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I invite you to explore the transformative potential of pausing in moments of panic.

Taking a deliberate pause amidst chaos can recalibrate your energy. It also allows you to respond with strength rather than react out of weakness. Pausing acts as an emotional regulator, shifting you from heightened stress to a state of calm clarity. Making decisions after taking a pause can help you see the possibilities previously clouded by panic.

Discover more in this week’s episode – How to Manage the Panic with the Pause

✔️ Harness the power of pausing in moments of panic. By stepping back, you can recalibrate your energy, regain composure, and respond with intention instead of reacting impulsively.

✔️  Make mindful decisions during high-stress times.  The pause provides a moment of clarity, allowing you to evaluate long-term consequences. By using the power of the pause, we reduce stress and anxiety to foster problem-solving and growth.

✔️ Leverage the pause as an emotional regulator. By pausing, you reduce stress and anxiety, allowing yourself to approach situations with calmness and clarity. Pausing helps reveal new solutions and strategies, aiding in problem-solving and long-term decision-making. 

✔️ Turn panic into a tool for growth with intentionality and mindfulness. Ground yourself in the present moment through the pause. Foster a sense of stability and balance, and use mindfulness to navigate challenges.

✔️ Use panic as a cue for self-awareness. When panic strikes, it’s an opportunity to discover underlying triggers and achieve emotional resilience. Recognize the signs within our body and utilize the pause to manage emotions effectively.


Your ability to pause is going to empower you to respond in panic moments with mindfulness and with resilience and with one of my favorite words intention rather than reacting impulsively and giving in to the stress and the fear and the [Music] [Applause] anxiety hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the

Pause podcast how are you doing today I’m your host Wendy paig Sterling and I just want to take a moment and remind you guys that if you are not following me on social media you need to be my handle on Instagram Facebook and Tik Tok is Wendy pag Sterling so be sure to click follow so that you guys don’t miss any of the content that I am sending out on a daily basis and then finally I am inviting you guys to please subscribe to this podcast write a review click the

Number of stars because with your support I will be able to help and guide more people out there in the universe and I’m asking for your guys’ helped please please please submit that and help me to get the word out and to make an impact across a larger audience so thank you for tuning in today and today’s episode I want to talk to you guys about a topic that may seem a little backwards when I talk about the power

And the pause but it was it came up in a conversation that I was having actually with a colleague um a recent colleague uh and and friend of mine and we were talking all about how it’s hard to find the pause when you are not in a state of panic and I’m not saying that panic is required for you to pause I’m simply saying that it if you’re not in a place where you are in a panic sometimes it’s hard to feel that there is an opportunity for you to

Actually pause and so think about it this way when you’re faced with a panic moment okay so whether that’s you know maybe something is happening at work maybe you got an email maybe something your kids did but when you’re faced in a panic moment I want to invite you guys to think about what’s possible if you just take a deliberate pause right think about what happens when you’re able to pause you’re able to get your energy settled right coming back

Recalibrating when you do that you’re able to regain your composure you’re able to again deregulate the energy to be able to see things a little bit more clearly you’ll have some more clarity around the situation and most importantly it’s going to help you to see what it is that you have control over right so ultimately what the pause is helping you do is it’s helping you just kind of it’s

Almost like what I’m seeing is like it’s almost like this outof body experience right it’s allowing you to take a step back from the immediate Panic that sets in and to take a breath and instead to just choose a different response right instead of reacting to choose to respond instead of react you know I was talking to a client just yesterday and I was mentioning how you know when when you choose to react you’re

Actually revealing your weakness and it is weakness to react and your strength is when you choose to respond right so so really the pause is what allows you to ground yourself back into your power into your strength and into that high vibration energy that isn’t going to guide you wrong okay another reason why you can find the the Why the pause helps you um in those moments of panic is when you pause during Panic moments it’s actually a pro um an opportunity for you

To see like what’s being triggered within me because it’s not this there’s something underneath there is an underlying trigger that maybe you’re not aware of or maybe you know you think that it’s something that keeps creeping up but you’re like why does this keep coming up and so if you allow yourself to assess what that underlying trigger is in that pause during that Panic it’s going to allow you to reach this new

