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Are you in the midst of a career transition to seek true fulfillment in your professional life?

Join us in this enlightening conversation with Marlo Lyons, a career executive and team coach renowned for her resilience and adaptability. From journalism to law to screenwriting, Marlo’s journey is a masterclass in embracing change and finding fulfillment in life’s non-linear path.

If you’re at a crossroads in your career or personal growth, I invite you to this episode and be inspired by how Marlo did it – all through the power of the pause.

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✔️ Embracing life’s nonlinear journey can lead to profound growth. Flexibility and adaptability are valuable skills to have in any life aspect. Career and life trajectories are rarely straight and often require pivots and changes.

✔️ Overcoming fear and embracing change are essential in personal development and career advancement. By focusing on what energizes and fulfills us, we can find greater satisfaction and purpose in our work and personal lives.

✔️ The pursuit of a career aligned with one’s values and passions leads to a more purposeful life. Seeing the misalignment between your job and what you truly stand for can be a powerful motivator for change.

✔️ Feel the power of presence and boundaries in your daily life. Establish a daily routine that includes dedicated time for self-care, like morning exercises, and ensure that work doesn’t encroach on precious family moments. Prioritizing the well-being and needs of children can significantly enhance family dynamics.

✔️ Overcome fear and doubt through self-belief. Self-doubt is the precursor to fear, and overcoming it is key to success. When you properly value yourself and your skills, it boosts your confidence and elevates the quality of your work.

Marlo Lyons is synonymous with resilience. She’s a career, executive, and team coach but that is just her profession. When you dig deep into Marlo’s life – you realize she lives by her trademarked saying, Life isn’t Linear. And much of her life unfolded and changed when she took a pause, dug deep, and both found and developed resilience. 

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There are people waiting for you there are people waiting for you to give to give them inspiration to take that step that you know you are ready to take and so I’m inviting you guys to take that on today to really just use this conversation as a catalyst for you to Unleash Your absolute brightest and best [Music] self hello everybody and welcome to another

Episode of the power in the pause podcast don’t forget to hit subscribe so that you do not miss a single episode that comes out every single week and I would be so incredibly grateful if you would please leave a rating so that more people can find this podcast and get the support that they need so let’s dive into today’s episode where I am joined by my dear dear friend Marlo Lions hello Marlo how are you hi Wendy I’m great how are you I’m fantastic I am so honored

That you are here today and I’m very much looking forward to our conversation today about how it is that you yourself have propelled through the pause and we’re going to talk about how you are thriving through your latest career twist and I am just everything you’re going to say today is going to be so incredibly relatable to so many of you guys out there and before I share more about why I want to share with you all more about Marlo so Marlo is synonymous

With resilience she is a career executive and team coach but that is just her profession when you dig deep into Marlo’s life you realize that she lives by her trademark saying life isn’t linear and much of her life unfolded and changed when she took a pause dug deep and both found and developed resilience so Marlo thank you for being here today you guys Marlo and I go way way back um like I mean what 15 years plus a long time yeah yeah we go way back yeah

Easily way back way back when you were pivoting I was pivoted it was my first pivot and Marlo is the reason that I found out about the world of coaching what it was she was my inspiration to dive into the same coaching program that she got her certification from that I also got my certification from and so it really it feels so full circle to have you here today and to talk about this topic because you have had multiple pivotal moments in your journey as well

Where you have had to pause and reflect and gather the strength to push through so can you can you share a little bit about what that Journey has been like for you and especially the the most recent one that you have made sure I mean it goes way back right when I when I think back I think a lot of us just kind of go through life and we don’t really realize what we’re doing and when we’re pausing um for me you know I was a TV news reporter that was my first job

And I took that job my father used to watch the news and say hey maybe you can do that someday and I’m like okay I can be a journalist sure I didn’t know what I wanted to be who knows what they want to be when they’re in college and so I interned and I became a TV news reporter and then I got fired I got fired I was 26 years old and I was fired because quite frankly I was angry I was angry I was frustrated I was sad because I was engaged uh not too

Long before that and then unengaged so my heart was broken and I look back then you know at the time I was devastated in fetal position position on the couch right but what that did was that was my first pause it was the first time I sat there and said am I angry or am I misunderstood who am I what am I who do I want to be and I put myself through what I consider these days would be called anger management right and I and I

