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Wondering which signs to follow to lead you to your most abundant self?

We’re joined by an empowering force, Meg Burton Tudman, a holistic coach who has moved burned-out women to live in alignment with their minds, bodies, and souls. After being fired from her initial dream job, she paused and found her true purpose: guiding women to move authentically.

Uncover how she found her inner compass, overcame depression and anxiety, and started living in attunement with her higher self.

Join the conversation: Living in Alignment: Self Care for Intentional Action with Meg Burton Tudman.

✔️ Recognize the universe’s signs. When the universe sends you stop signs these are guiding you towards a better path. Pause so you can recognize these subtle pushes. Each stop sign is a cosmic nudge toward growth.

✔️ Reflection can help you take the next step. Take a moment to reflect on your direction, ensuring it aligns with your authentic self. Clarity can emerge from your calmest state.

✔️ The body and soul are connected. Self-care practices such as massages and breathing exercises can be your external expression of an internal healing journey. It’s not just pampering; it’s a sacred act of self-love.

✔️ Achieve limitless potential through alignment. Being in alignment with yourself unlocks limitless potential, fueling a continuous journey of intentional living. 

✔️ Be compassionate with yourself. Living authentically gives you space for self-compassion, fostering a deeper connection with your true self. 

✔️ Take micro steps. You don’t need to jump into big changes to start living in alignment with your true self. Small actions such as doing breathing exercises are a good start.

Meg Burton Tudman is on a mission to support women in honoring their highest selves through coaching, writing, and speaking. Her specialty is holistic coaching for burned-out superwomen empowering them to align their mind, body, and soul, so they can live a life they love. Meg weaves mindset, meditation, energy work, and yoga into her online coaching programs, wellness articles, workshops, and corporate events. She has been featured by Morgan Stanley, Xerox Women’s Alliance, Upstate Institute, StepMom Magazine, and Best Holistic Life.

When she’s not helping superwomen to level up, you can find her practicing yoga, spending time outside, and reading. She lives in the Finger Lakes Region of New York with her husband and three dogs.

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To me the rise is the is the ceiling and then when you get there again it’s pause redefine and Rise you get there again pause redefine and rise and so I hope that you guys are hearing Meg speaking into that this is an ongoing transformation this is an ongoing process and that is why it is so important that self-care be a regular part of your daily weekly prati I mean really it should be

Daily [Music] hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast I’m your host Wendy paig Sterling and I’m so happy that you’ve decided to join me today as a reminder don’t forget to hit subscribe so that you do not miss a single episode that is released every single week and it would mean the absolute world to me if you would please leave a rating and a review

So that more people can find this podcast so without further Ado thank you all for being here today and I am excited to be joined by my new very dear friend Meg Burton to tman is it Tedman or t Tedman right okay that’s what I thought I always have to I should have asked before we started recording but guys this is what lime recording sounds like so I am joined by Meg Meg how are you doing today I’m so good this is a bright light in my day today I’m so

Happy to be with you oh I am so so happy that you said yes to being a guest today because you guys we’ve got a really powerful topic today and Meg and I are going to talk about how to pause redefine and Rise so before we dive into this incredible topic today I’d love to share a little bit more about Meg with you all so Meg is on a mission to support women in honoring their highest selves through Co coaching writing and speaking her specialty is holistic

Coaching for burned out super women empowering them to align their mind body and soul so they can live a life that they love Meg weaves mindset meditation energy work and yoga into her online coaching programs Wellness articles workshops and corporate events she’s been featured by Morgan Stanley Xerox Women’s Alliance Upstate Institute stepmom magazine and best holistic life and when Meg is not helping Superwoman to level up you can find her practicing

Yoga spending time outside and reading she lives in the fingerlakes region of New York with her husband and her amazing three dogs so may welcome I am so happy you’re here today you and I have really I feel like we’ve we’ve connected through an amazing women’s group that both of us got connected through and I would love for you to share with our audience today a little bit about you and those pivotal moments along your journey that have forced you

