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Tuning into your “I can” voice is your ally to massive breakthroughs.

In this week’s episode, I will discuss how trusting our gut and tapping into our powerful inner knowing can lead to great achievements in life and business.

When we pay attention to and trust the signs and signals we feel in our bodies, we allow ourselves to lean into our intuition more than ever and learn to be confident in it.

As entrepreneurs, I encourage you to embrace the power of the pause, guiding us to hear our innermost feelings and relying on its ways.

Amplify your abundance and progress today by breaking through your doubts!

Join us in this week’s episode of The Power In The Pause: How Trusting Your Gut Can Lead to Business Breakthroughs.

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 What I know to be true is that the signals I get tend to be physical sensations in my body. It is a feeling. It is not my mind. When my mind is starting to talk first, I know that it’s fear versus when it’s my body react, like having a physical response. That is what I start paying attention to. And I distinguish.

What that feeling is, where is that feeling?

Have you ever wondered how to harness the transformative power of life’s pauses, how to unlock your true potential, create a profound impact and manifest the life you know you deserve? Welcome to the power in the pause podcast, the show where we explore the incredible potential that lies within life’s pivotal moments.

I’m your host. I’m your host, Wendy Paige Sterling, and my mission is to guide you through these transformative pauses so that you can embrace your true self and make a lasting impact in the world. As a dedicated, intuitive coach of personal growth and empowerment, I’ve spent years helping individuals navigate life’s challenges.

Transitions such as divorce, grief, and career shifts and awaken their inner strength through this podcast. I’ll be your guide, sharing insights, stories of resilience and practical tools to help you thrive during life’s pauses the power and the pause podcast isn’t just about me. It’s about the incredible journey we’ll embark upon together.

So join my community of listeners who believe in the. Extraordinary possibilities that these moments offer. Thank you for joining me. And together, we’re going to learn to embrace the power within life’s pauses, prioritize your wellbeing and unlock the incredible transformations that await you. I’m Wendy Paige Sterling and your host, and I can’t wait to explore this exciting path of self discovery and empowerment with you.

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So today I’m actually really excited to talk about this topic because it literally is what pushed me out of my comfort zone and propelled me to six figures and then ultimately to a seven figure business. And that is how trusting your gut can lead to massive business breakthroughs. So I am going to dive in deep with you today into the realm of what I call your intuition or your I can voice and the profound impact that it has had on my business, breakthroughs in my business and the ones that I am proud of.

Privilege to be a witness to for all of my clients. So buckle your seatbelts and get ready as we uncover, or rather I uncover for you the secrets of how you too can harness your inner intuitive wisdom, trust your gut and pave the way to incredible. Credible success in your entrepreneurial journey. So as entrepreneurs, we are constantly bombarded with decisions, both big and small that ultimately will shape the trajectory of our business.

But what if I told you that the secret key to making those decisions. Isn’t based solely on data and analysis. Well, you’re speaking with someone who is an A type personality, a controller and an analyzer. But what I have learned since becoming an entrepreneur almost seven and a half years ago was that the most success I have had Has come from listening to my intuition, to that inner whisper of an, I can voice.

So I want to share with you guys today, how it is that you can hear that voice, right? It’s in the pause. So embracing the pause is actually synonymous with tuning into your intuitive. I can voice. And so as we dive in, I want to start with demystifying. What intuition is like what it is, how it works, why it’s crucial for your business success.

And I, you know, I think a lot of us think that intuition is sometimes something that like it’s not tangible, right? It’s like, it’s like this energy force in the universe. My experience of it is that it really is this powerful inner knowing that guides us without needing conscious reasoning to back it up, right?

It’s, it’s that gut nudge, that feeling, that instinctive hunch that whispers this wisdom. Out of nowhere. And so when we want to demystify what intuition is, it means that we’ve got to really break this down. Um, and we get to really understand what it is, how it operates and why it’s so important. So intuition is not something that is reserved for a select few.

Believe it or not, it’s inherent in each and every one of us. It is the culmination of your subconscious mind that processes a ton of information and experiences that are playing a role with how the universe is working its magic. And the universe is what is conspiring with that to then create this conscious awareness that something is brewing.