Because I couldn’t Express the emotion and I couldn’t figure out where the emotion was coming from and and what that emotion meant and I basically would sit there in the library and I would read books on Anger Management and I realized that a lot of that came from Fear a lot of that came from you know frustration a lot of that came from control came from all different places but I started measuring it in my body right and I realized like

The littlest things were up here and they shouldn’t have been and so after a year of that I came to the point where I was like oh oh I’m not reacting at all this is great I remember calling my mom and screaming right and so I got a new job I got back into TV news to get out and I went to law school at night and became a lawyer and that was a backup it was a straight backup again it was not me pausing and thinking what do I want there’s a difference between what

You can do and what you want to do and this wasn’t a pause of thinking this was a I want a backup because I need to support myself so became a lawyer moved to California um worked in entertainment for a while as a lawyer and then I just after 12 years you know I worked in reality shows which you know I worked on all your major shows right Real Housewives The Apprentice all of them and I just sat there and was like I

Can’t do this anymore I just can’t but I’ve no idea what I want to do back to fetal position and crying and I decided when I paused again I met with a career coach and I he wasn’t great but he was good enough and he got me to pause and he got me to think and I thought okay what do I want to be and I started calling people and talking to people and I realized I wanted to go into HR so I did I became a strategic HR business partner right

Coaching seite and then um also doing all of the HR programs and delivering those after a number of years in that and I just left my job so a number of years in that I know and in the course of becoming an HR business partner I got certified in coaching and I loved it I loved everything about it it was helping people it was I really connecting with people it was helping them move to the next step right and I became certified in HR and I didn’t love that as much but

I did it right and so I spent let’s see seven years in HR and then I had a moment again where they were calling people back to the office and I have now moved I’m in scottsvale Arizona and my office was in California and I knew knew I wasn’t going to fly back and forth every week I’m a mom with two kids two neurode Divergent children and I was there was no way I was going to do that and so I had to really stop and think and I was scared out of my mind of going

Out on my own even though I knew every day that I love the coaching but nothing else so I knew where my heart lied but I was so scared because it had been years I’d had this side business and I hadn’t made it a full business and this was the push I needed and I paused and I said I’m going to do this and I did it and I have to tell you and I say this all the time I have been happy in my life I was happy when we adopted children I was happy when I

Got married I’ve been happy a lot in my life I have never been this gloriously happy at my core at my core oh I just got Goose bums Marlo and it’s so powerful to hear you say that because I mean I feel like I’ve watched this journey with you because you when I was becoming a coach you were shifting into HR literally seven years ago um which is so interesting because I feel like you’ve watched me I’ve watched you and you know

You just talked about the fears that you had and I know a lot of people listening you know the fear Creeps in when any of us are thinking about making a change because typically when we pause we do realize that things aren’t working that things are you know the way things have been are just not satisfying they’re just not fulfilling to us anymore so can you share a little bit more with our audience around how it is because this was also not an overnight

Decision I just want to put that out there you guys like this was not an easy overnight quick decision so how did you work through those fears that came up during your um almost like your Awakening right in in in and making this transition and so and what would you say to other people that are really in this place of you know maybe they’re facing similar anxieties what what would you say to them wow you know it was it took me a

While I’ve had the side business of coaching I’ve been doing career coaching for years I’ve been doing career coaching since my very first job I held a seminar on how to become a TV news reporter back in the day so I’ve always been doing this um but we don’t realize it right we don’t realize what our calling is right we don’t stop and part of that is just not stopping you’re working full time and you’re going and you have to accomplish this and you have

To accomplish this and a lot of my clients are like this they’re they’re going they’re going they’re going and they don’t think they can set boundaries they don’t think they can pause they don’t think they can stop and you know why we don’t stop because if we stop it’s scary it’s scary to stop and actually think and figure out what we want to do and what if it’s doesn’t bring in as much money and what if it isn’t as great as we think it’s going to

Be and what if it’s it’s just everything runs through your head right but what you don’t realize is that you know intuitively you do know you’re just not stopping to listen right as to what is inside you and what you want right and I constantly tell people it’s not what you can do it’s what you want to do they are two very different things I can do lots of things I can go practice law I can probably be a head of business operations I can probably um you know be

