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Are you in pursuit of personal growth? Now is the time to unleash your full

Join me in this week’s episode as I speak with Leah Morris, a Life and
Relationship Transition coach and author, to share her thoughts about helping people reach their highest selves holistically while recognizing the impact of past experiences and limiting beliefs to the present.

To keep your full potential behind the curtains is the last thing you would want to do. Start surpassing your uncertainties with an optimistic mind as you create your destiny and traverse into a better future without being limited by your beliefs.

When you embrace moments of calmness, make it an opportunity to use your memory in reimagining the best possible outcome. Keep in mind that our future lies in the way we perceive it! In the same way, reframing our beliefs is also a way of healing ourselves.

I remind everyone that an empowered person’s mind is limitless! Not a lot of people realize that the feeling of resistance isn’t there to stop you, but rather a signal to keep going.

Are you searching for a way to adjust your mindset? Take a pause!
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Leah Morris is an established Life and Relationship Transition coach and the
visionary behind Life Remade, a holistic personal coaching service. Leah’s
professional journey, fueled by her own transformative experiences, spans over 6 years of dedicated support for individuals navigating relationship transitions, career changes, and spiritual awakenings, among other life-altering events. Her unique somatic integrative approach, coupled with certification in hypnotherapy, sets her apart in the field.

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I believe that we as humans were we’re we’re an onion and we’ve got a lot of layers there’s a lot of layers to uncover and I do believe that there is a time and a place where different modalities of healing and different types of coaching and therapy work for us because you know we are complex there are so many layers to to us hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the Paw

Podcast how are you doing today as a reminder please do not forget to hit subscribe so you do not miss a single episode because I release one every week and if you would do me a huge favor and please leave a five-star rating and a review so that more people will find this podcast so without further Ado let’s dive into today’s episode where I am joined by my friend Leah Morris hello Leah how are you Wendy it’s so good to be back I’m doing really well thanks for

Having me oh my gosh you’re so welcome you guys we have been chitchatting for like 25 minutes before we even hit the record button so you are in for a treat in today’s episode because we are going to dive head first into how it is that you can Unleash Your Potential by reframing your beliefs for personal growth so before we dive into our juicy topic today I want to share a little bit about Leah with you all so Leah is an established life and relationship

Transition coach and the Visionary behind life remade a holistic personal coaching service Leah’s professional Journey fueled by her own transformative experiences spans over six years of dedicated support for individuals navigating relationship transitions career changes and spiritual Awakenings a mother among other life altering events her unique somatic integrative approach coupled with her certification in hypnotherapy really sets her a part

In this field and makes me super duper excited to have her here today to chat about some topics that I’ve never dived into in this podcast yet which makes this even more exciting for each and every one of you guys so Leah let’s dive in to our topic today and my first question for you is you know it relates back obviously to the topic of the podcast which is all about the power and the pause so in your experience how is it that you see the concept of pausing

Influencing people’s journeys of being able to reframe their beliefs and overcome those inner obstacles yeah I mean I think that our beliefs are something that work in the background and a lot of times we’re not really even necessarily aware that they’re there and so we’re operating in this like default method all the time we tend to repeat patterns over and over we find ourselves in the same Cycles we wonder

Why it’s really difficult to change and that’s because our beliefs are sort of like fueling our actions unconsciously and what it takes to break free from that cycle and maybe even identify some of those patterns is taking a pause so I love that you know this is what your whole podcast is about now because when it comes to this topic it’s essential to be able to sort of stop assess look back look forward look Inward and outward and really see you

Know what is it that’s actually driving me right now which are your beliefs and if where I’m going isn’t where I want to be going how do I start from the root which is those belief systems and start to reframe them in ways that are actually going to re rejuvenate me and catalyze my growth in a direction I really want yeah and and I want to I wrote this down because I wanted to come back to it but you know I want to kind of dive into this the world of the

