Wendy Paige Sterling

Ever felt like there’s a deeper calling within you, nudging you towards a path less taken?

We’re joined by a remarkable soul, the jungle mama from Costa Rica, who turned her soul whispers into roars of success. Amber Hagberg shares her extraordinary journey of ditching the conventional to build a life of passion, leading retreats, and fostering online businesses.

Discover how she embraced the whispers of her soul, the courage it took to leave behind what didn’t serve her, and the triumph that followed when she started to listen. 

Join us in this inspiring discussion: Listening to the Whispers of Your Soul for Growth and Well-Being with Amber Hagberg.

✔️ Trusting your intuition involves overcoming fear and discomfort. It’s precisely in these moments of uncertainty that growth and alignment with your purpose can occur. This can manifest in new opportunities in relationships, career, and more.

✔️ Listening to your soul’s whispers is not always about dramatic change. Sometimes, it’s subtle shifts in direction that leads to profound personal and professional development. Stay open and attentive to these internal signals.

✔️ Preparation for life changes is both an internal and external process. Mental, emotional, and financial planning are crucial in transitioning into new life phases, along with visualization and surrounding yourself with a supportive community.

✔️ Mantras and affirmations can be powerful tools. Shifting your mindset from a place of security to a place of forward momentum allows you to claim a new identity that’s in line with your values.

✔️ Acknowledge the power of the pause. Recognize that the journey encompasses all emotions. This process can empower personal stories that propel us forward. Reflecting on past experiences propels us to progress.

✔️ Letting go is essential for moving forward. Surrendering calls you to relinquish control and trust that you’ll not fall – you’ll soar to greater heights.


Amber Hagberg is a guiding light from the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, known for helping others transform their innate gifts, passions, and life stories into thriving online businesses and soul-nourishing retreats. She’s a master at weaving personal development with professional success, advocating for wealth creation that starts from within. Aside from being a mentor, she’s the innovative mind behind the “Sold Out Retreats Method,” serving over 3,000 students, and the creator of the “CEO Ripple Collective.” Her signature mastermind, “Amplified Impact,” is a testament to her commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs.

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When we want to create or go or listen to the Soul’s Calling sometimes it’s not about doing but it is pausing to be to be with all facets of yourself the happy The sad the angry the ugly and not judging when they come [Music] up hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast as a reminder don’t forget to hit subscribe so that you do not miss

A single episode that comes out every week and it would mean the world to me if you would please click and leave a fstar rating and even more happy for me is to leave a review so that more people can find this podcast so thank you guys for joining me today I am really excited about my conversation today with my friend and one of my mentors Amber Hagberg hello Amber how are you hi Wendy I’m good I’m so excited to finally be here with you I know me too I’m so happy

That you’re gonna be on my show today because you guys we’re gonna talk about how Amber chose to listen to The Whisper of her soul as it related to her life as well as her business and it honestly her story was so inspiring and was one of the reasons why I had to connect with her so before we dive into our conversation today I would like to share a little bit more with you about her so Amber is a Costa Rica jungle Mama guiding others to share gifts passions

Skills and life experiences into Retreats and online businesses by creating wealth from the inside out so Amber welcome thank you for being here I would love for you to share your story and share your story in how it relates to our topic today of answering a Whispers of your soul wow yeah I feel like we could go so far back in just the little nudges of it’s time to do something different and those nudges being against what was

Normal the first time I ever did this I dropped out of college to sell everything I own move across the country and study yoga it was just this inner knowing that I had even though I was crossing out all of the boxes in having a house a car going to school doing all of the things you told I was told that was going to lead me to success not knowing anything about where yoga was going to take me and it took me to co Colorado which then I had

This this deep desire to move to Costa Rica and Lead Retreats and I just sold everything I owned and I had no idea how I was going to make it work I had no idea how to Market to sell I knew nothing about online marketing nothing about business I just sold everything I owned and I was like I can always go backwards and so as I had these little Whispers of like do this do this it was always against what I was told and I was always so afraid

