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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? Do you find it challenging to navigate life and find success in your business or career?

Dive into the ins and outs of being a highly sensitive entrepreneur as Heather Dominick, an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and author, discusses how she has helped a lot of her fellow business persons in turning their uniqueness into their strength. Be inspired by her story of how she navigated into becoming both a highly sensitive and a highly successful individual.

This is a reminder that what you are currently feeling can be more than just burnout. When we are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted we must learn how to understand and embrace our high sensitivity as a person. By deeply knowing ourselves, we can be our own superhero!

Ultimately, once you have learned how to use your uniqueness and strengths as a highly sensitive person, you will be able to help people and succeed in your trade.

If you are troubled about how to deal with burnout, high sensitivity, and that strange feeling of being different from others, listen to this episode and learn how Heather Dominick managed to do it — all with the power in the pause!

Tune in to the full show: From Burnout to Success As A Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur with Heather Dominick

Heather Dominick is a highly sensitive and highly successful entrepreneur. The author of “Different: The Highly Sensitive Leadership Revolution”, has dedicated more than a decade to helping other entrepreneurs understand themselves and transforming their differences into becoming their strengths.

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Sometimes that burnout and that overwhelm might might Cloud your ability to be able to really connect with others to instill leadership in others and for you to show up that way so I think that it’s really important that we do address the leadership of a highly sensitive entrepreneur because you know you get to be leaders too and it’s important that you be leaders within your community

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast how are you doing today as a reminder it would mean the world to me if you would please leave me a five-star review and don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button so you do not miss a single episode and I want to thank you for joining me in today’s episode because I am here with none other than Heather Dominic hello Heather how how are you I am great and so excited me too

I am really really looking forward to our conversation today about how it is that you have shifted from burnout to success as a highly sensitive entrepreneur and I don’t know about you guys but I am dying to know exactly what that means so before we dive in I want to share a little bit about you with our audience today so Heather is the author of different the highly sensitive leadership Revolution which is both highly sensitive and highly successful

And for more than a decade she has trained and mentored highly sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders so they’re able to work less while making more impact and income I mean Hello sign me up and that’s exactly what my motto is too Heather it’s all about working less and making more money and ensuring that your impact is even greater than both of those things so I would love for you to please share with our audience today about your journey uh your journey of

Embracing your high sensitivity as an entrepreneur and how that unique trait has really shaped your ability to create business strategy and to make some really life-changing decisions for yourself yes absolutely amazing again so excited about this conversation so let’s see how much of a nutshell I can bring everything into so 2024 marks my 21st year of being self-employed wow I

Know amazing and so I share that because when I first started my business I actually did not know that I was a highly sensitive person I had never even heard about highly sensitive people what that was what that meant and so those first years of being in business I would say like probably like the first like six to eight years I was like massively again unknowingly working against my natural traits and tendencies and really bought into like

The whole hustle culture um you know which still prevails today but it was definitely even more so when I started out 20 years ago and especially for women um who were coming into being self-employed at that time and kind of like also really around like the birth of using the internet and marketing I know that sounds crazy but I always like to kind of like bark the start of my self-employed journey by remembering that YouTube did not exist

Um so I remember those days too I mean I literally switched from like Network radio selling Network radio to selling digital when the whole Banner ad came into existence so I’m with you girl the banner ad totally so to just say that I just was really caught up in a different mindset of what it took to be able to succeed as being self-employed all to say that about that like six to eight year mark I absolutely hit a Dark Knight of the soul I was majorly burned out on

Paper I was actually looking very successful I had brought my business across a seven figure Mark for the first time and I was doing all of the things right but off paper I was massively burned out I was overwhelmed I was overworked I was OV exhausted and we weirdly enough it was also my lowest net year ever even though I had on paper generated more income than I had ever generated before so all of that really plunged me into a very very internal

Place and again I can look back and say absolutely a dark KN of the Soul what came out of that as often does with the Dark Knight of the Soul was a greater understanding and knowing about who I am including discovering that I was a highly sensitive person and that really pivoted pivot pivotally is that a word that really absolutely definitively I am know for making up words but that absolutely definitively changed everything and I