Unconscious right which I feel like we don’t allow ourselves permission to dive into you know very often and and we as a society I feel like we find ourselves on autopilot all the time and we’re operating just trying to check one thing off the list and just you know moving forward in life on autopilot but really how does the unconscious or what is the untapped power of the unconscious and and what are some ways that people can really embody this pause to tap further

Into that part of themselves yeah well so you you may call it unconscious or subconscious um I think that when we we all have that you know and I think that the more that you learn about yourself the more conscious you can become of the things that are unconscious or subconscious but um my belief is that we will never fully know the full potential of what’s lying underneath and so it’s just a practice of making those unconscious things

Conscious and a way that we can this is a great question because a way that we can dive into this on a more daily basis or more um on a practical level is by by actually tapping into that subconscious through meditation through breath work Through Stillness um we’re constantly inundated with information all the time we’re listening to podcasts we’re watching audio or watching you know movies listening to audio books reading books

Um when we take the time to really be in Silence with ourselves we can start to hear the messages that are trying to come through all the time and there’s so much information there there’s so so much information we can hear you know our feelings speaking to us we can hear a greater power speaking to us we can hear our emotions more loudly and clearly which I think is you know a main reason why a lot of people get stuck is that we’re not actually attuned to those

Inner messages enough to actually get ourselves you know on a better path or get ourselves out of danger or to get ourselves out of different relationships or into a career that feels more in alignment for us and so the daily practice of really quieting ourselves to listen within um is where I would have people start in terms of you know tapping into that resource that we all have available to us yeah and I’d love for you to take that a step

Further and either give you know a client example or a personal experience where you know in those moments where you’ve taken that deliber at pause where you have taken that deliberate uh break that it has really allowed you to re-evaluate you know what your mind is thinking what your beliefs are and it’s sort of you know pivoted your ability to to shift in you know your personal growth I’ll share a a bit of a wild story with you um and granted like this

Story probably doesn’t happen to everybody but I think maybe for your listeners if you can kind of apply this how you will in your own life in whatever way that lands so about seven years ago when I was U married to my previous husband we were kind of at a Breaking Point in our relationship but I was still making a lot of excuses a lot of excuses for it I was still just really fearful about what it would look like if I did make a big

Change and what happened was we were on a river rafting trip and this was through the Grand Canyon and um it was a brutal trip it was really beautiful and amazing but there was no really contact with the outside world except for our small group that we had down there it was hot it was strenuous work um and there happened to be a day where I actually got stunned by a scorpion and yes and the pain from that

It stung my ankle um the pain from that really you know when you have something in your eye or when you have a cut on your hand like the only thing you think about is that that hurt that pain sure so it really brings things into perspective and really forces you Inward and apparently I needed that much of a you know sort of push in that direction to really look inward I feel like that scorpion was sent especially for me to actually do that deeper work

And and look within and I remember laying there that night in so much pain sort of shaking from the pain my face was you know full of tears and snot and it was not a pretty moment and I heard so clearly my subconscious speak to me and it said why are you still choosing this I remember thinking to myself yeah like why why am I still choosing this and it put me in a place of empowered decision making from there on out instead of thinking that life was

Happening to me my relationship was happening to me that I was just kind of a victim of whatever life was throwing at me it put me in sort of that co-creator space and I do not think that maybe I would have found that question a lot sooner or not a lot sooner later on but I feel like I found it a lot sooner as a result of really being still and silent and going deep within and sometimes this can happen when we’ve had like a traumatic experience um like the

Loss of a loved one or you know a personal injury or sometimes it happens when we’re just still in nature and we’re able to really quiet you know the outside distractions but for me that was a big moment that I realized wherever that question came from it was available to me at any given moment and I didn’t have to wait for there to be something as blaring as a scorpion stain for me to actually tap into it yeah well I’m glad you’re okay of all and you know

I mean sometimes you know and and you and I were were both in a prior life and you know in the divorce space but you know sometimes the universe does smack us upside the head to wake us up and to show us the signs and you know and I can even you know even taking myself back into moments and time where you know you do have these moments you know sort of like may call them a come to Jesus moment it may be something where you’re just like you know staring you know an