Level of self-awareness that ultimately is incredibly crucial and vital for your own personal growth and emotional resilience Panic moments also require important choices and decisions right so many times we get into a panic because we know that something has to be decided we have to make a choice and so when we enable ourselves to power in that pause what we’re actually enabling

Ourselves to do is to go from that heightened irrational state to becoming more rational right not being impulsive I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made decisions from impulsive choices and it hurts me it hurts the other person even so in the moment of the pause what you’re able to do when you’re in in a panic is you’re able to think more about what the long-term consequences can be from the action or the decision that it is that you’re

Choosing to make another reason why pausing is important during those moments of panic is pausing actually it allows you to better manage the emotions that are coming up so imagine it being sort of like this emotional regulator right when you let yourself pause what you’re doing is you’re reducing your stress and your anxiety level and you’re actually allowing yourself giving yourself permission to come from a place of calm

And even greater Clarity I can’t tell you how many times when I just allow myself to stop and think and just reassess that all of a sudden all these other things appear in front of me that like when I’m in that heightened state wouldn’t even come into my thought process like it wouldn’t even be something that I would necessarily have thought were possibilities in those particular moments so again thinking in those moments that when you physically

Feel the Panic you know it’s somewhere in your body and you you feel yourself heightening that stress is going up that’s an opportunity for you to just pause and and to get yourself regulated back into that state of calm and then finally during a pause you can become your best self in how it is that you solve problems it’s going to open you up to see Solutions or strategies that are part of what I talked about earlier which is those

Underlying triggers that are pushing you into having these panic moments and so in essence your ability to pause is going to empower you to respond in panic moments with mindfulness and with resilience and with one of my favorite words intention rather than reacting impulsively and giving into to the stress and the fear and the

Anxiety and it’s really what’s going to be that valuable framework to navigate any and all challenging situations that arise and you’re going to come out on the other side so much stronger right I bring up the word mindfulness because really when you pause and you practice mindfulness you’re allowing yourself to come back into that present moment and to ground yourself when you’re in panic you’re either in the past or you’re in the

Future so when you pause and you ground yourself in that particular moment you’re going to notice what’s going to happen inside and that sense of stability is going to come back it’s going to going to ground you it’s going to get you to that place of balance you know Panic is what takes you out of the present moment and it’s what aggravates instigates your inner critics those negative negative thoughts your limiting

Beliefs and so what I hope that you’re hearing me say in today’s episode is that Panic moments give you the opportunity or I should say gift you with the opportunity to grow and to learn and to like just smash through that glass ceiling to your next level and to really see it see the Panic as a new tool that you get to develop in the pause for overcoming those types of moments and so I really encourage you

The next time that you are in this place of panic that you recognize where it is that it’s happening inside of your body to be able to say to yourself oh I recognize what that moment is okay I need to take a breath I need to walk away I need to turn off the phone I need to step away from my desk I need to turn off my computer I need to walk out of the room whatever it is and giving yourself permission to take a pause whatever that looks like

For you it’s going to look different to everybody and you don’t need to make an excuse you don’t need to explain yourself you get to take that moment for yourself and you get to just let the other person know if you happen to be in a room with somebody or you’re engaging on the phone with somebody right but I trust that you are just a whole human who is able to come up with a strategy that is going to work best for you in these particular moments so that you can

Come at them the next time in a different way coming from your strength instead of reacting and and showing your cards and and showing your weaknesses and so I’m curious to know what is coming up for you hearing this episode I’m curious to hear what it is that you are um you know what it is that you’re going to change for yourself today and I’d love to hear about it I think the easiest way for you to reach out is to just DM me the word panic and

Let’s have Aver ation about what it is that either you know you’re having a hard time with or maybe you’re starting to implement these practices into your life and to share with me what that is like I want to hear I want to experience what it is that is coming up for you maybe there’s a challenge or maybe there’s a celebration that we get to have together so I invite you guys to reach out that way I hope that you found today’s episode interesting and I hope

That it has sparked some Curiosity on your end because UL ultimately what I am here to hopefully help you do is to give you nuggets of information that are really going to help you learn the power in the pause so thank you guys so much for tuning in to today’s episode I am sending you all so much love light and joy as always bye [Music] everybody

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