Completely started going about being in business differently and then began you know coaching and mentoring other highly sensitives to do the same and it’s been over a decade now amazing and and I’m curious to know because you know your experience and hitting that seven figure Mark you know and having this experience you know as you’re calling it The Dark KN of the Soul um I’m curious like what the realizations were that prompted you to sort of

Reassess not just your business but also your approach absolutely so uh it really was a combination of just literally physically being drained and exhausted and not really having any sense of inspiration or motivation and I am a teacher at heart that was literally my former career was as a high school teacher and I could even look back and you know I was like playing teacher like for fun you know

Like when I was like like seven and eight and you know so I am a teacher at heart and that really broke me that I was having difficulty just really being able to motivate to be able to you know share and support teach coach Mentor others and then that combined with actually looking at the numbers at the end of that year uh which was 2009 and like having us follow like what the hell like what like what is all of this for and if I’m not doing this then what am I

Doing and it was really um really tossed me into a space of deep deep self-inquiry I remember I just I unplugged from everything except serving and supporting my clients and as a part of that was again able to really come to very very clear understanding about what needed to change and learning that high sensitive person was a big part of it so interesting and and brave you know that’s the word courage is what comes to mind hearing you know you talk about

This in your story and I’d love for you to go deeper into and Define for us like what is a highly sensitive entrepreneur how can somebody listening go oh maybe that’s me like how like what’s What’s the defin I’m I’m All About definitions but if you could expand and edim we say edicate us um about what that is yes yes um absolutely so first and foremost a highly sensitive person comes out of research primarily from the mid 1990s and at that time there was a bit

Of a movement around the research that identified that oh not everyone nervous system is wired exactly the same uh there’s one researcher and author who’s most well known for that work because she wrote the book The highly sensitive person her name is Dr Elaine Aaron and through her work and again other researchers as well they were able to identify that there’s basically 20% of the population who are born into the world um with a nervous system that’s

Wired to take in stimulation at a much higher degree than someone who’s not highly sensitive so that sense of over stimulation can connect to all of the six senses you can think sight sound smell also energy also information also emotions if you’re a person who’s highly sensitive you tend to feel things more deeply because of that over stimulation when you are I like to say my language is untrained as a highly sensitive person

The world can feel very very overwhelming when you are trained to learn how to work with your nervous system it can really become an absolute superpower tool so the work that I do is I build off of the research from the mid 19s 90s for people who are highly sensitive who really feel a call to use so much of what the sensitivity brings to us as traits as a part of being in a service-based business so how can you use this gift that you’ve been given you

Feel the call to really be able to help people but find so much of what is just naturally overwhelming when it comes to being an entrepreneur whether you’re highly sensitive or not and that’s where the work that I do comes in it’s so fascinating to me and and I can only imagine that there’s people listening going oh my God I finally understand why right like I understand why I burned out so quickly I understand why I you know you know maybe other people are saying

Like they’ve had their own experience having a Dark Night of the Soul um I’m curious to know like how ha since Having learned this and really diving head first into you know making this a priority for yourself in your business you know training other coaches to to um you know become experts in this particular Arena like how has this really helped to accelerate your sense of purpose in your life and in your business and and sort of like the impact

That you’ve been able to make um not just for yourself but for so many other people yeah absolutely well first I’ll I’ll speak to what you mentioned in regards to like oh like this maybe is why I do feel like I burn out more quickly and that was definitely my experience when I learned that I was a highly sensitive person because I would look around me and be like why does everyone else kind of seem really like excited by these like big

Loud conferences and not totally like drained and horn out or why does somebody else why can they do like three speaking engagements in a day and I end up in the bathtub for 4 hours with the washcloths over my eyes and a migrant like so just to say that being that as a person who’s highly sensitive that we are only 20% it is an imbalance to the other 80% so there can really be that experience of not only feeling different which is

The title of my book is you mentioned but feeling weird and like there’s something wrong with you so I share all of that to say that you know when I began making the T just for myself and then began sharing it with others it really drove home that particular aspect of the purpose so yes there’s all of the tools and the teachings and the trainings that I’ve developed that you know support with how to manage yourself as a highly sensitive person or how to