Alternate life you know Square in the face but you know if somebody’s thinking about this right now right they’re wondering if the beliefs that they’re having are holding them back right so how do you distinguish between like a limiting belief Bel and an empowering belief like what you were able clearly to distinguish between the two so how can somebody distinguish between a limiting belief and an empowering belief um like what are indicators or signs

That can help somebody listening know the difference between the two yeah I think um I like to make a distinction too between like beliefs and narratives think that narratives are kind of what happen when our Bel beliefs start to formulate the story that we tell ourselves about our role in life what we have to do what we should be doing so when you hear words that are more definitive like should or have to or always or never those are limiting

And sometimes there can be you know positive beliefs in there that that contain those words as well like I never give up but I think the the feeling behind a limiting belief versus a non-limiting belief is that one feels constrictive and one feels expansive so even if there isn’t an answer to the question that comes up the the fact that it is causing some kind of curiosity and expansion within you to explore more deeply what the answer could be

Indicates that it’s not a limiting belief when you have something that feels like sort of the framework or um you know that’s just how it always is for me or that’s how we do it in our family um those may you know have been true to some extent in your past experiences the reason why we have limiting beliefs is because we’ve either experienced them before or you know through our family dynamics that they’ve been passed down to us so

Uh exercise that I like to do with my clients actually to kind of identify where limiting beliefs might lie is pick a certain area of your life like career relationships maybe it’s even health and ask yourself what beliefs around this area did my father have what beliefs around this area did my mother have or whatever you know your caretakers carried in terms of their beliefs around a certain area of your life and then look at those

Beliefs and ask yourself do any of the beliefs that they have still ring true for me and then you can start to pattern down you know what it is that you’re carrying forward that maybe you didn’t even decide on in the first place and then decide which ones do I want to carry forward with me or which ones do I want to get rid of completely or recreate for myself and that’s when you can really be more deliberate about where you go from there

Um and so that’s a practice that I do even in my own life whenever I feel stuck in any given area even when it comes to like money for instance um there are so many underlying beliefs and narratives that we have around what we can and can’t do with our lives and so to be able to trace back generationally um where it is those beliefs started we can rewrite the story of our lives in a completely different way yeah and there’s so much power in

That right and I think that so many times we hold on to these deep-seated beliefs because we think that they’re keeping us safe but yet we know that they’re not serving us anymore so what would you say to somebody for example who recognizes that they need to start shifting those deep-seated beliefs but struggles with the discomfort that comes with that process oh my gosh I get uncomfortable with that

Process we do Secret I would say like well first of all that’s totally normal and I think it’s probably a really good sign that you’ve reached an edge of yourself I think discomfort and resistance to something is just such a beautiful signal that you’ve walked up to yeah an edge of your growth that you’ve never been to before and I always say to the path of or the that feeling of most resistance is is also an indicator of

You being just on the other side of breaking through that edge um so the resistance there to stop you it’s it’s a signal that this is just Uncharted Territory keep going um I think that one of the the best things that you can do in that space is try and create a sense of vision for what is on the other side of that edge so when you reach a limiting belief Edge and you need to Envision something new that’s when you can kind of bring up what core values

You might have what are the new beliefs that you want to um to create for your future going forward how do you want to be feeling and it can make that step past that edge a little less daunting because suddenly you’re not going into this like blank void and Like Anything could happen you know it gives you a sense of again like that personal power over being the creator of your life if you’re the one choosing you know what do you choose to see going forward what

Does that look like for you what are the possibilities there instead of it being you know just this Uncharted Territory because I think that’s what keeps us stuck that’s what the fear is is the uncertainty and um we will often choose misery over uncertainty most days and so it’s really going to test you know your ability to um lean into an unknown um rather than going back to what it is that you’ve always done before even if it makes you miserable right and what

I’m also hearing you say is it’s almost like you know we’re daring everybody right I’m daring our listeners right now to really Embrace what I’m hearing you say is the vulnerability in the discomfort right and an openness to change right so um you know I agree with you I mean I every moment where I have felt discomfort right it’s like a combination of like discomfort and excitement like that’s how I know on the