But as I started to listen I started to build my confidence in trusting those tiny Whispers And the biggest whisper that I didn’t listen to was staying in a relationship with a man when I first met him in Colorado I knew he wasn’t for me and yet I did it anyways and I didn’t just do it I did it for five years and it was like not until I had a miscarriage and I lost a baby I had to like listen and when I listened like my retreat business took off I found the

Online entrepreneurial world I traveled the world leading Retreats Bali Australia Morocco and it was just like this reminder that when you feel something or you hear something to listen and it was that moment that like I didn’t listen when I did listen I just started to float Downstream and everything just started happening for me and so many people in my world were like wow Amber like you just took off after you left and it’s like I wasn’t

Listening and it was just that moment now like every time I get that whisper do something different I’m like you and I talk about this a lot Wendy was like I had this in my business it was like you’re no longer a self-love coach Amber like that’s where you were five years ago and it was like okay now become a business mentor and a retreat leader and help other people lead and I was like no that seems too edgy it seems too scary but it was like how to let go of

Something that was so successful and helped so many women to feel like I was leaving other people behind but my soul was itching me it was telling me something something different and that’s really what has led me to be where I am here today and every initiation is scary and I don’t know that it ever like doesn’t not get scary because it’s comfortable and so it the growth comes from being uncomfortable from being unsure of how it’s going to happen or

What to do next but to just take the next step of what you’re being slowly pushed into and if you don’t listen the universe Soul just gets louder and louder until there is a catastrophic event that’s like I told you this but you didn’t listen and the moment that we start listening everything just falls into place it does and your story as you know resonates so deeply you know me having pivoted you know just a couple of months

Ago um and doing the same thing and I know that a lot of people will always ask me this question I’m sure you get it a lot too but what did that WI whisper sound like feel like for you because I know that so many people are like well how do I know if this is what the universe is nudging me to do um how can people who are listening right now really begin to practice this type of listening in their own life yeah it can come in many different

Ways one it can feel like you’re working way too hard and nothing’s happening you’re like but I’m doing it all it’s not working and you’re like oh okay check in but it can also feel like I’m drained I’m not inspired I’m unhappy I’m miserable like there was just every every phase that I had to shift out of it was like the first time I was just miserable and I was seeking happiness and the next time I was like where’s my passion where’s my purpose and then the

Next time it was like why isn’t this working and it felt like four so it’s a feeling that comes up in emotions where either it doesn’t feel good or there’s this desire in your heart like this is good but I feel like there’s something more and it starts to lead into these questions like you go deep inside of your heart and your soul and you’re like what else is out there there’s something more for me I just don’t know what it is yet so it’s internalized questions it’s

Feelings of fear it’s feelings of sadness it’s when you you are living your Soul’s purpose in the moment you feel it up and inspired and like every single day is a gift and you’re happy and you can’t wait to get started and do what’s next and the opposite of that is like questioning for more questioning what’s next how do I do something different so really looking at how do you feel and those feelings are going to guide you but I didn’t know what or how

Was going to come next I just knew where I was in those moments of being spoken to that it wasn’t it and that’s like the uncomfortability is like we don’t exactly know what it is that’s missing or what it is that’s wrong or what it is that we desire fully it’s just that that missing piece I feel like it’s this feeling of like something’s missing or something’s not working yeah and and I love that you know you’re talking about how it can be it can be positive

Emotions it can be negative emotions it can be a combination of both because I think that a lot of times people are waiting for like you know it’s like almost like you see like this you know haloed creature coming down and with a wand and telling you exactly what it is right like having that Fairy Godmother or you know that fairy fairy Angel come down and and bless you with permission right and I would love for you if you wouldn’t mind to to take us back to that

Point in time when you did make that move from Colorado to Costa Rica and you did make that conscious choice that like enough was enough this wasn’t who you were this wasn’t aligned with what your passions truly were in life and what what would you say inspired you to take that leap and to move yourself away and that far and to sell all your things like take us back like what was your mindset around that time and how did you push through what I have to imagine were