Set up operation systems for yourself as a highly sensitive person but really at the heart of it is to heal that part of oneself that has felt broken so that part of yourself that you felt like oh I have have to hide this from other people because if I let them know or if they find out they’ll really discover how truly flawed I am and to really be able to flip that script into a place of empowerment and a place of recognition of a very exceptional and

Special trait that comes with very exceptional and special capabilities and how to be able to use that to be of service to others so you know you mentioned coaches but members that we have in the business Miracles Community are are actually in an array of businesses we have real estate brokers we have dentists we have um Insurance Brokers we have teachers we have principles we have you know coaches and we have photographers so it’s it’s a

Wide array of people who are like I know that I have something to offer I feel this call um and to be able to do it without you know again just feeling like I’m too broken to be able to do what I’ve been brought here to do right and and I love that you know everybody listening can hear that like this this affects people across multiple multiple Industries and again like you unless you know what this is you know you I would imagine that up until this point until

You discovered this that you know you weren’t necessarily as efficient and you were you know as you call it the burnout I mean I’d love to go a little bit deeper into uh some specific strategies or practices that you’ve implemented or that you have seen success not just for yourself but also with your clients to really um be able to maintain that sense of balance considering the challenges that you experience as someone who is highly sensitive yeah absolutely

Absolutely for sure well you know going back to that period before understanding that I was highly sensitive you know I was just doing all the things that were being taught right in terms of like how to manage your time or like how to go about marketing or you know how to be able to work with team but it really then brings it back to that 20% versus 80% so it just makes sense that the majority of what is be tau is for people who are not highly STIs so it’s kind of

Like if you’re chocolate ice cream eater but then you’ve been like eating vanilla like all of your life right you’re like oh that just just doesn’t really sit well with me and then suddenly you chaste chocolate and you’re like oh my gosh like this is where the world is right um so so it was that aspect that that really led to the burnout and since then as part of my work I’ve done research around what I refer to as the highly sensitive entrepreneur coping

Mechanisms which are coping techniques that we develop as people who are highly sensitive to try to fit in with those who are not highly sensitive one of those coping mechanisms is what I refer to as being a pusher where you will just push through and you will get done what the other 80% gets done but it will come at an extremely high cost and typically in regards to one’s health and or one’s relationships and that was definitely me

And I am 100% a recovery buter so when it comes to those techniques it’s about like okay creating the opposite to that coping mechanism so if you tend towards the pushing coping mechanism then we want to actually look at wings of say setting up your schedule that support you and not being triggered into that coping mechanism however one of the other coping mechanisms is being a Hider where because as a person who’s highly sensitive you’re

So concerned about becoming over overwhelmed that you will set up all different types of like plots and ployes to keep yourself from being overwhelmed so that typically is like the entrepreneur who has like the most beautiful website they have like the most incredible programs created and nobody’s in them right and they’re finding all these like oh no no no no like before I actually have a selling conversation I have to like

Create like what or module right or something that will support that that highly sensitive and being able to stay hidden so then we create systems that counter that tendency into the trigger of hiding so it’s not just like oh over here is the highly sensitive entrepreneur toolbox and here’s the non- highly sensitive entrepreneur toolbox it’s really more of like I teach how to know yourself know your Shadow Tendencies

Know your coping mechanism Tendencies and then begin to approach marketing selling and operations in a way that’s again going to support being able to stay connected to your strengths rather than getting triggered into that coping Behavior so brilliant and I’m curious to know you know how does this work when you know when a when um uh dealing with a with a challenge like a criticism or a setback so what what practices do you implement in those

Types of situations or that have been proven to be effective to maintain that emotional well-being during those times yeah I so appreciate that question because going back to being untrained as a highly sensitive versus being trained if you really boil it down coms to shifting taking things personally to taking personal responsibility and so I teach tools that I refer to as energy management and I teach how to use those

Tools as an ongoing core practice so not just when you find yourself overwhelmed or over stimulated but to use energy management as an ongoing like non-negotiable support yourself every single day in strengthening the tendency to shift more towards that personal responsibility as a nervous system response versus Tak taking things

