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Ever sensed that gentle nudge, urging you to delve into the realm of your passions and turn them into a source of abundance?

We’re joined by an empowering force, Shaunna Lee, Start Again Coach and acclaimed author of “So You’re Divorced, So What?” With her advocacy for resilience and alchemizing your challenging experiences into a profitable message, she inspires individuals to rise and monetize.

Walk with me and be inspired by Shaunna’s journey from unemployed to published writer—a testament to her commitment to helping other divorcees.

Join the conversation: From Passion to Profit: The Mindset For Success.

✔️ Start from where you are. The journey of turning your passion into abundance began long before you decided to start. Pause and ponder on the talents and gifts you have already received from past experiences. 

✔️Guide yourself with meditation and journaling. Self-reflection can emerge as a powerful tool, pointing you toward the right path. They unveil the clarity and direction needed to navigate the realities of your passions.

✔️ Follow your intuition, not your ego: Trusting your intuition is paramount, but distinguishing it from the ego is essential. It’s in this delicate balance that you find the authentic essence of your passions and pave the way for sustainable growth.

✔️ Living in alignment with passion yields abundance: When your life aligns with your passion, abundance naturally flows. It’s not just financial prosperity but a holistic abundance that encompasses fulfillment, joy, and purpose.

✔️ Outlet for passion inspires profit: Creating a dedicated space for your passions provides an outlet that transcends mere expression. This space becomes a fertile ground where inspiration thrives, leading not only to personal growth but also potential avenues for profit through other passions.

✔️ Ask from the universe and be specific: The universe responds to clarity. Articulate your desires with precision and faith. Be specific in what you ask for, aligning your intentions with the energy you wish to attract.
Shaunna Lee, acclaimed author of “So You’re Divorced, So What?” and a transformative Start Again Coach, empowers individuals to navigate significant life shifts. With a mission to prove that it’s never too late to make impactful changes, Shaunna inspires and teaches through her coaching, emphasizing the value of taking baby steps toward a desired and deserved life. 
When she’s not guiding individuals through transformative life shifts, Shaunna Lee immerses herself in practices that nurture her own well-being, namely meditation and journaling.

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[Music] I went from coaching for over six years six and a half years of divorce I wrote my divorce book which is right there um you know divorce sex now wet and and you know for me it it was the same thing it’s like that is so not who I am anymore and it’s also I wouldn’t be here today had I not written that book had I not gone through the experiences that I had been

[Music] through hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast I am Wendy Paige Sterling your host and I’m so excited that you have joined me today on this episode Now quickly as a reminder do not forget to please hit subscribe so that you do not miss a single episode that comes out every single week and it would mean the world to me if you would please leave a

Festar rating as well as a riew so that more people can find this podcast thank you thank you thank you so without further Ado I am excited to introduce you all to my dear friend shaa Lee hello Shauna how are you today hello hello I’m doing well how are you I’m so good and I’m so excited that you are here today and I’m really looking forward to our conversation about how to pause pivot and monetize your passion and purpose something that I know you have been

Through before and as you all will quickly learn in today’s episode it’s something that Shauna is also experiencing right now as well so before we dive in let me share a little bit more about you with our audience so Shauna is a best-selling author with a wealth of experience leading women through their own start again moments she is the host of the start again podcast and she’s an amazing coach to her clients through one one-on-one

Coaching as well as through her many online courses and her work centers around mind body and soul alignment falling in love and learning to monetize your gifts Shauna thank you for being here today and I would love for you to kick off this episode with sharing with our audience a little bit about your story and one of those pivotal moments in your journey where you had to pause reflect and power through yes well first of all thank you for having me today I

Am super excited to be here um it’s not always been an easy thing for me to talk about me and my story but I will tell you the most pivotal moment is probably the one to kind of kick off the conversation with and that was when I found myself getting divorced for the third time this was a kick me when I’m down moment um I tell people all the time because I like to poke fun and I think humor makes things a little easier to stomach uh I used to say that I was