To pause reflect and gather your own inner strength to push through I love this so I as you said had two experiences and it’s so interesting how we can Define what happens for us I chose those moments to really take advantage of what could have been a horrible situation and to your point redefine and ultimately eyes so the first was being fired from a job that I initially felt like was my dream job not so much towards the end it was clear it

Didn’t align um but being fired really blindsided me and because so much of my identity was wrapped up in that job I thought who am I without this label how can I like show up in the world without this definition of myself and so I experienced so much shame so so much embarrassment um so much like fear in terms of what do I do next how do I keep going from this and at the same time so there’s all those strong really uncomfortable feelings at the same time

I also felt this element of Freedom like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and there was this tiny voice inside that said thank goodness I don’t have to Define Myself by something that really doesn’t fit that really doesn’t feel aligned in terms of body mind soul spirit all the things and so being able to really Embrace that feeling of freedom and think about well how else could I Define myself what would it look like if this label which was taken away

From me right being fired taken away what if this label you know is gone how do I move forward from here so that was one and for sure it doesn’t happen overnight right like sometimes the pause is a millisecond and sometimes the pause is I feel like it can be decades long so you know and and everything in between um the second experience that happened for me is one that involves mental health and that’s something that I’ve struggled with for a really long

Time since I was a kid depression and anxiety were really strong for me and I had this this I think ability to function at a really high level so a lot of people had no idea that that was anything I was struggling with I was really skilled at hiding it like I had a lifetime of experience of hiding this this part of myself that I was really struggling with and I happened to be at a four-way stop with a blinking red light one day and couldn’t for the life

Of me figure out when it was my turn to go and in that moment in you know almost a feeling of like panic and Terror I thought oh my goodness this you know in terms of mental health this has really gotten out of control this isn’t something I can hide this isn’t something I can like muscle through anymore and so I invested in a really intensive Therapy Program and walked into the building the first day having

No idea what to expect and again experienced that like weight being lifted off of me and I paused and took a breath and I thought to myself I can take off all of the masks I can show up exactly as I am raw and vulnerable and imperfect and scared and sad and anxious and depressed and I can start to heal and that light got me through that whole program and you know has carried me through ever since and and what I think is so pivotal about

Both of those experiences is that I made the conscious choice to say I’m GNA pause I’m going to reset I’m going to shift how I’m showing up how I’m thinking and how I’m like being and doing in order to create something different for myself and you know for sure with either of those experiences I could have like continued to hustle continue to grind to muscle my way through in my heart though I knew that wasn’t going to get me where I truly

Wanted to be I knew that that wasn’t going to help me and support me in creating the reality that I was really seeking yeah you know what you just shared is so powerful and what’s also really interesting is that the Universe handed you that stop playay right and and there that to me was your sign right that was the sign fing from the universe and so many times we Overlook those moments or we choose to push through the the discomfort of those

Paused moments when sometimes they’re they’re you know forced Upon Us yeah but I’m curious to know like based on your experience you know not just sitting at that stoplight but really being intentional with your pauses how has the how has the gift of the pause allowed you to really um support your own mental and emotional well-being not only during those two challenging times but even today in in new challenges that arise in your life yeah I think that those pauses

And you’ve said this on your podcast before I’m an avid I’m an avid fan and listener but those pauses are a gift if we choose to look at them that way so there’s an element of mindset to practicing the pause and I think that we’re so empowered and we’re so well equipped if we consider that this opportunity even when it’s difficult even when it’s uncomfortable even when it’s you know the last thing that we want to do right that pausing and taking

A breath and like giving ourselves space to feel what we’re feeling and to then move forward from there I for so often especially in terms of mental and emotional health I just stuffed everything down and and pushed through and thought well when I get to this next Milestone whatever that may be right this next external Benchmark or like Landmark then things will be better and the interesting thing is you know when there’s misalignment and when we’re not