A life coach if I wanted to I don’t want to those are not things I want to do I do career coaching because that is what I am called to do that is what I love and every day every conversation every connection I feel gloriously happy gloriously happy not somebody else’s pain or being lost or anything like that happy that I can have an impact on another human and help them get to the point of gloriously happy yeah and I mean how like what were the like what

Was the conversation you were having in your head at the time to overcome these fears when you allowed yourself to actually pause yeah so I looked for jobs I will tell you right because there’s always that fallback security of course security I looked for jobs I um I would tell people I’m going out on my own and then I would look for jobs I um I was being pushed out right because they were calling people back to the office they offered me many other

Jobs actually they asked me to interview for numerous other jobs and I so I could have stayed I could have stayed employed and the mind that I kept go what I kept going in my head was I like doing this I don’t like doing this this gives me energy this doesn’t give me energy this sucks it out of me this doesn’t suck it out of me this makes me feel empowered good impactful this makes me feel horrible and it’s not about me it’s about other people but if you are not

Whole if you do not pause to think about all of these things what gives you energy what environment do you want to be and what interactions do you want to have if you do not pause and do that then you just keep on the hamster cycle you just keep going and go and going so in my brain I kept saying do you want to keep going can you keep doing two jobs you’re working full-time and you have a full-time coaching business can you keep doing it no I was

Exhausted right and you’re raising two children no and trying to be there for your husband and trying to do a million other things no and I kept having to force myself to say one job one job that will be fulfilling and only doing what you want to do and that to me I kept smiling every time I said said that I kept saying that’s it one job the one job you want to be doing every single day and I’m talking to you because I like

Talking to you and I talk to others because I like talking to them but I don’t do every podcast because if I don’t want to do it I don’t do it that’s what life is what you want to do not what you can do and I mean you and I were talking before we hit record that life is now life is now Marlo and I both have been through the loss of a parent um and similarly like wakeup calls of like life is short you’ve got to be

Happy it’s it’s you never know like you don’t God forbid you go tomorrow like do you want to go tomorrow hating what you wake up and have to go do every day you know you deserve to feel fulfilled in every aspect of your life you deserve to wake up every day feeling inspired and being excited about the change that you you get to create in this world the lives that you get to impact and you know I think that you know you’re bringing up like a really

Important theme which is really around that the journey to fulfillment that is not I love your life is not linear I was literally just gonna say that it’s just it’s not linear so you know you talk a lot about how you felt like you were out of alignment well you said before we were recording that you were out of alignment with your values and so totally how can you talk can you talk more into the value that you were not honoring by staying stuck in corporate

And not taking the leap and how when you finally made the decision to align with your values that all of a sudden you were living in alignment with your purpose and creating that Legacy that you so badly wanted to to build absolutely well values are what’s important to you right like that it’s if that’s the simplest way to describe it right right and so I started really thinking about like what’s important to me and security was always the top of my

Values always and security for me was defined as a paycheck a paycheck having money coming in and that kept me in this These Chains it kept me from exploring anything else because that was the Top Value and I finally realize that that’s not the Top Value yes I need to make money we are a two income household um but the top value for me became freedom and freedom for me was defined as doing what I want to be doing every

Single day and feeling valued for it that was the Top Value and I realized that yeah I was valued at work I sure was I can’t say I wasn’t but I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do every single day that was a big piece that was missing I was doing some things I wanted to do every day but I had things I had to do right they were part of my job that I was getting paid for and it wasn’t until I realized if I could do what I want to do every single

Day and don’t get me wrong I have to make money this isn’t like I’m out hiking all day long or you know eating bon bon sitting on the couch right I have to work but if I can work and make money and do what I want to be doing it it literally just opened up this whole new level of I I keep using the word glorious happiness because I think most people live in the world of content I’m okay uh everything’s fine I should be grateful for what I have

What’s that I said it works it works I should be grateful for what I have there’s people suffering all over there’s so many different ways to say content and I’ve been content most of my life I’m a pretty happy person but glorious happiness you know living in alignment feeling that peace that’s a whole different level that I don’t think many people reach and once you reach it it’s almost like you’ve

Unlocked the key to something that you have to share because people don’t know how good life can actually be even the worst case thing that happens my kid melts down in a store whatever I am so peaceful in helping her be okay herself versus that level of exactly well because so many times like you know and you know this as as we’ve learned when we were being trained in our coaching too is that like when