Like Ross Geller from friends you know where he was just fighting tooth and nail not to be divorced a third time that that was me that was totally me and so when I found myself divorced um this was when I was it was the year I turned 40 so it was like a double whammy and here I was once again because I had been divorced before I had been the single mom before um I had started again time and time again but for whatever reason this one felt

Monumental and I really struggled so the pause for me was I’m going to focus on myself I’m G to focus on being the best mom I can to these two Littles that are still home with me I bought myself an amazing house as I was leaving that marriage and that was my 40th birthday present to myself yeah and so it the house became so much more than just like a 40th gift um it really became this representation of what I could do and what was possible

Even though life felt like it was falling apart it gave me an opportunity to say and I remember I I will never forget the first post I made of us sitting on the back porch because this back porch is amazing and it was hash new beginnings and for me it was really this moment of saying okay what is now possible from where I am now because what I have learned in all of those losses and start again moments is that it is an opportunity if we choose to

Look at it that way for rebuilding and you’re not starting over you’re starting from where you are which brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and wisdom gained um and so I was doing my best to be positive in that moment and really I gave myself permission to pause and to heal truly heal for the first time after any one of those marriages had ended I was finally doing the work to you know take care of myself and prepare myself for when and if one day I might want to

Be in a relationship again um so that was really kind of that first moment for me to really well I would say it’s the biggest moment where I was like okay let’s pause let’s reflect let’s do the healing and now what do we do yeah you know I think so many people can relate to your story in so many different ways um you know I think the what I loved what you said and I so much so I had to write it down but when you said you’re starting from where you are I think is

So powerful because so many times we think like oh I’m starting over right like it’s this it’s this like I’ve taken a 100 steps back and now I’m starting from way back there instead of like rooting Yourself In This Moment moment and yes you’ve you’ve traveled many many roads um but really ultimately where it is that you are is a result of you know the lessons that you have learned and I and I just I love what you said about that it’s really you know it’s starting

From where it is that you are and so how can somebody who’s thinking about that and maybe had like an aha like I just did like God that’s so beautiful okay so you start from where you are great now what right so it’s like if if somebody is wondering how do I once I embrace that mentality how do I take my first step forward right like and how do I make sure that it’s aligned with my heart what what lights me up what is passionate for me like that gives me

Purpose yeah and I think in that moment What’s really critical is the pause that we’re talking about right so yes you can go do and be anything you want from this point forward but the pause is really important because it gives you time to actually reflect and I think that’s where a lot of the healing comes from but really a lot of Our intention for where we go next also comes from that reflection of you know what if I if we were to sit in that moment of I’m not

Starting over but I’m starting from where I am you have to give yourself credit for where you’ve been and what you’ve learned and what you’re bringing with you moving forward and so I think that P moment of reflection is twofold so if we’re talking about a relationship that’s ended there is what I see a lot of people not do is taking ownership for their part in that relationship because I think that’s where our growth comes

From where we can say all right this is where I didn’t show up in the way I would like to moving forward or this is how I made a mistake or whatever the case may be so the reflection is you know partly taking responsibility for where you’ve been but also more importantly I think taking credit credit for what you’ve done well and giving yourself kudos for how you did show up well and what you have learned and how you have grown as an individual I think

Um too often we don’t give ourselves credit for how far we’ve actually come and so I think that that pause is really important so we can do that reflection and then from that place you can say okay now what where do I go and I think that’s where the fun begins really the daydreaming the thinking big the challenging yourself to think even bigger than what you know the first couple thoughts that came to mind and then the one thing I like to tell people

To do is because a lot of what I do in my coaching is kind of guide through journaling and so you know I’ve got Journal prompts to like walk you through answering different questions but my favorite moments are when you say what do you really want and you’ve got it a thought that comes like in two seconds it comes immediately to you and then half a second later you say oh no that’s not possible because of XYZ that’s the one that I’m like no no

No let’s not skip past that let’s go back to the one that you immediately dismissed and sit with that one because that I think is where life gets juicy and fun right and I think that so many times people skip over that right like and to your point needing you know really allowing yourself to sit in that in that moment of pause to be able to really then evaluate like what is the right step I think so many times we make decisions with our minds right that’s