Honoring those signs that the universe is giving us it doesn’t matter what we achieve externally we’re never going to fully be able to enjoy that or appreciate it or really and and this is I think big but we’re never going to be able to live up to our potential we have so much within us we have so much to give we have so much to share and it’s it’s Limitless I think and it’s Limitless if we honor those moments to

Pause those moments to tune in and notice what are the signs I’m receiving um so for me getting off like that hamster wheel and getting off of that like Daily Grind has been so powerful in supporting my well-being because it lets me tune in with my body lets me tune in with my mind and my heart you know how am I really feeling and then how do I want to be feeling right where does my control lie like what’s the mindset I’m showing up with what’s the energy I’m

Showing up with you know what are the thoughts that I’m choosing to engage with and and what are the actions that I’m taking based on all of that and and does that feel aligned and does that feel authentic so you know using the pause as an opportunity to release that tendency towards perfectionism to release that tendency towards people pleasing so much of that for me was habit and so if I did pause I couldn’t get out of that cycle I couldn’t get out

Of that habit right right and that’s really I mean everybody listening you should go back and write down those questions that make just said out loud of what you should be asking yourself because there are really powerful ways to redefine any moment any single moment it is that you are coming up against you know a you know an opportunity to make a shift an opportunity to pause whatever it is um you know I think that you just spoke beautifully into how it is that

People or the questions that people can ask themselves to really in that moment redefine what it is that either they’re thinking or they’re experiencing or what they’re feeling and ultimately what that enables us to do is to really turn what could be you know as we call them setbacks into an opportunity and you know as I’ve called it before like stepping stones for growth yes I love it go ahead no ke because I was gonna say like talk a little bit about kind of

That that thinking process too yeah I love that so much and I think that one of the things that’s been so helpful for me and also for my clients is to start to explore what else is true because it could be true that this is you know like a catastrophic event that’s happened for you and what else is true so it’s not as if we we need to you know show up with this like poana you know everything’s great it’s all rainbows and butterflies I think that’s a little bit unrealistic

And I think it also can get us into a really tough spot when we’re not acknowledging you know I I do feel like badly or you know unhappy or displeased or ashamed of something that’s happening for me so being able to tune in and notice okay here’s what my like immediate response to this situation is and here’s what else is also true here’s how else I could frame it here’s how else I could look at it here’s how I could use it to your point as a stepping

Stone for growth and and that alone requires time like that requires us to pause because it’s not easy and it doesn’t come naturally for most of us I mean me for sure it did not come naturally I had to practice that at and I still do right it’s not it’s not unfortunately that you know we flip a light switch and then okay hard work is done you know I’m just sailing on through the rest of this um but there’s there’s so much opportunity for us for

Growth and for transformation and you know for reinvention and and redefining ourselves if we if we pause and tune in and notice here’s the immediate response that I’m having here’s the immediate feeling and I also see this piece of it I also see this opportunity exactly and you touch on something so incredibly important and it’s one of my favorite words which is authenticity right yeah so what role did authenticity play in your

Redefining moment and also to help you to rise above yeah it played a huge role and it’s actually something that I prioritize for myself and prioritized for the work I do with super women as well because for the longest time I didn’t honor it like the authenticity piece was the last thing on my mind you know the people pleasing and the trying to like mind read what is it that other people want you know what is it that other people think I should be doing

That was what I was using as a guide um and that it didn’t serve me well you know quite frankly I say this with all the love and compassion in my heart for myself like it it set me up in a really bad way um and so prioritizing that and starting to tune into and honor you know what is true for me in this situation what does it look like if I honor you know my beliefs my values my needs and that was a totally different way of showing up for me and it’s interesting

If we we can ground into that authenticity that then empowers and enables us to handle with so much more grace and compassion for ourselves whatever anybody’s reaction will be because it’s not always going to be positive you know I I wish that we could say like oh when you show up authentically everything falls into place and everybody’s so happy for you and it’s perfect right everything you want comes true right and it it doesn’t