You’re not fulfilled in one area of your life it plays out in every other area of your life even if every other area of your life feels great it bleeds in and so what I’m hearing you say is really it’s really about elevating you know that or really neutralizing that negative energy and and increasing it right like raising your vibration raising that frequency so that it extends across every other area

Of your life and you know you’ve you’ve mentioned you know here on the podcast that you know you are the parent of neurodiverse children and that alone takes resilience and adaptability right so you know I’m sure that there’s other people that are listening and tuning in who can relate to you know being exact like they’re seeing them in you right so what Insight can you offer others who are facing you know unique challenges at home right but yet they’re seeking that

Shift in their career to to make that change over but they’re you know there’s that fear that goes into also like how is this going to impact my kids am I still going to be able to do both both like because I have to imagine you kind of you were kind of straddling Both Worlds wondering like can I do this and still be there for my daughters and be there for my clients so how did you like share some of that Insight I think the biggest thing I did two things actually

One I got a planner I know that sounds super silly um but it really helps me understand what my ideal day is right and I use the full Focus planner but it’s like I have an ideal day my ideal day doesn’t start with any meetings till 11: and why do I do that not because I’m messing around because I like my writing in the morning and I like to you pause I like to pause and think about where I’m going for the day and make sure that I’m aligned with that um that was one of the

Biggest things I did but then on top of that I I took a breath and I said what do my children need from me during the week because it’s not all about me and work right they need to see a healthy mom and they need to see a healthy energy in the the room and so for me I realized um that when I’m on a call at 800 in the morning on the way of dropping off my kids for school which is what I was doing when I was in corporate that’s not good for them they need their

Mom to talk to them in the car on the way to school wish them a great day and tell tell them that I love them and every morning Wendy I drive them to school every morning I have drop off my husband’s pickup every morning I am not on a call we pick some great music we sing together I tell them I love them and I wish them a great day and I seen their energy change right because I’m not stressed out that I’m on a call and oh my God I need to be listening and oh

My God 7,000 things are going on you need to be in alignment everywhere you need to figure out how is your work impacting your life good and bad good and bad you may be making a ton of money that’s great but if you’re feeling guilty about your children about your husband about about something else in your life your own health your own health your own well-being you can’t get to the gym then what change can you make to change that energy because that

Energy will then change everything around you everything around you it changes your family it changes how you look at life it changes your friendships it changes your connections it changes how you coach right it does because you’re not stressed you’re not tired I am and you’re not distracted right you’re not distracted by 7,000 things you’re present oh present is such a big deal present is such a big deal um I also

Don’t take meetings after 3:30 when my kids are home by the way and I spend time with them whether it’s homework um sometimes they’re just messing around whatever um could be cleaning up the room could be folding laundry whatever it is I’m not in a meeting it’s rare I will do it every now and then if it’s necessary for a client but it’s rare and I think setting those boundaries um I hear Too Many people and by the way I was one of them I can’t do

That I have so much work I can’t you know take lunch off I can’t um take a break I can’t take a walk people keep scheduling things on my calendar I can’t and you know what I did my last two months of work after I knew I was leaving I blocked off my lunch every single day and I blocked off a walk every single day isn’t it amazing how all of a sudden you can do that but you couldn’t do it before and that’s shocking my meetings didn’t stop I was

Still working they hadn’t found a replacement for me yet but all of a sudden I had time why don’t we take time now well it’s giving yourself time no one it’s like and I used to do this I was like waiting for people to be like oh go take your lunch like we sit around and it’s like we wait for people to give us the permission but it’s like nobody’s going to give you the permission you got to take it you got to give it to yourself

Give yourself the permission give yourself the grace I tell my clients that all the time I’m like block out 30 minutes for lunch block out a 10-minute walk like twice a day one in the morning one in the afternoon or just go outside yeah get some vitamin D like get some fresh air just like don’t take your phone with you like just leave it like just be you know be present if I don’t get outside during the day I’m like a zombie yeah it’s not

It’s not pretty I’m not gonna lie it’s not pretty I eat lunch outside every day I try to take a walk every afternoon even if it’s 15 minutes yeah I work out every single morning now I’ve always done that but now I work out with less stress I can say like I I I fully present I’m not thinking about what I have to do that day or debating whether I should work out a little longer or shorter I do my workout right there’s there is a gloriousness that people