Some moments of like what the heck am I doing yeah you you gave me goosebumps I would say that I sat in prayer a lot with my journal and I contemplated and I also sat in it I didn’t make the move for four years the seed was planted for four years and I spent four years working and saving and envisioning and building really the confidence to to finally do it for me I needed the safety in my heart Financial Security and so I worked 40 hours and

Then a part-time job and I taught yoga classes on the side like a whole another lifetime ago but it was investing in who I wanted to become without knowing how it was going to happen and it was a lot of preparation not just financially but mentally and emotionally and seeing the vision and that’s why I really believe in the power of the Mind where I saw myself here but I didn’t see how it was happening I would Journal about it and I always say this I remember lying on the

Kitchen floor with a pink notebook mov to Costa Rica and Lead Retreats and I just kept envisioning that for four entire years I came back here two or three times every year and would look up at home while I was at home I would look up different um Retreat centers I would look up properties I’d be like oh I want to buy this property like I want to buy that property and I would just get myself in the energy and every time I went back to coaster R I would reach out

To retreat centers to go and teach there to go and support them and get to know other people that were doing it and the more that I got myself around xacs and other people living in Costa Rica I got to see that it was possible and I did what I needed inside of myself to be like okay let’s do this and I left with one Mantra in my mind Amber you can always go backwards and it wasn’t I don’t feel it was like the healthiest because I was looking at it in a way of

Like you’re not going to succeed where when I was like in Bali lying under the stars one night I was like Amber when are you going to realize you’re not going backwards but at first when we make these bigger leaps and there’s no path of how we’re going to do it or what’s going to happen next we need something for the nervous system to feel safe it’s a it’s an energetic feeling inside of our body like how far can we stretch ourselves like the first stretch

Was Iowa cornfields no one knew what vegan or vegetarian or yoga was to move to Colorado and that was a really big stretch because I was 19 years old I had no I knew nobody and I didn’t know anyone in my family that had ever left Iowa so it was just like this new thing and then from Colorada to a foreign country where like I didn’t know Spanish I didn’t know the language like it was a big leap and I also did have my partner at the time so that was like another

Safety blanket that when I chose to leave him it was like am I meant to be in Costa Rica like without him like how am I going to do this how am I going to make it work like what happens from here and so mentally preparing emotionally preparing financially and being around people who have done it before is so valuable for making those bigger moves and leaps 100% And you know what I come up um what I hear a lot and and I’m sure

You hear this a lot too from your client clients and you know I may have said this to you at one point as well within the last couple of months when I was really making the commitment to Pivot um you know I think that so many times we think that starting over is almost like you have to just completely you know for use to use the terms that I associate what I did with it’s like you think that you have to burn something completely down and blow it away and start from

Scratch which so many times can feel so daunting but what we don’t realize is that it’s not about burning it down and throwing away the ashes the way that I describe it is it’s really about taking the ashes right and allowing the Phoenix to rise from it so it’s not I I think that people have this preconceived notion that it’s like they just have to throw out everything and then bring in something totally new and you need to be a certain you need to be this new person

You need to have this new everything and I’d love for you to talk a little bit about how it was that you tapped into like the skill set that you had and like you said you were working on your mindset and how you did use that from you know your quote unquote past or what you call your backwards how did you use that once you got to Costa Rica and really committed to starting this this new life and business for yourself yeah it was choosing mantras

Instead of being like you’re going backwards and focusing on like the security of that way it was like who am I BEC coming as I move forwards and what embodiment do I need to be in order to claim that energy right now in this moment and what decisions would she make knowing that she’s only going forward and it was really like shifting from the I want to I am and I think that’s a really powerful energy shift is like claiming that identity because something