Other side of this is going to be something really amazing and so much growth but how can somebody listening who maybe hasn’t experienced this before like how can they navigate that discomfort um you know what would like what are some step steps that you would invite them to take to kind of walk through uh getting to the other side and seeing and believing and trusting really that there is something amazing waiting for them on the other

Side yeah I think what I what I’m hearing you say is like when someone feels like almost blocked um from being able to embrace that vulnerability and I mean something that I love to do with my clients when I do see them really stuck and really blocked um you can’t you can’t talk your way through a block when it when it’s really really present sometimes just talking through it isn’t necessarily helpful so what I will

Actually have us do is um look back at wherever it was that belief first started so that root memory that root experience where suddenly they were met with like maybe the reality is that I could never find a good relationship or maybe the reality is that I don’t deserve to have a great career that I’m excited about every day so I work them through a hypnotherapy process where they feel relaxed and safe and you can do this actually at home actually many

Hypnotherapists will say all hypnosis is self hypnosis because you really are guiding yourself through the imagination process right and so we’ll do that together going into that past memory of where did I even get this to begin with and then reimagining the best possible outcome in a way that is actually tappy into like what would your highest self tell you in this moment if we were to replace what happened in that moment with what this you know what a

Heightened sense of integrity and and heightened sense of Truth heightened sense of the wisdom that you carry within you if that were to replace that past memory how would that change your belief system and sometimes it’s as simple as that as saying there’s another option here you know you may not be able to change the past but you could change your perception of it you could change your um story that you tell about it to yourself and I think that’s when the

Blocks really start to break down and and start to compost into fuel for a better future when they’re not necessarily blocking people anymore but just kind of becoming that rich soil that we’re getting our life experiences off of yeah I would love to go a little bit deeper into what you do as a hypnotherapist I think it’s really fascinating how um you know hypnotherapy and of itself I think it really enables um it enables people to safely go deeper

Into limiting beliefs that are holding them back in their life and so um I’m curious to know like how do you integrate this with um you know because you you have other modalities that you use clearly um you know as a as a practitioner but I’m curious to know like how does hypnotherapy complement or perhaps even enhance the effectiveness um in helping people to shift their limiting beliefs so that they are moving into a state of of

Feeling growth yeah I I you talk about this all day I mean I did coaching in and of itself for a long time and I added hypnotherapy because I saw how much it impacted my own life when I was working with different coaches or or different um you know practitioners there is so much un wisdom within us and I think that it’s not always as simple as just here’s some tools here’s some techniques

Here’s a vision here’s a plan I think when we’re talking about real lasting change we have to look at the person in from all different areas from all different you know angles and the the quickest way to tap into this in in terms of how I feel has been most helpful for me and and a lot of my clients report the same thing is is when they can be in a relaxed enough paused state to be able to tap into that and envision you know something better for

Their lives something that they’ve never even seen before um many people will call hypnotherapy imagination therapy because that’s really what it is it’s freeing yourself to imagine an a different person perspective or freeing yourself to imagine or look at the things that maybe your logical brain or your rational brain hasn’t allowed you to explore before that’s really powerful um you know I I think hypnotherapy is

Fascinating um and I you know part of what I’m getting at here too is that and I hope that my listeners are also hearing this is that and it’s kind of what I’m also hearing hearing you say too and I I think you believe this too but like it’s not just like a One-Stop shop where you go and you take care of this and everything is cured and everything is fine right like I believe that we as humans were’re we’re we’re an onion and we’ve got a lot of layers

There’s a lot of layers to uncover and I do believe that there is a time and a place where different modalities of healing and different types of coaching and therapy work for us because you know we are complex there are so many layers to to us and so many different stories that we have either had passed down or that we’ve you know taken on or we’ve written for ourselves but what I know to be true in anything you know I do theta healing um it it’s a different medit