Don’t realize exists well and you know as kind of coming full circle too like the question that’s coming up for me that I’m curious to ask you is you know we all you know money makes this world go around right you money I always talk about money is an exchange of love it it is a gift of love it is a gift of love for yourself um and you know I’m sure you were in this place of like I’m going out on my

Own how am I going to replace my paycheck am I gonna replace my paycheck is this gonna work absolutely and you took the leap so and if people also were paying attention you built it while you were still there so you were I mean you were working your side hustle until you could make it your full full-time thing so I was forced to till you were forced to yes and my other question for you about this is like looking back right what would

You say to the version of you that was like maybe you shouldn’t do this like the self-doubt the fear like that version of you standing where you are today what would you say to her now wow what would I say I would say doubt is the precursor to fear and don’t doubt yourself because you’ve been doing this for your whole life career coaching been doing it my whole life and if you are confident that you can do it

And you know you can from all the clients you’ve helped you know that then go for it because you can do it you will make it work and I think the biggest thing for me was you know should I lower my rates when I go out on my own no my rates actually went up not because I needed to make more money but because I’m that valuable right and that’s not arrogant I know what I do for my clients and I’ve never had a client complain and I always

Do a survey so I know what I do for my clients yes and so I think just believe in yourself quite frankly believe in yourself and you will be at a level of happy that you’ve never experienced in your life that’s what I would say you believe in yourself and you will be at a level of happy you will never experience in your life you have never experienced and it will take you so much further than you ever

Expected yeah I have no fear anymore um I will tell you Wendy I did a budget beforehand I know the bare minimum I need to make for us to quote survive right because I I need numbers I’m a numbers gal I need numbers I need to see it I need to know I need to understand my kids are both in private school um to help them with you know executive functioning and things like that um and so it scared me out of my mind but when I saw the number I was

Like oh okay I can do that of course you can yeah and we don’t all money means different things to different people let’s just say that money means different things for some people it means respect for some people it means value for some people it means being rich for some people it means buying things I’m all about experiences not about things as much and I wanted to make sure that we

Could maintain that lifestyle of having experiences taking our kids on trips and seeing things and and exposing them to the world right yeah um and I realized that all I was doing was making money and not living yeah so if that’s what my purpose is to expose them to the world and to see things and to have experiences then what am I doing and so I did a budget I know what I need to make but it’s not

Even just about the money I know how many people I want to impact I know what I want to do and I know how I want to do it and I don’t do anything I don’t want to do on a given day ever because you don’t have to I don’t have to I don’t have to and that’s what I think the freedom and the peace is that’s what peace comes in right yes do you think when you before you take on something I’m sure people ask you all the time to come on a podcast or do this and that do

You pause and think do I want to do this absolutely um I and I’ve said no more than once you too and so many old me used to be terrified oh God what are they going to say about me you know oh God they’re going to hate me they’re going to Blacklist me they’re G you know I because whatever or like oh but but I really want to help this person but like oh but it doesn’t feel in alignment and I recently actually was presented with a pretty big um ask by somebody

Somebody who had I stayed in my old business would have it would have been a no-brainer yes but because I was in this pivot of my own business I really I sat on it for three weeks because I kept going back and forth and ultimately I knew the decision and it was a no you knew that the first day didn’t you yes I did 100% I absolutely knew it was a no and then my ego right but this is what we were talking about before right it’s like understanding your intuition versus

Your ego and I was I was straddling the two as I was pivoting my business I was like my intuition is telling me this but my ego is telling me this and I just I kept one day I was in listening to my intuition next I was listening to my ego and I was like doing this cute little dance back and forth and back and forth but yeah absolutely I mean and ultimately you know what you’ve talked about what this podcast is all about was once I allowed myself to just truly

Listen listen to the message in the pause which is your intuition which is your intuition y the answer was no Bingo and right there and and honestly like I have felt like this energy it’s like this Halos around you it like I felt like it was hanging over my head this decision was hanging over my head and the second that I said no it was like it was gone it’s amazing because I have had that my whole life where you know