What our ego starts stepping in and telling us you know it should be the shoulds right it should be done this way but it’s really when you go inside and you reflect it’s really connecting you know the way that I describe it is you know connecting deeper with your heart and really just acting from a place that feels less familiar to you but yet over time will become very familiar um and it’s really about retraining so you know when you went through your own shift not

Just in you know your family life but then also with your business I mean how you know I talk about it as being something heart-c centered I mean how did you really like know that it was like your true passion and that it wasn’t your ego trying to tell you your sh you should be doing this and that probably because it scared the hell out of me is the honest answer so so I started with this kind of personal Moment In My Life um but simultaneously

What was happening within just a year or two after that was I got let go from my second corporate job in a single year and so I had this again on my knees moment where I was like what the heck am I doing with my life what what am I supposed to be doing and in the entire 20 years that I was in Corporate America I felt like there’s something missing in and I wasn’t quite fulfilled and I was making good money and I was providing for my family and that felt amazing and

Definitely that was um Leaps and Bounds Beyond where I had come from as a child I grew up super poor in South Austin and so being able to um Drive nice cars and put my kids in all the sports that they wanted to like do all these things and provide for them financially was this um major accomplishment for my family and where I came from but the whole I felt just like this this really all there is to it and so I think that was the little the little whisper we always have that

We kind of ignore we dismiss so when I found myself jobless again in that same year I thought okay what the heck am I doing I’m going to take this minute to pause do a little soul searching I had a little tiny Nest Egg and I thought this buys me a little time and I’m going to figure out what I should do this was also when I had started meditating and really kind of Full Force came back into my journaling and so both of these two things really changed the direction of

My life but it was in meditation where I kept hearing write the book write the book write the damn book like my guides are they talk to me the way I talk and so I write the damn book too they’re very very opinionated yes yes I love it but honestly it’s because I wouldn’t hear it otherwise but so I finally was like oh my I remember this moment I was like oh my gosh this is why I’ve been divorced three times because I know every single type of divorce that exists

From personal experience I can help any woman with any type of divorce not only get through it but then Thrive after and so that’s where my book idea came from my so you’re divorced so what book my bestseller and so that really was was another one of those moments where I had to pause reflect and decide quite intentionally to use what was a horrible experience in my life for good and that was the Catapult for my entire business yeah that’s amazing and I and I have to

Imagine I mean you and I have similar stories in that you know same thing left corporate started my own business and I think that you know deciding to become an entrepreneur is a commitment and it does take hard work um you know there’s no like magic wand guys like all of a sudden you know things happen magically um you know yes I do believe in the power of um of manifesting and again there’s action that is involved in manifesting but you

Know I’d love for you to share a little bit about how like for those people who are facing similar situations to to you right now right where you figured out an idea on how to monetize something that you were passionate about something that you had a tremendous amount of personal experience and knowledge around how can somebody navigate balancing sort of the how do I monetize this and I’m super passionate about it but I don’t know how like how do I connect these dots so I

Would say the more that you tap into your own intuition your higher self will guide you and you will almost never know point A to point Z what that looks like but you’ll know step one to step two and there have been plenty of times I think writing the book was was a perfect example where I did not know where that was going to lead I had no idea was I didn’t know how to Market a book I didn’t know how to sell it I thought well I can’t sell a book until I write a

Book so I wrote the book and so I thought well I’m just going to do the one thing and it was it was like a tug on my heart it was a pull to do this thing so I I would say that my best advice would be to say you don’t have to figure it all out at one time but you need to take the first step take one little step and then figure out what the next step is because I think from there it amazes me when I look back in hindsight to be like I had no idea what

This was going to do but then I realized oh that led me to this next thing which led me to this next thing which led me to starting a podcast which never in a million years what I’ve said oh yeah I’m going to start a podcast so like it just was one little thing led to another and then you look back and you’re like wow okay I see how that makes sense now but looking forward it would not have made sense no and and what I’m hearing you say is like you were really leaning in