And so it’s really recognizing the pattern that it shows up for you, right? So training our brain is to recognize these familiar patterns or associations or, you know, feelings inside of us. And so it really is going to involve recognizing these subtle cues and signs and signals that we keep receiving.

And I believe that the main reason why we don’t pay attention to them is because they don’t come how we want them to or how we think that they are supposed to. What I know to be true is that the signals I get tend to be physical sensations in my body. It is the feeling. It is not my mind when my mind is starting to talk first.

I know that it’s fear versus when it’s my body react like having a physical response. That is what I start paying attention to. And I distinguish. What that feeling is, where is that feeling and paying attention, learning to trust them, right? So it’s having the awareness, then paying attention to it and then trusting it.

And that’s when we can dive into really trusting our intuition. Now, I’ve done this not just once, not just twice, not just three times. I’ve done this four or more times for myself. And my intuition every single time has been critical for my success. Anytime I feel stuck or my business isn’t progressing, it’s because I know that I am not listening to my intuition, that I’m not listening to the universe.

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the fast pace of our entrepreneurial ways and to sometimes forget You know, the, the way that our intuition speaks to us. And so it’s really important that we remember that we can’t go beyond our upper limit with just logic alone. It’s massively important that in order to break through that glass ceiling, that’s when your intuition gets to start having a much more prevalent role in what it is that you are choosing, what it is that you are seeing, what it is that you are doing.

And so, um, I want you guys to think about ways in which or strategies by which you can really start tapping into your own intuition. So, maybe it’s through a mindfulness practice, maybe journaling, maybe it’s going out and walking in nature, maybe it’s through meditation for you. But it’s more than just, Recognizing, like having the awareness about your intuition, it really ultimately is about both trusting it and having the confidence to act upon what your intuition is telling you.

And so many times, fear gets in the way. So fear tends to misguide us. And so it’s important to that you discern between the two and understanding why trusting your intuition, your intuitive I can voice is so incredibly important. So when we are in like a fear based state of mind, typically that’s coming from past experiences or limiting beliefs, right?

That’s what brings about those feelings of insecurity or doubt. It’s what. Uh, you know, activates the negative self talk chatter that happens.

Before we continue with today’s episode, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve discussed so far. We’ve explored the transformative potential of life. pauses and the importance of embracing them to unlock your true potential. Remember these moments of reflection and growth are stepping stones towards creating that intuitively designed life that you desire.

So in this moment, let’s. Let’s take an opportunity to pause, breathe, and consider how you can apply what you’ve learned so far to your own journey. Now let’s dive back into our conversation where I will continue to explore the power within life’s pauses and how they can guide you towards a life filled with purpose and authenticity.

The difference on the other side is when we’re thinking about our intuition, it’s really about, uh, the intuition usually comes from a deeper, more knowing place. It’s calm. It’s clear. It feels like a nudge, not like a really like, You know, shocking, you know, it’s not like a shock to your system. Your intuitive, I can voice has peace behind it.

There’s a quiet confidence in it to really signal that you’re on your path. And it takes the courage for you to trust that knowing to trust that intuition to make what can be. And it feels like bold decisions in your life and in your business. And this is exactly what I did. I, you know, my mom passed away and I took a year to really lean into my grief, to support my dad.

I really needed to take a break and manage what was going on. And while I was still managing my prior. Seven figure business. I knew that there, this was all happening and I was, the universe was really telling me it’s time to slow down. It’s time for you to like go in and see what is really, what is really meant to be.

I mean, my mom passing was really like, you got to be in the now life is short. What do you want to do next? And to not feel chained to something because I was good at it or because I had already achieved such tremendous success. And so. In the slowdown, in the pause of that year, I was really able to get a better idea of what was and what wasn’t lighting me up.

And as soon as I opened myself up to it, I was in Egypt in November of 2022. And that is when all the signs started flooding in. And when all of my intuition just got to this massively heightened state. And all the signs were telling me that it was time for me to pivot. It was time for me to change. And I kept fighting it and I kept not wanting to listen to it, even though I knew that everything my intuition was telling me and the signs that the universe was bringing to me to confirm it, I knew that it aligned with my values.