Work that way because you showing up inauthentically may be working for some other people in your world and when you make that choice to you know honor boundaries and and prioritize what matters for you and really get grounded in this is my truth and this is how I’m going to show up in the world that will ruffle some feathers and that will make some people uncomfortable for a variety of reasons most of which have nothing to do with you and so if we can honor that

For ourselves that equips us so well to handle that resistance to handle those ruffle feathers because we’ve got that truth and that alignment within us and that matters right oh absolutely and I think you bring up a next really good point is that ultimately it’s what enables us to build that resilience yeah I the resilience to continue to rise to continue to do the work to continue to be authentic and so how do you how do you maintain the resilience piece of

This during those moments of uncertainty or difficulty yeah oh so many things and I think what’s interesting is that what works for me is going to be different than what works for you is going to be different than all of our friends listening and that’s okay right so a couple like General things that have worked is for me to truly feel what I’m feeling as I said before for years I just like shoved those feelings down you know the ones that were uncomfortable

The ones that frankly were authentic but that were scary to feel um and so giving myself time to pause and like truly identify and feel what I’m feeling where do I feel it in the body what are the thoughts and the beliefs that are associated with it um what is triggering it and I think you’ve talked about this recently on social media the trigger is usually something that like almost would Blindside us if we weren’t you know tuned in and doing the inner work um but

There’s often something like deeply rooted below that trigger that can be so helpful for us to identify so getting curious about what you’re feeling why you’re feeling it um and then building in throughout each day ways to care for yourself and from my perspective self-care is not a bubble bath it’s not lighting a candle you know it’s not getting a massage all of those things can be helpful for sure self-care though is is inner work so you know a massage

Is great I’m a big fan of them and a massage for me is self-care if I then tune in okay what am I ready to release right if I can have someone support me to like loosen some of the tight muscles what are the emotions and the thoughts that I’m h hanging on to that are also ready to be released and and lessened so it’s taking those almost like surface level or external forms of self-care a step further um and again yeah thank you feeling truly what we’re feeling using

Those external things as a way to like set ourselves up to do the inner work because I think self-care is actually something that happens on the inside rather than the outside oh 100% I mean it’s it’s interesting what you just said about the massage because as you know and those of you listening who follow me on social media um I just got back from Sedona and I treated myself to a massage before I left and the type of massage that I chose actually Incorporated

Energy work and so Meg when I tell you it was like hands down the best massage I’ve ever had in my life it wasn’t just because of how good it felt to you know rub those knots out but ultimately what the you know the massuse and and I were figuring out was that there there was trauma still stuck inside of my body yeah and so the the reason I chose that massage was from a self-care perspective is I knew that there was stuff that still needed to be

Cleared before I left yes and I love that you define self-care as really it’s the inner work it’s you know it’s um what it makes me think of is that it’s like you know the the massage or the bath like that’s the external validation right but what is really important is like the internal validation that happens when you let yourself go there yes and you know you guys like Meg myself any other guests that I’ve had on this podcast we’re all human we all have

Really bad days yeah I was crying my eyes out for three days in Sedona working through stuff and yes I’ve been doing this work for you know seven plus years on myself and there isn’t you know there’s not that Final Destination that you get to right like this process of pause redefine and Rise it’s always it’s like to me the rise is the is the ceiling and then when you get there again it’s pause redefine and Rise you get there again pause redefine and rise

And so I hope that you guys are hearing Meg speaking into that this is an ongoing transformation this is an ongoing process and that is why it is so important that self-care be a regular part of your daily weekly prati I mean really it should be daily I mean let’s be honest like it’s got to be daily I mean I don’t know a single entrepreneur that doesn’t Journal at least on an everyday basis and allows themselves to go there to be able to clear out so that

We can all be present for all of you guys that are sitting here right yes exactly what is like what is one piece of advice that you would give either to a younger version of yourself or to somebody listening in today who’s like God I want to pause redefine and Rise so bad but like I get in my own way or like what would you say to them like I like sharing what I call Micro steps right like what is just one little micro baby step that they could take today to just