And you were trusting and you were surrendering and you had the courage to really take that to take that step and I love that you brought up I mean that’s my whole new business right is all about intuition like how do you Le allow your intuition to let you lead yourself into this New Path and I think that you know I think that what people don’t understand is that there’s a level of trust in a higher power that oh yes is a part of this process so 100% And I think

Our soul knows the best way to guide us right so we are guiding ourselves and it’s it takes practice and so our soul knows how to be gentle or not gentle with us in the way that makes sense and when we’re not paying attention that’s when we get the like pop upside the head moment which we’ve all had um but I think when we lean into those little tiny moments like I could start writing a book and nobody had to know about it I could do that in the comfort of my own

Home it was still scary it was still who the heck am I to write this book why would anybody want to read this like all of that stuff we’re working through but I think the more you lean in and you trust yourself to say okay I’m just going to see where it goes I think the openness is key but also just trusting that I mean what’s the worst that could happen I write a book and no one reads it well okay I remember listening to Abraham hex one time and they they were

Talking to one of the people in the audience and they said well you know I heard the message to write a book and so I’ve written the book and nobody’s buying it and Abraham says then write another book and I thought at first I was like well that’s kind of rude and then I was like oh no because the more you write the it’s all practice it’s all leading us it’s all preparing us for what’s next so um I think the trusting yourself to just let it be what

It is and let it take you where it’s going to take you and know that it’s all going to work out better than you could have planned on your own and then you just see where it goes and it’s great It is Well you bring something up that I think is important for us to also kind of name the white elephant in the room which is really like there are challenges and unexpected you know I’ll call them lessons versus mistakes that happen along the way so can you shut

Some light on you know it doesn’t necessarily have to be what were those mistakes but more like when that happened how did you overcome and just keep yourself in the momentum of powering through um so I would think I would say my book is is again a good example because we always get what we ask for and what I first asked for was this doesn’t have to be a bestseller selling Millions I just want this book to give me credibility is what I

Remember telling the universe so what did I get exactly that I’ve sold 100 copies like the average book only ever sells 500 copies and so I would look at that as uh well that didn’t work out moment if I’m just looking at the number of books I sold but if I were to look at every bit of knowledge that I gained in the process of writing a book publishing a book learning how to Market a book so that I can then do better on the next

Book which I’m currently writing I’m like that’s not a loss by any means like I sold 100 books okay great now where you going to go with the next one so that that whole like we write another book moment it it it’s just great I have it in the back of my mind every time I’m like well that one didn’t but if I were to say well that one didn’t sell a bunch of books but it did exactly what I wanted it to do and exactly what I asked for it to do so be specific and ask for

What you really want yeah and I mean and I’ll even say to you like as a reflection you know you’re like who’s GNA buy this book well a hundred people bought your book yes right so you went from like nobody thinking no nobody would want your book exactly to people 100 people which is amazing right and you know I think that we set these like really high expectations of ourselves we get into so much self-judgment around you know the the results right we attach

Ourselves so tightly oh yes to the outcome that I mean it’s it’s don’t get me wrong dream big by all means and yes ask for be very specific in what you ask for because the universe will deliver exactly what it is but remember the universe doesn’t know what more or enough means yes right so I think that that’s a really interesting point that you that you also bring up and you know and so I what I what I’m curious to know from you is having been through sort of

That mindset shift and you know being able to really um see what those unexpected lessons were for you how has that impacted your overall um sense of fulfillment and just alignment with the purpose that you are seeking to have in this life honestly that’s the lesson I’m still learning that’s great like that’s being honest yeah like if I’m going to truly be authentic that is where I still am because I can do all the things I talked

About which is acknowledge what actually went well own my responsibility learn the lessons the blah blah blah blah blah right I can do all those things but I still am trying to shift my view towards more positive than critical and my knee-jerk reaction is to criticize what didn’t happen and only look at the results on paper and I think honestly a lot of that is just our society conditioning and spending 20 years in Corporate America like you’re I was