I knew it was in my highest and best. I knew that it was not fear based and I knew that it was going to involve. All of me taking a risk, having the courage to walk away from a seven figure business and to start from new, to step outside of my comfort zone with the confidence and the conviction that I could do it again.

I did it once. I, I built a six figure business in 18 months and I knew I could do it again and I knew I could do it again, even faster. And so after fighting my intuition and the universe for another nine months, finally in October of 2023, I took the leap of faith. I listened to the signs. I walked away from my seven figure business.

And as soon as I made the leap and I did it with confidence and conviction. I Four brand new clients, six figures of income in the door. Boom! I did it in two months. And I wouldn’t have gotten there had I not learned how to discern between fear based hesitation and genuine intuitive guidance. It is so incredibly important to know the difference, to understand the, the feelings of tension that come with fear versus feelings of expansion with intuition.

There is such a big difference. So when you learn to differentiate the two and you cultivate and, and gain the tools to trust in your gut instincts in that intuitive I can voice and you make bold, impactful decisions in your business that are aligned with your highest and best version of yourself. You will, like, the confidence just unveils itself to you, and you take that decisive action that propels you into your next chapter.

So embracing the pause is the first step towards really, Harnessing that transformative power within your intuitive. I can voice and how it is that you can achieve unparalleled success in your entrepreneurial journey. So as I conclude this episode, I invite you to remember how embracing the silence, the pause is the first step.

It’s about demystifying what you think is intuition versus fear, understanding how your intuitive I can voice speaks to you, how it reveals itself. Where it reveals itself and unlock that invaluable resource that is within you to elevate your really it’s an ascension of you and your ability to make decisions, your ability to create.

And that’s how you will achieve massive achievement. in your business and in your life. So use this moment right now to pause and tune into that inner whisper, wisdom, and trust the guidance. That is inside of you. I promise your intuition, that intuitive, I can voice is a very powerful ally on your path to massive business breakthrough.

So thank you guys for joining me. I hope that you found this episode to be insightful and inspiring. I am so lit up about this topic. I want to see all of you guys. Just thrive, and I’m doing this right now in the Amplify Your Abundance six week experience, and I have to tell you guys, in just one week of working with this group of women, I have seen the most incredible results come out of this group of women who Literally within a week have conquered that fear and know exactly what their intuition is telling them.

And they are taking leaps based on its guidance and the world is opening up. Their dreams are becoming a reality. They’re taking massive steps in one week, you guys, one week. It is incredible what happens when you not only learn how to do this, When you have somebody coaching you, teaching you, specifically based on what’s happening for you.

It is an accelerator like no other. And it’s why I’ve decided that I’m going to do this again. I’m going to do another six week cohort. I’m going to start it in May. If you want to be a part of it, send me a DM on Instagram. My Instagram account is My name is Wendy Paige Sterling and send me a message and tell me that you want in, you want on that wait list.

I’m going to be opening it up in April. You’re not going to want to miss it. Trust me. Thank you guys for tuning in. You know that with every single episode here, my goal is to show you the power that you have within you in moments of pause. So, thank you guys again. I’m sending you so much love and light.

Also, one last thing before I sign off. I’ve started a new Facebook group. It’s called The Power in the Pause. I would love for you guys to get in there and join me. So much inspiration. I’m posting in there. You get, uh, you know, you’ll know when my podcast episodes are coming out. So you won’t miss a single one.

It’s a great community. I want you guys to be in there. So go look it up, go find it in Facebook. You can also find it in the show notes of this episode. Thank you guys again, sending you love and light. Always. Bye everybody.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. Your quest to embrace life’s transformative pauses and unlock your true potential is a powerful one. My podcast here is to support you on this journey and guide you towards creating an intuitively designed life. Stay connected for upcoming episodes where I will continue to explore self discovery and empowerment.

And if you found today’s episode valuable, please leave a review and share this podcast with other people. Remember your life’s work. These pauses hold incredible potential. Embrace them, prioritize your wellbeing, and believe in your transformation that awaits you. Until next time, keep discovering the power within you, and let’s create your intuitively designed life together.

I’m Wendy Paige Sterling, and I look forward to our next empowering conversation.

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