That I’m sure you you believe in as well is like those those desires of who we’re becoming already exist it’s already something that’s a part of us in this moment and I think the edge is holding the void from being where we want to be and where we are now and when we get to see like in a decade how much we can grow when we scale it down to like three months in a year it seems so small like we’re getting nowhere but when we look back and we zoom out it’s like wow we

Really do have the capacity to grow and when we can see that like I am creating her in every single motion and move M that I do right now by the choices I make by how I feel by the thoughts you start to do things that get you into the frequency of who you want to be and making those choices from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed to really embody that energy and that frequency rather than thinking like okay I’m moving forward but I still can like

Lean into the backside it’s like no I’m waking up every day and I’m propelling myself forward and I’m in that frequency and it’s like you just don’t wake up and not do because you desire it so much and I think like for me the one thing that has always led me is passion I really follow like what makes me feel more alive and if it doesn’t make me happy if it doesn’t fulfill me now in the moment that I don’t do it and that doesn’t mean like we don’t do hard workouts and it’s

Not fun but it’s like it’s the hurt so good that we get to stretch into yeah and and what I’m hearing you say a lot of is you know what you’ve really embraced is you know and with the name of what my podcast is right is like really embracing these moments of of pause and reflection and the embodiment piece also requires a pause and I don’t think a lot of people understand exactly that that is required they think embodiment and they think doing but

Really embodiment to me is in the being and it’s really in like the pause it’s in the quiet where you reconnect with that part of yourself and I know that so many people experience or come up against different barriers when you are you know when you want to go into that place because sometimes you know silence can be uncomfortable for people um or they get into their head right of like you know when they’re trying to meditate or they’re doing yoga

Let’s say and all of a sudden their mind takes over um what would you say to people when you know sort of like these limiting beliefs come in in these moments like how can they leverage that power in the pause like in those you know Quiet Moments to hear The Whispers to overcome those belief beliefs that are trickling in yeah we can really choose choose to feed the thoughts that support us but I think it’s an everyday process it’s not

Like one day you wake up and the stories are gone it’s you wake up and you notice which stories are feeding your decisions and then consciously ask yourself how can I shift those stories that aren’t serving me and it brings me back to say like being able to have like business besties having friends having mentors and other people to help you reframe those stories because sometimes like it’s some scars it’s deeply it’s generational it’s ancestral and like we

Have to do a lot more work but I think what you said was super powerful in that when we want to create or go or listen to the Soul’s Calling sometimes it’s not about doing but it is pausing to be to be with all facets of yourself the happy The sad the angry the ugly and not judging when they come up because it comes up for me and I realize oh that’s a daddy wound oh that’s a Mama oh that’s a trauma like that’s not actually yours but like if I stay busy I don’t get to

Go there and when I pause I feel I cry I move through it and then I choose differently so it’s like okay what what what story am I feeding and then how can I choose choose story well while pausing to be sure and certain that that isn’t something that’s not mine but something that I was given something that I was traumatized through something that I have learned that I need to unlearn or that I just simply need to hold space for the little girl that went through

Something that now that’s coming up and weaving in and I know for me in my journey that I had a lot of daddy issues and the abandonment wound and wanting to be loved and wanting to be seen and then the desire to grow and be more seen is like oh but what if you’re rejected and what if it doesn’t work out and what if they choose someone else and so it’s like witness the thoughts that are being fed and then hold space for them while choosing other things and there’s

Nothing wrong with just being some days are meant to like literally just Netflix cry with a friend go to the river eat chocolate whatever your your guilty pleasure is when you’re feeling but like I think you did this so beautifully when you’re like hey I’m not going to work for the month of August and what came through you in that pause was so so much more powerful than if we just kept going and moving forward and sometimes we just want to work our way through it and do

Our way through it and that’s why you know the power and the pause is so beautiful and it even happens when we go through birth right like the threshold of birth we want to get to the other side and that’s all of the emotions as well and you can manifest and breathe and try to feel all like the sacred energy of having a a a beautiful birth but you know sometimes it’s painful and you can’t ignore that it hurts and so I think that we we just can’t ignore that