Personally so that when that moment comes because it will come where you do receive not so great feedback or you do receive criticism or or someone doesn’t enroll in your programs or someone has something to say about you that you find difficult to digest or just a difficult conversation right which is just all part of life but definitely part of you know being an entrepreneur um that you because you’ve been engaged in court practice and using

These tools consistently you will have a bit more leeway at space in terms of rather than the nervous system going into an automatic overprotection reaction that you will be able to remain more connected and grounded your nervous system does not flood and you can access more of your strengths as a highly sensitive such as your intuition such as your empathy such as your ability to be

A deep listener and then you can use those strengths because you have access to them in order to be able to respond right or to even self-manage any type of again you know criticism feedback or or something that could potentially be triggering yeah that’s so fascinating and and what I’m hearing you say ultimately is that it really it helps to influence how it is that you show up as a leader right the way that you’re able to embody leadership um you you know

Whether that’s with your clients or with your staff or your team and so how I mean really in your experience I mean how has knowing that you’re a highly sensitive entrepreneur impacted your ability to show up as a leader and and to be able to also Foster a supportive and empathetic work environment I really appreciate that you made the connection to leadership because often you know it just creates kind of like a cross-eyed reaction for

Most people it’s like wait like highly sensitive but also a leader like what like how do two things together and one I like to kind of redefine like going back to our love of definitions I like to redefine leadership and bringing it first to for some highly sensitives it’s really just about leadership of self right and to feel that that one has an ability to lead um within how they boot throughout their dayto day in their

Business and in their life for others sometimes it’s also about leadership within family with not being the highly sensitive who is responsible for absorbing everyone in the household feelings or emotions or having to be the one to constantly be managing that for every everybody as well as then extending it out to being the leader of your business and or as part of that a team or a staff and so from there then to go into what’s often you know taught

Within leadership Theory as like the the four styles of leadership right so we we tend to often just stereotypically still identify leadership as power over but the four qu speak about power with right and power to and power within right and those three we really excel at as highly sensitives when we’re operating from our strengths yeah I love that um I’m all about leadership I mean I don’t care who it is that you are we all have the ability to show up as Leaders yes 100%

So much so I mean you know people who’ve listened to my prior podcasts know like I took a leadership course it was a six month like all intensive it was the most incredible six months of my life I learned so much about not just my leadership style but also it helps you to identify other people so you know how to shape shift to be able to interact with people and I think that even as somebody who is well what I’ve learned from our conversation in the last you

Know 20 25 minutes is that you know you probably have to look at it from a very different lens because so much of of your ability to connect and collaborate with other people depends on you recognizing you know other people’s strengths and sometimes I I mean what I would imagine is that sometimes that burnout and that overwhelm might might Cloud your ability to be able to really connect with others to instill leadership in others and for you to show

Up that way so I think that it’s really important that we do address the leadership of a highly sensitive entrepreneur because you know you get to be lead ERS too and it’s important that you be leaders within your community because if if you know which is how I see you candidly I mean that’s why I mean again like I did this I feel like we could talk for an hour I’m so I’m so fascinated by what it is that that you do and and this Arena and it’s

Interesting because I’m even thinking about a couple of my friends and I’m like I wonder like I kind of am wondering if they know about this or not because I I I from what you’ve talked about today I’m like totally putting them in contact with you because I’m like oh my God there’s like they need to know about this because you know again like unless you’re aware unless you’re educated unless you know like I can only imagine the beat up that that people are

Creating for themselves when when they don’t have to so with that said you know and and and drawing from your extensive experience I mean what insights or advice would you offer to fellow entrepreneurs who are you know other highly sensitive individuals who may be you know struggling with burnout struggling with you know navigating their own version of a Dark Knight of the Soul like what would you say to them um in terms of being able to prioritize

Their well-being and and and how to do that in combination with pursuing their business goals yeah yeah for sure absolutely you know well first of all I’ll say now we are one and fine so most likely right there’s a highly sensitive we all probably know somebody right like exactly 100% exactly so um and if as you’re listening you have a sense of like Oh either yes I’ve known that I’m highly sensitive but I’ve kind of wanted

