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Embrace Life Transitions Through The Power In The Pause

Welcome to “The Power in the Pause Podcast,” the show that explores the extraordinary potential within life’s transformative pauses. Hosted by Wendy Paige Sterling, a dedicated advocate of personal growth, empowerment, and intuition, this podcast is your guide to embracing the moments that challenge, transform, and shape your journey.

Life is full of transitions – moments that force us to reflect, grow, and unlock our true potential. Join us as we delve into inspiring stories of resilience, share practical tools for navigating pivotal transitions, and empower you to thrive during life’s transformative moments, all while trusting your intuitive wisdom.

This podcast is more than just a source of inspiration; it’s a community of individuals who believe in the incredible power of these pauses. Together, we’ll prioritize well-being, embrace our true selves, and create intuitively designed lives filled with purpose and authenticity.

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Remember that it’s important for you to prioritize your well-being in these pauses so that you can start creating a life of purpose and authenticity and that is exactly what I did I mean my clients will tell you I am known for this saying the power and the pause and really all that means is just taking a minute to pause instead of to [Music] react

Hello everybody and welcome to the power in the Paw podcast I am your host Wendy Pig Sterling and I am absolutely thrilled to embark on this incredible and transformative Journey with you today marks the beginning of something completely extraordinary and that is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment and embracing the beauty in life’s pauses now you may be somebody wondering what exactly is the power in

The pause and what is this podcast going to be about Wendy well let me share that with you so this podcast is so much more than just that what I am intending for the power in the pause podcast to be is really a space that is dedicated to you a time where you gift yourself with the ability to start exploring the potential that lies within the pauses of life you know we go through life on autopilot and instead of us just taking a minute to breathe we just plow through trying to

Check things off of our to-do list and I know that that’s what I used to do for those of you who don’t know my story or are new to this podcast I went through a very unexpected life transition not once but twice the first one was about seven years ago back in 2016 where I realized that my 15-year marriage was coming to an end and then again at the beginning of 2022 when my mom passed away from ovarian cancer and those moments while I wanted to speed

Through them and just get over it and deal with it and just you know in some cases I tried to numb out what I realized I had to do instead was really to feel through a lot of what it was that I was going through but what I finally came to realize is that it was really in those moments where I forced myself to get present and to pause right pausing in those moments where we just want to speed through th those moments that we feel that trigger or that

Challenge us but ultimately what pausing does is it helps to transform us and ultimately it will shape the course of your journey and change your life and put it on the path that I know that you desire and how do I know that well because in these life transition moments that when we discover our true strength our inner wisdom and our ability to create a life that I call intuitively designed so whether you’re navigating a divorce the loss of a loved one a career

Transition any sort of grief a a career unexpected career transition right or you’re just seeking personal growth or curious about how it is that you can make the most most of these pivotal moments in our life well you are in the right place because we are going to Embark in every single one of my episodes on what I like to call a shared Quest so this is going to be one where we explore where we have a conversation I’ll be sharing tips and advice all

Intended to empower you wherever it is that you are in navigating that life transition so um just remember that everybody is going to be in a different place so the Practical tools and insights that I’m going to gift you within this podcast will help you either now or later to thrive during your life and during these particular transformative pauses so remember that it’s important for you to prioritize your well-being in

These pauses so that you can start creating a life of purpose and authenticity and that is exactly what I did I mean my clients will tell you I am known for this saying the power in the pause and really all that means is just taking a minute to pause instead of to react to take that breath in maybe sometimes you may need more than one breath I know I do on some days and just listen inside listen to what it is that is coming up for you get curious about

It and instead of just reacting just take a minute and really be thoughtful have some mindfulness around what it is that you want to achieve what your intention is in engaging with the other person or you know it could be you know not a person it could just be a particular situation and what that’s going to help you do is really help you to see life from the lens of possibility and so I hope that together we are going to unlock the power within you so that

You can start seeing the power within life’s pauses and to do it with an unwavering belief that extraordinary Transformations are on the other side so in each and every episode we are going to dive deeper into different topics and I’m going to share stories that are going to inspire you the first story that I’m going to share is my own and that particular story has to do with the first moment that I realized the power in the pause and that

Happened on a day where my ex-husband was driving up dropping my kids off at my house and he pulled into my driveway and I remember I got this feeling within me that I didn’t want him on my property I could feel his energy and I had a choice in that moment I could have opened the door and I could have just completely you know Unleashed myself at him and instead what I chose to do was I chose to just pause take a deep breath open the door without him even seeing me

So I opened it with me behind it and I let my kids in and I got present in that moment welcomed my kids hugged them kissed them and then what I did was I sent him a message and just let him know that in the future I would appreciate if he would not drive onto my driveway that if he would please let the boys off at the street and he responded and said okay and I share that example with you guys be for a couple of reasons right

The power in the pause and to also share with you guys that you know I could have sat here and been like oh my God if I try to do that he’s going to be all resistant and he’s going to question me and he’s going to this and you come up with all these assumptions and you just never know assumptions are not based on facts and what I know to be true is that when you allow yourself the power in the pause you gift yourself with that you’re coming from a place of positivity your

Energy is vibrating at a high place and you’re coming through to the other person authentically where they’re actually going to hear you and so I invite you guys today to choose a moment where instead of reacting you choose to respond and do so by remembering how much of your power resides in the pauses that you gift yourself so remember to embrace the p power in the pause thank you guys so much for tuning in to today’s episode I

Hope that you gained some nuggets of information that are going to help you to get more present in your life and to see the unlimited possibility in the power and the pause sending you all so much love light andjoy as always mwah bye everybody [Music] [Music]