We’re human as much as the soul is guiding us we are human beings having the spiritual experience and sometimes we want to surpass the the bad but it’s part of it and I try to get away from labeling good and bad but just to journey through what I’m experiencing and to notice when I am feeding stories that aren’t supporting me and that’s a conscious decision that really no one can get you out of but yourself but friends mentors they can reframe it and

If it lands for you you can borrow it yeah I love that I mean I’m all about coming from a place of neutrality right it’s not good or bad it’s not positive it’s not negative it’s just neutral it just is and I think so many times the the desire to put a polarity on something I believe is our need to control right needing to do be in that doing um and it just it doesn’t serve and you know something else that came up for me while we were talk while you were

Talking was I think people also have this misconception that like you know you went through this and you’re done and it’s rainbows and unicorns for you every single day in Costa Rica right but you’ve come up against you know shifts and new Whispers that have been coming in since you’ve been in Costa Rica and so what I would love for us to get real about in our convers not that we haven’t been but just to continue to get real

About how it is that like it’s not like it’s a oneandone and then we’re smooth sailing that this is like an like you had said it’s an ongoing practice and how have you navigated those new Whispers that have come in based on you know you you went from Colorado you moved to Costa Rica since you’ve been in Costa Rica you’re also expanding your business so how have you also been allowing yourself to listen to the new Whispers coming in but still not allow

Yourself to to take that step back like I I want to be authentic and letting people know that like this is something we do every single day with our own business and our own lives it’s it’s you know the the the speed at which we’re able to move through it gets faster obviously as we practice it but like talk a little bit about since you’ve been in Costa Rica how those additional Whispers that have been coming in have guided you and and what they’ve provided

For you from an abundance perspective uh you know in terms of family and and business and financial Etc yeah it’s an evolution it it doesn’t stop and one thing that has really I’ve grown into understanding for myself is when we go through something we thought we’ve already healed from or gone through before it’s not that we’re not healed from it or we didn’t do the work before it’s were another onion layer deeper so I love that you’re like let’s

Go even deeper because I literally just shared on my Instagram recently a real that in my world it went viral right like viral for some people is millions and viral for others is Thousands but it got so many saves and shares and likes and the reason was is I was like I had this Mantra last year when I pivoted my business was like this isn’t who you are anymore you need to do something new and when you show up online and you market and message one thing for four years and

Then one day you wake up and you’re like that’s not me um of course your audience will go with you and some won’t but it wasn’t working like it used to because I was speaking and calling in a new client and I still had clients and it was very very slow from my ambitious self and what I was used to and so I had a mantra and I would go into the shower and I would say it’s working it’s working it’s all working out and I would sing it and my husband would come in the room and

He’d be like hey is everything okay and I’m like yeah everything’s great but there would be some days I was just Balling on the bathroom floor like what am I doing like is this what’s meant for me like what about my family like what if my income doesn’t ever go back up like what and I feared it I literally feared it but I had mentors to be like Amber like there’s evidence it’s working like you’re planting the seeds and then you know I I share this story with my

Clients a lot a year and a half later it’s taking off but it isn’t just just taking off today it’s been taking off since I’ve been planting the seeds and so there are moments and parts and pieces of my life that I’m like what’s happening what am I doing or even right now we’re in the midst of buying and building land and I’ve already bought and sold a house from all of the money that I made in Colorado we’ll backtrack a moment I spent four years working my

Life away to saved to come to Costa Rica thinking it was going to be like the land of the Pure Vita I was going to be chill and relaxed I didn’t know how to stop working so I started working making more money than I did there busier than I was there until I woke up one day and someone’s like what do you do with all your money and I was like oh I save it it’s in the bank um and so that moment really shook me because I remember that my dad was saving for retirement and he

