thank you guys for tuning into this week’s episode I hope that you found value in it I hope that

It is inspiring you to kick off this year with an absolute bang it doesn’t matter if it is the second week of the year the first week of the year or three months into the year you can start doing this today there is never a bad time or I’m late to the party no you can change your life at any given moment at any given time so let me see you guys do that today and you know kind tying it back into the theme of this podcast of the power and the pause so I invite you

Guys to really just allow yourself to sit in a quiet space and listen to what the universe is telling you your word is listen and let the ID come in to tell you what your word of the year gets to be I was just on a call earlier this morning and someone was commenting to me about how she was you know fighting you know this whole you know word of the Year thing and then all of a sudden she just quieted her mind and the word intention came in for her and suddenly

It clicked and it made sense as to why that word came in and it made sense with everything that she was feeling for what she wanted to be and accomplish in 2024 and so I inv invite you guys to really allow yourself the the gift of the pause giving yourself a moment to Think Through what is my word of the year what is my word for the year going to be because remember that everything happens for us in life quiet your mind to be able to hear what your highest and best

Is for 2024 thank you guys again for tuning in as you know with every episode My ultimate vision and goal for you is to receive some information that is going to help you to embrace and see the power in the pause thank you guys again sending you so much love and light I’ll see you in the next episode bye [Music] everybody

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