Results driven was one of my little skill sets as like you did a good job as an employee was I was results driven well yeah that’s great for a business but it’s not great for my mental well-being because our results are not always monetary they’re not always black and white numbers and so I’m still trying to shift and lean into the the knowledge and wisdom that I bring like I am so not the same person that I was who wrote that book and so

Being able to just sit in that moment and be her who I am today and who I’m going towards um that’s really the win but recognizing that is the win is still my work yes well and I think that you know to your point it’s it’s starting from where you are and you’re in a totally different place now than you were when you wrote that first book right like I mean I shaa you you know like you and I have such similar stories I mean everybody tuning in if you don’t

Know this or not I mean I went from coaching for over six years six and a half years of divorce I wrote my divorce book which is right there um you know divorce sucks now what and and you know for me it it was the same thing it’s like that is so not who I am anymore and it’s also I wouldn’t be here today had I not written that book had I not gone through the experiences that I had been through and so you know I can imagine that people tuning in are either saying

Well I have too many ideas I have a lot of passions or they’re saying I don’t even know what my passion is and so what would you say to somebody because I mean you have been through many pivots many shifts in both your personal life your professional life what would you say to somebody like in terms of advice or um you know words of inspiration maybe it’s to your younger self who are trying to navigate and figure out what their path gets to look like what would you say to

Them well first I would be like same girl I love you I am so multifaceted in my interest that it is so hard to focus on any one thing because honestly I want to do all the things and I think the hardest thing for me is to recognize that yes sweetie you can do all the things but just do one at at time or maybe two at a time I can do I I’m a good multitasker but um as I’ve learned we don’t do any one thing well when we’re doing many things at one time and

So for me to just give my S permission to just do one thing and love it and focus on it and see where that can take you and then come back to all the other things I I have so many book ideas I have so many course ideas I have so many business ideas I think that is um the sign of a creative mind that is um that’s what we’re all here to do I believe is to tap into our creativeness I think we are all creative beings even for the people saying I there’s not a

Creative bone in my body yes there is it just looks different than someone else’s and I think um my advice if I were to give advice to the younger me well it’s twofold one is just relax that has been my biggest lesson to learn to date is just relax because when I can do that truly it allows me to lean into the joy and to see where my passion truly lies and I’m not then chasing a dollar or or creating something just to see how much I can make from it but I’m

Truly creating from a place of tapping into the the Divine and sharing what was shared with me I think that is the most beautiful creative experience that exists I think that’s what we’re all here to do um and so my advice really is just to relax and lean into what feels good and what makes you happy what lights you up I think for me personally it’s taken a long time to figure out what what am I passionate about and what what would I say I’m real and what’s

Interesting is monetizing your gifts and making your passion a career are not the same thing so we can monetize a gift because and this is what we and I’m taking a tangent here now but that was kind of what we wanted to talk about today but when we monetize a gift it’s not always what we’re passionate about and I think that that’s what people confus sometimes so like what am I passionate about what really lights me up I love dancing I almost never dance

So just finding moments to be able to dance more dance in my kitchen while I’m telling my kid to put her shoes on like those moments are where the joy comes from and that’s what then lets every other thing that I have to do next or I get to do next um it makes it more fun and so our passion well I’m not making money if I’m dancing I mean maybe somebody’s dancing in their kitchen and making money from it but I’m not going to they are if they’re posting a real

About their who knows who knows but I think when it when it comes to monetizing your gifts I think what I’m what I’m truly good at what my gifts are the people the the reason people have a hard time with this is because it feels too easy it feels like why would I make money doing that and the reason that it is easy is because it is a gift to to you of yours that someone else doesn’t have and when we have the ability to monetize what we’re truly just innately

Good at it becomes easy I think attracting money should be easy and we make it way harder than it needs to be and so I think that’s where when I’m trying to kind of guide a conversation around monetizing your gifts I just am trying to help people realize that they can make money way easier than they probably are today and then it opens up time for us to do the things we’re passionate about just because it brings a smile to our face and I don’t think