Somebody somebody invites me to a party I don’t want to go I’m tired and I sit there and I will debate it all the way up till the minute I’m supposed to leave for the party whether I should go or not go to the party right and most of the time I would go and I was never going because I really wanted to go I was going because I felt I should go and somebody it was some other reason right that I should go to this thing and now if I don’t want to do something I don’t

Do it and I think it’s because I’m very much about not being selfish but sometimes selfish is good I I love this quote by Ben Aldis he says it every single time I take a stretch on pelaton he says self-care is never selfish and I always do his stretches for that very specific reason self-care is never selfish and self-care is doing what you want not harming other people not doing bad things but doing what you want that is

Healthy for you and listening to yourself about that yeah so such good advice I say that all the time self-care you know because we were talking about I was saying how you know that that’s what enabled me to to take the leap and to start my new business was really enabling myself to just start taking care of myself and listening to what felt best and so you know I hope those of you guys who are listening to our conversation that you guys are hearing

How much power there is when you harness that pause right because there’s so much self-discovery to be have that we don’t gift ourselves with the opportunity to lean into and you know I always say like self-care can just come in the form of like I love how you talk about you know you calendar block like you that’s what it’s called right like so setting the times of your day like prioritizing yourself prioritizing your needs so that you show up as the best highest version

Of yourself self yeah to really enable you to I mean I would imagine too that it’s like you’re so much more efficient during your day your clients are getting the absolute best of you instead of maybe depleted Marlo at times of the day depending upon when you were taking meetings right so they get the best of me and I am not stressed about things I need to accomplish whether it’s an hbr article or other kind of writing that I’m doing or whatever I’m freshest in

The morning of writing my brain is moving by 11: a.m. I’m ready to take coaching sessions by 3 I’m tired I’ve never been able to drive anywhere a long distance in the afternoon because I usually fall asleep in the car so you know I’m always in the passenger sleep asleep so I know after 3 I’m tired I can’t I can’t be fully focused and you’re right they get the best version of me in that time period um and and I think that’s also about how many clients

You take right I don’t take a ton of clients because I want each client to have the whole best part of me but also get the most out of this so I don’t have a hundred clients I right I don’t know about you Wendy but I get a million emails a day we can book up your calendar and I’m like yeah no thank you yeah I’m booked thank you you know and I want to work with people that I want to work with that I enjoy helping that I enjoy seeing them have these

Revelations of this energy and the intuition and realizing it’s all inside them 100% you and I just unleash it exactly the beauty of it it’s amazing Marlo I love you so much I love you too and I know we could talk for hours on end which we do when we get to see each other exactly hours and hours but I I just want to thank you for coming on today for just everything that you are are and who you are I I just you’ve been a source of inspiration to

Me honestly since I mean I tell you like I wouldn’t be where I am today had you not written that freaking Facebook post seven years ago like I don’t know where I would be it’s legit like I don’t know where I would be had you not written that post and I say that because everybody tuning in imagine how many lives you can change by one post one phone call one pivot Marlo changed my life I I don’t know where I would be and so I

Hope that you guys find in today’s episode the power behind what is possible for you and all it takes is taking a breath taking a pause just giving yourself a beat to really listen to what your intuition is telling you to do because there are people waiting for you there are people waiting for you to give to give them inspiration to take that step that you know you are ready to take and so I’m inviting you guys to take that on today to really just use

This conversation as a catalyst for you to Unleash Your absolute brightest and best self Marlo thank you for being my guest thank you for being a friend and just for the work that you do in this world and I want to make sure that everybody knows where they can find you so please share with our audience today the best way and places to find you thank you for having me uh my website is www Maroons coaching.com um for those who who can’t

Have coaching I wrote a book it’s called wanted a new career if they can’t afford coaching the reason I wrote the book is for one reason only I can’t coach everybody and so exactly what I do with my clients is in the book and even better self-served videos are now out as well um for those who would like to move along with a coach almost live almost live and so um all sorts of ways just to help yourself move forward in your career and in

Life wonderful well you guys all of that information can be found in the show notes including a link on Amazon to get Marlo’s book a link to her website and um all of her social media links as well for you guys to find her she’s on LinkedIn Facebook Instagram she’s got great content you’re going to want to follow her so thank you all so much for tuning in today again I hope that you found the wisdom and just the inspiration from today’s episode to dig

Deep and find your power in your pause today so thank you all for tuning in sending you all so much love light and joy as always M bye [Music] everybody

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