Form of meditation that I go into when I do you know healing type of work with my clients but what I know to be possible is that when we do align our you know know subconscious mind with positive beliefs that you know especially if you bring in something like hypnotherapy I bring in Theta it facilitates that lasting change right so can you talk about some results that you have seen with your clients when they have had um you know a session with you let’s say

And and sort of what has the outcome been on the other side of being able to to shift that through that modality yeah I would love to learn more about Theta too have not learned about that but um I’ll give you one example and um of course I won’t use their name or anything but um a lot of people I work with really struggle with people pleasing and um that tends to hold them back from feeling any sense of true fulfillment

And connection to their own lives because they’re trying to make everyone else happy and so their life kind of looks more like a mismash of everyone else’s wants and needs and not necessarily their own and so I did work with someone once who um and a few people actually who this person specifically was the oldest child in the family was um someone who had a couple of emotionally immature parents um and so she kind of stepped into caretaker

And mediator and was sort of that rock in her family gr up and as she approached retirement she was like having a real problem leaving and retiring even though it was the obvious Next Step she felt like she owed it to her job to stay and still take care and so huge block there she just couldn’t really come to terms with like this isn’t yours it’s not your responsibility to be working and and to you know take care of all these people’s

Feelings and so after a few sessions um we decided to do a hypn therapy session to really get into that initial memory and we went back into I think she was about six years old when it started she was she had imagined herself you know sitting in the living room with her family there was a fight going on and instead of putting herself in the middle of that fight as a six-year-old she imagined a different

Outcome she imagined an outcome where her parents were able to apologize to her for putting in that her in that position um they thanked her they told her it’s not your responsibility this is just our wounding that is kind of spilling on to you and so many new you know awarenesses dropped in for her that that came straight from her imagination that she was able to really tap into and the moment she came out of that session she was sitting taller she was

Almost she was talking a lot less she was not trying to fill the space as much and she was just so present because she did some inner child work in that session that helped her to show up as that you know retirement age woman that does not need to prove herself to anyone by sacrificing her own well-being anymore and so that was such a powerful session that um I could even relate to as it was happening um for myself that yeah very

Inspiring yeah and what I’m what I’m hearing ultimately is is it helped to almost build some resiliency in her um you know how how do you how else do you see the power of reframing beliefs um you know and how they contribute to building resiliency for present day life right as people are navigating the fun challenges and tribulations that we experience as

Humans um I think whenever you have a goal set out for yourself there can what’s what’s a beautiful thing that happens is that’s when all of our fears and resistance and limiting beliefs come up yeah and if it was as simple as just setting a goal and that meant you got it done and everybody would just be living their best lives and so the work really is in not only having that clear goal for yourself but tending to all the inner obstacles that could potentially

Get in the way um I recently wrote my book The Integrity sessions and I remember writing down in a vision years and years ago one day I’m G to write this book and it’s going to be about this and that and there’s a reason why it took me seven years to write is because there were so many fun little fears and limiting beliefs along the way that kept me from actually following through on it yeah and so I think a really beautiful

Thing that we can do when we do set goals for ourselves is ask could there potentially be any limiting beliefs inside of me that would prevent me from actually achieving that goal and with so much compassion tending to each one um and that’s when you can actually get the book written and then some you know because all of a sudden you’re not just getting the task done you’re actually healing the parts of you that could hold

You back from all the other beautiful things that um you want to create with your life yeah I I’m glad you mentioned your book because um my number one value is integrity has been for three years uh I reevaluate them every six months I do that with my clients too but Integrity is always like it shows up as number one every the last three years it used to be honesty and now it’s integrity and what caught me in a good way about your book you know your her book is Le book is

Titled the Integrity sessions um you know and how that relates to our theme today too is that what I have noticed is that when I am out of Integrity I’m operating from from my limiting beliefs versus when I am in Integrity right when I am embodying my value of Integrity that I know that I can overcome anything and that I am living my best life and that I am operating from you know the best version of myself or call it my truth um you