Died and I promised myself I wasn’t going to relive that again and then there I was I like I took it with me and I was like okay I have to break up with that and so I started living my life but with that money I put it all with a friend into a piece of land where we built and sold a house and I had no idea it was going to work out and I was afraid I was like that’s all the money I’ve ever created in my whole life and I didn’t know what was going to happen but

I had a prayer and I was just like I hope my house sells before Amman is born so that I don’t have to worry about money and I can just go into motherhood and like be supported and literally February 26 my house sold and ammani was born on March 16 and it was just like you are so supported you are so guided and it was just like there was no stress around like needing to go back to work it was the I desire to show up in my business and come back but like I did it

Where he slept on my chest until he was six months old and so I had I had the ability to create the freedom around like the motherhood that I desired with my parents not being there as I wish and so every iteration that I’ve grown into has come with challenges and fears and wondering if it’s going to work out and Desiring it now and wanting to know the answers and the one thing that I can always go back to is like I have a vision practice I have a meditation and

A feeling practice I get into the rooms with other people that are doing it and expanding it and the days that I feel sad I I let myself feel sad but I don’t live there like I experience it and then I choose to continue to let that Propel and move me forward yeah and and I I think you said something really important too along the way is that you’ve you’ve leaned on community or other people or mentors along the way you know I used to think that doing it

By myself was like such a strength and way to go Wendy and you can do this you don’t need anybody you can you know and it just made the journey so much harder and it it took so much longer versus when you allow yourself to lean in and say I get to have some support I need support getting through this whether that’s you know through a mentor or through a community of people or even just you know when you move to a new country and you know you start

Networking and trying to meet new people you had a baby so as a mom you’re meeting new moms through your kid like there’s all these different moments where what I’m hearing is that you kept seeing the value in connecting whether that was with other people or with the land or with yourself that it’s really through you know listening to The Whispers is what is really deepening your connection with yourself that then propels your personal growth it propels

Your ability to make decisions you know quote unquote more quickly um and and really overall just improving your well-being so can you talk a little bit about how you’ve noticed a shift in in your own personal Al growth and well-being as a result of listening to you know these moments whether they be you know positive or negative yeah I think what you said is so important because it really strengthens your ability to believe in

Yourself when you do it and then you do it again and then again every single time that you do it you get stronger at it and in that strength you build more confidence and that’s what I was saying like moving from one place to the next it was like building the muscle it’s like the ability to take those risks is a muscle but also to listen to those Whispers as a muscle and then it just like training it gets easier and easier the more that you train the easier it

Gets and that’s what happens when we listen to our heart and that’s how we create these wild extraordinary lives is because we align with the so frequency that’s taking us somewhere like depending on what you believe you have a Destiny and what you do in your human vehicle it’s taking you there at a certain speed based upon the decisions that you make and every time I said it’s challenging but you trust yourself more you trust in your ab abilities like I

Always said I live in Costa Rica forever and now I’m like I don’t know I’m open to where I go because I already know that I’m not really driving this vehicle as I am it’s like we’re constantly like just being initiated into a new decision and A New Path and strengthening those muscles and practicing those Skilling those really beginning being able to learn how to listen is so important yeah and and what I’m also hearing you talk about is you know it’s

Really you’ve perfected the art of the surrender right and leaning into and trusting uh the guidance and the surrender um you know which is so hard for so many people I mean me included how is it that you have allowed yourself to um you know I’m sure that there’s people listening going God I try to do this and like sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t work like you even saying I don’t know if I’m going to be in Costa Rica forever you know when this

Was like something so passionate that you were just you know it moved literally and and figuratively moved you um you know how can other people really lean into that surrender um you know what would you say is one piece of advice that you would tell them that that they um like what’s on the other side of that surrender that that you can gift them with today there’s no Pathway to surrender and I think the most magical thing about letting go is on the

Other side there is something more beautiful for you but trusting that when you don’t know that and there no guarantee it can’t happen until you make it and I talk about this a lot in Retreats it’s like you don’t know the magic of what’s happening when you go on a retreat Tre until you say yes and you go and it’s a portal it’s the same thing when we’re going to manifest and create and listen to what the soul is guiding us to do and who we’re becoming it’s who