That our passions always have to equal our careers I think some people can can marry the two together and that’s brilliant when it happens that way but I don’t think it happens that way for everybody no and and honestly like what I’m hearing you say or what I’m taking you know what what’s kind of sinking in about what you said that I’d like to um you know convey to everyone listening is what I what you have experienced is that when you are living your life in

Alignment with your passion that it allows us to monetize the gifts that we have in our life that may not be the same as our passions right so it’s like I know that when I am you know one of my passions is like I love playing tennis like I had been playing tennis since I was five years old and when I have tennis in my calendar at least two days a week I know that I am living into what I am passionate about right or I love journaling I build that into my schedule

I love reading books I’m always reading a book so by me allowing myself right giving myself permission to engage in my passions actually enables me to show up in my business in a way that enables me to work like I always say it’s it’s about working smarter right not harder so because I’m fulfilling myself and my heart it’s really enabling me to show up and to monetize the the gifts that I know that I’m here to bring but I agree with you it’s not always the same is

That a fair yes synopsis of what I think the way you said it was much more eloquent yes it’s the same same concept no but but I think it’s really important I don’t think a lot of like again I feel like there’s so many people out there you know posting reals and all this social media stuff which you know again if you’ve been following me for a long time I always say it is a freaking facade people put out what they want you to see and let me tell you if you’ve got

Somebody on there telling you like monetize your passion and turn it around in 30 days like like guys like I’m sorry but but this is the thing it’s like when you allow yourself to dive head first into the things that really light you up it makes everything else happen so easily and and the way that I say that is like when you are being who it is that you are being you yes the doing is so much easier and the the doing is where the monetizing lives

And so instead of staying in the do and the monetized you got to live in the land of the being because then it’s it’s just it’s the flow you’re in the flow right the flow is a really great way to describe it because you know starting a business running a business owning your own business good God it’s a lot of work and it’s really easy to get caught up in the it is so hard and I’ve got to do this and this and this and this that I don’t know about you but I

Found myself in a situation where I wasn’t reading for fun and I was not having lunch with my girlfriends and I was not meditating and journaling and I wasn’t doing the things that I knew truly let me be me and that felt amazing because I had too much work to do and all that that does is make me a very crabby version of me because I’m not doing what makes me happy I’m not fulfilling my passion and so I think those when we give ourselves permission

To just do the damn thing that you love to do because it makes you happy that’s where the creative idea for the next book comes from that’s when you know you’re like oh well what if I did it way and it’s a way easier way to do whatever the thing is in front of you it’s just life gets easier and the doing gets easier yeah I couldn’t agree with you more shaa thank you for being here today and thank you for sharing your wisdom and your experience with our audience

Today and I want to make sure that everybody knows where to find you so please share with our listeners where they can continue the conversation with you yes well um I keep it easy I am simply Shauna Lee on all the socials I prefer to play on Instagram uh when I’m there so you can find me there and if you pop on over to my website Shaun al.com under freest stuff I have lots of different freebies whether you want to learn to meditate or you want to pop in

Some of those Journal prompts that I talked about I’ve got those downloads there for you amazing thank you for being here again I you am so grateful our paths crossed and um I’m just I really like I just I enjoy our conversations and um thank you again everybody who is tuning in today wow what a powerful conversation that we had I hope that you guys found some I mean if not a lot of wisdoms I know I wrote down a couple of things even from

Today’s episode that you know Shauna dropped some she had some might drop quotes today um and I hope that you guys got value from the podcast today because as you know each and every moment of every day is an opportunity to pause and to Pivot and to reflect and to just Empower yourself think differently be differently it’s all within reach so thank you all so much for being here today don’t forget to also follow me across social media all my social media

Handles including Facebook Instagram Tik Tok Wendy page Sterling and don’t forget to go down into the show notes you can find all of Shauna’s information and then you can also find additional information about me and my free course that I have that I’m offering up to everybody in terms of pivoting your path so don’t forget to check that out thank you all so much sending you so much love and light as always Mah bye [Music]

Everybody [Applause]

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