Know what can you leave our listeners with today um that you know is one takeaway from your book that can help them to navigate through these limiting beliefs to be in Integrity with who it is that they are and really Embrace what your inner truth or what I you know I say that’s from my heart space right what your heart is actually inviting you to to move forward with or a belief to shift into oh my gosh I love that yours is

Integrity as well mine is too and it also started out as I called authenticity for a couple years and then Integrity so interesting nice that we kind of have found that word I love that yeah I I think that you know when it comes to Integrity um and that’s really kind of to touch back really quickly on that story I told about the woman you know reimagining it from a space of everybody being in

Integrity right so what would this look like if you know in that moment your parents were in integrity and you were able to hear from you know their hearts spased to yours the truth of what was really happening in that memory and I think that if we can listen to any pain that we’re experiencing if we can listen to any frustration any um resistance that we’re having any even boredom um those are all signals from

That inner part of us that knows that there’s something more and there’s something more aligned for us and so not ever shying away from those moments where we’re feeling any kind of I don’t even like calling them negative emotions because I don’t think they’re negative I think they’re they’re all there to teach us and show us and so to not numb those in any way and to just lean in and say whatat is this here to show me um what is the message that I need to learn in

This moment and asking ourselves those better questions and being really brutally honest about the answers I think one of the my favorite questions to ask people is what are you pretending not to know right now and that kind of hits you in the gut sometimes of like oh gosh am I she caught me um and that kind of you know there’s always a really convenient ways that we lie to ourselves about things and um sometimes the lies are small and

Sometimes they’re really big and blaring and there’s a reason why you know we’re we’re all really afraid of of what change might hold for us sometimes and so right it just be really compassionate towards the self but also brutally honest you know um I think that’s the best thing that I could leave people with and then the answers that you find decide what you’re going to do about that awareness so becoming aware of it is the first piece the awareness

Just creates choices right and so it’s really deciding now with this new awareness of what is truest for me and what is in my deepest Integrity how will I begin to integrate that truth and that’s when Integrity becomes a way of life H that’s like a mic drop sence honestly it is I mean I I I don’t even know how to end this podcast any other way because I was I was thinking of

Something and I’m like nope we’re gonna end it there because that that in and of itself is really powerful Leah thank you so much for being here I want to make sure that everybody hears again the name of your book where they can buy it where they can find you and then I know that you also have a free gift for all of our listeners today I do yeah thank you so much and um yeah my book is called the Integrity sessions I have it here

Discover your true self and transform your life and you can find it on Amazon or also on my website um and my free gift is really exciting too it kind of goes along with what we were just talking about it’s a PDF with 30 plus questions or Journal prompts that help you to find the answers within yourself and you might find on there one of them is what are you pretending not to know um so from there you can more clearly discover you know what it is that’s kind

Of needing to come up for you yeah and where can people find you if they want to follow you across social media if they want to come visit your website where how what’s your handle yeah my handle is m e Morris l e a e Morris and my website is life reade.com um I’m also on Tik Tok diving into that world and YouTube as well and that is life remade coaching on YouTube amazing Leah I adore you I’m so grateful to know

You we’ve we go back a couple of years and I am so grateful that you are doing the work that you are doing today I love the work that you do today I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with our audience thank you for being my guest and for being on today’s episode thanks Wendy you’re the best and I love that we reconnected these years later too and have just continued to Pivot in life in our own ways I know me too I love it and you live in my

Hometown of San Fran right you’re still in San Francisco right actually I just moved yeah I’m in Davis which is outside of oh still in the Bay Area is totally yeah um but I love that you’re up there um so anyways I adore you thank you for being here and everybody tuning in today thank you so much for joining me in today’s episode as you guys know I always strive with every single guest that I have on or if it’s a solo episode with just me is really to empower each

And every one of you guys to pause in this particular life of ours because with the hustle and bustle and with being on the hamster wheel all the time we are missing out on the good stuff and with what Leah talked about today the power in the pause is all where your potential lives it is where you get to grow and become the best version of yourself Leah thank you again for being here today thank you guys for tuning in sending you all so much love light and

Joy as always bye everybody

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