You become in the surrender the being of the becoming through the transition and it’s hard because there is no like advice other than like just imagine what it could be like and act as if it’s happening and when you let go go I think one of the most powerful things that I’ve been reminded recently is that there’s angels and spirits and guides walking through you and that you’re not doing it alone and when you do let go and you do surrender there’s someone

There something there greater than you that’s going to catch you on the other side and you’re not going to fall you’re going to fly yeah and and it it always happens differently than we anticipate right I was I was having a conversation just earlier this morning with the client where I just kept saying like it’s not going to look how you think and that’s because it’s going to be so much better than you could ever imagine it happening

And I just got like full body chills even just saying that right me too because that’s what I said I was like I moved to Costa Rica and I had this vision and I spent four years envisioning it and like it looks nothing like I planned it looks nothing like I envisioned it’s so much better yeah and and I I can’t stress that enough to you guys listening today is that it is always going to look so much more incredible than you could have ever

Imagined and if you were to imagine it it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible for you of what it is that you know your Your Divine self is is intended to receive in this particular life um and so Amber as we wrap our episode today I would love to hear just the question that I’m hearing that I want to ask you is like what would you tell your Colorado self now that you have learned that would help accelerate that process for her now granted I know

You wouldn’t be where you are had you not been through everything that you have been through and I’m not trying to pull out of that but like what is something that you would tell your younger self today that you can do it that it’s possible to go for it to trust yourself and I do agree with everything you said it’s like I couldn’t have achieved what I have I have without going through that and yet I did like I did write like a

Letter to myself like you can go now because I stayed for four years in security I stayed in a relationship for five years out of like not being able to love myself enough and the sooner that we go the sooner that we get to where is way better than we can plan predict or imagine but it’s the initiation of us going for it so if I could tell that little girl anything it’s like listen to what’s calling you because your soul is guiding you and you are so supported and

Really you have no idea how good it’s going to get oh I love that full body chills it really is it is true I mean and I can even attest to that I mean what I would tell myself even from just a year ago when I first got those seedlings of you know it’s time to Pivot Wendy what I would tell myself is the same thing is like stop staying in resistance like it’s going to be even better than you could have ever imagined and Amber thank you so much for being my

Guest for being who you are in this world and I want to make sure that everybody knows where they can find you so please share that and then I also know that you have a a lovely special gift for all of our listeners yes amazing um be sure to come say hi on Instagram at Amber Hagberg and if there’s something juicy out of this episode screenshot it and tag us both on on the gram it’ be amazing to continue the conversation with you um also check

Out the podcast Amplified impact we have Wendy on there as well a really amazing episode that you can go and listen to and if you’re Desiring to bring all of yourself into your business and your life I have a four-part video series showing you exactly how you can take all of your passions and life experience and cocreate with the universe and your soul a fully booked business where you get to attract soulmate dream clients and that is inside of the Facebook group The

Amplified impact podcast I love it Amber thank you I adore you and I’m so grateful to have you on this journey with me and to also be learning as you are embarking on yours so thank you for being here today thank you so much Wendy of course and everybody who tuned in today oh my God what an amazing conversation I always learn something new from every single episode and every guest that I have on and I hope that you guys also found value in our

Conversation today because you know that my goal with every single podcast episode is to empower you in your pauses in your life and to allow yourself to imagine the The Impossible because what is on the other side is a th% possible for you guys so thank you for tuning in today don’t forget to check out Amber on Instagram and her social media as well as her podcast and again Wendy Sterling your host please feel free to connect with me on social media my social media

Is Wendy page Sterling and you guys can also grab my free mini course it’s in the show notes so don’t forget to sign up and check that out would love to hear your feedback on that as well thank you guys for tuning in today sending you so much love and light as always bye [Music] everybody

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