To ignore it or oh I have a sense that I might be highly sensitive but I’m not so sure or you know I know that I’m highly sensitive but I kind of like in inspired intrigued about like oh how can I work with this a little bit better first thing I would say is like just find out for sure right like take the assessment whether whether it’s the one that I am on my website or Dr Lane Aaron or what have you and just get a sense of like is that me and then from there it’s about

Beginning the process of embracing this part of yourself I would say actually even first it’s like starting to just get to know a little bit more about this part of yourself and then really beginning to embrace it and begin to explore in a committed way different aspects of how you can begin to go about things differently it doesn’t have to be like this you know huge total you know disruption change but oh you know maybe it’s I just

Shipped this a little bit about the way that I set up my schedule or maybe I just shift this a little bit about the way that I approach conversations or maybe I just change this a little bit to prepare myself before going into a large output of energy and you know begin to incrementally make these shifts and changes and adjustments all simply to just really just honor who you are and as you do that then you really will

Begin to see this is just what I see with my community members and clients over time it starts to change things and then you really start to have a different experience and you know it definitely in the way that you work but as part of that what I hear and see all the time it’s about the way that we create because creativity is really one of our strengths is highly sensitives when we’re not working against how we just need to operate in terms of our

Nervous system so you get to create differently in a way that just brings more sense of like inspiration and joy and then you get to relate differently um so it doesn’t feel like there’s necessarily such an impact um through just you know everyday exchanges whether it be family or friends and you know definitely clients and that you know also extends to team Etc so get to know yourself right no for sure get to know yourself embrace it and then small

Changes over time so valuable and I mean Heather I learned so much today I like again like I said I feel like I I have like a million questions that I I want to ask you so you may be coming back I’m just warning you because I just that I just think that so fascinating and you know those of you guys listening I you know Heather you mentioned your highly sensitive entrepreneur assessment and I know that that is your your gift today

To all our listeners so I I really encourage everybody listening to go check this out so if you could share that and also how people can find you connect with you you know this is you are like a diamond in the rough like I this is so more people need to know about this so how can people find you thank you so much um so first of all the assessment you can find that at www.hs quiz.com HSE quiz.com but it really is

An assessment so it’s not pass or fail AG quiz.com is just in ease your url um and when you take the assessment you’ll find out if you are a somewhat of a highly sensitive entrepreneur or a super highly sensitive entrepreneur or if you’re like me and you’re a super uber highly sensitive entrepreneur and wherever you fall within that assessment range you’ll then receive a free success guide that will support you if that getting to know and that embracing and

Starting to take those incremental you know overtime steps um so I definitely recommend it or even if you’ve been listening and you’re like oh I think somebody I might know or definitely if it’s somebody on my team might be highly sensitive probably valuable to just take the quiz from that perspective as well because it really does make a difference when you just know right yeah um and then from there you can find the quiz in addition to the

URL you can also find that and a lot of other resources to support at www.bus miracles.com and then social media where can people find and follow you you’ll mostly find me on Instagram and Linkedin and a little bit of Facebook and you’ll never find me on the overwhelming sites like X and you know anything else that’s too much informational TI talk there’s so many I know it’s like so hard to keep up and just stay like posting to a million

Places well Heather truly it has been an absolute pleasure I’m so grateful our paths crossed and the wisdom you shared today is just incredibly invaluable so thank you for being my guest and sharing your wisdom today thank you so much I love what you’re doing with this podcast I think it’s such an important topic and I’m honored to be part of it so thank you yeah of course and oh my goodness you guys what an incredible episode I think I’m going to have to relisten to

This one myself a few times so much great information and as you guys know with this podcast my goal is to ensure that you guys are getting not just information that will help you navigate your life but ultimately sometimes our pauses come in ways that the Universe knows is in our highest and best and isn’t always in the way that we hope or Envision it to be but yet on the other side what we create is incredibly magical and can help so many other

People so thank you guys again for tuning in don’t forget to also follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Wendy pag Sterling thanks for tuning in sending you all so much love and light as always bye everybody

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