Get them into a momentum where they feel like they’re moving themselves forward yeah oh I love this question and I’m a huge fan of the micr steps too I think that especially if you’re a perfectionist a people pleaser an overachiever that you we tend to think that it has to be these these big sweeping actions like we have to pull the rug out from underneath entirely and like totally change how we’re doing everything and what I found is that it’s

Actually what I call Micro moments throughout every day so those seemingly small actions those seemingly small you know beliefs that then have this amazing ripple effect and and that are sustainable right if we pull the rug out and we you know do a 180 which the 180 will happen like that’s naturally going to happen and when it happens by honoring those micro moments those micro shifts it’s so much more SU sustainable

And it’s so much more I think effective too because it’s something that we can sustain it’s something that we can honor regularly hopefully daily um I think in terms of the most powerful step and it’s one that I am still a little bit Blown Away by even though I’ve been doing this work for a really long time is taking a breath taking a deep cleansing breath and you know for friends listening if you rolled your eyes or if you’re about to like turn off the podcast hang with

Us that for sure was me for such a long time like I breathe all day long I don’t need to take a conscious breath you know come on and the reality is when we tune in take a deep breath in through the nose let it out as a sigh out the mouth it is the Ultimate Reset and it gives us this moment to pause of course but also to tune in and notice because if if we’re not giving ourselves the time and the space and the opportunity to notice what’s happening for us what we’re

Experiencing what we’re feeling it makes that transformation to rise really really difficult um if not impossible right so taking a deep cleansing breath is I for me I still use it all of my clients use it it just is it feels like a way to like wipe the Slate clean and start again yeah and I love that you said that because I think so many of us do roll our eyes when they say like take a breath just take a deep breath and and I

Was reminded yesterday even during my massage of the power in our breath and how you know I don’t know about you or anybody listening but when I am when I am unable to let myself just relax like I I I’m very tense and I even you know I could even tell in the massage yesterday like he was breathing to guide me in deep breathing during the massage yeah and I noted like I could even tell in my physicality when I took that really deep breath in and I exhaled audibly during

My massage like I just felt my muscles Just Surrender and just release and imagine you know on top of this you guys like the stress that you’re putting on your body by maint like it’s like you’re just gripping wanting to still stay in control but ultimately that’s not what is GNA serve you in your highest and best way and so I love that advice and and I am a huge proponent of breathing I have to remind myself of doing it every single day and you know and I just I I

Think that that is the best piece of advice for anybody Meg I adore you I love you so much and I’m so grateful that that you came on the show today to share about your journey and you’ve given everybody so much wonderful advice today and I want to make sure that they know where they can find you and follow you and I know that you have a free gift for everybody as well which will be in the show notes guys don’t worry so Meg please tell everybody where they can

Find you I will I’d love to add one thing too because you brought up such a great point about this journey doesn’t end right doesn’t end until our our time here ends and I invite everybody listening to use that as inspiration not as like oh my God it never ends this is ongoing but to treat that with like excitement and joy and to really Embrace that as an opportunity to to continue to evolve it’s like an onion that we peel away right we heal a layer we reset we

Transform We rise up and then there’s another layer that’s ready and and it all unfolds in like the most Divine and and perfect timing for us and it’s not anything to be like it’s not anything to be feared it’s not anything to feel overwhelmed with instead it’s something to embrace as like exciting and and filled with joy and potential so if that you know comment about you know this journey is ongoing made you feel a little bit overwhelmed I invite you to

Reframe that for yourself that this is actually a really beautiful thing that you know we continue we continue to grow we continue to create those stepping stones and grow um so with that in mind I would love to connect with you I would love to hear from you my website is probably the best place to start and that’s my name Meg Burton tudman dcom I have a free gift for you there it’s a reset your mindset toolkit so right in line with things that we were talking

About today and what I include in there are strategies that can be done easily simply cheaply and just about anywhere um so I invite you to grab that that’ll um help us stay in touch and I’d be honored to support you in that way I love that M thank you so much for being here today and you guys everything will be in the show notes as well so you can grab all of those amazing resources and I thank you all for tuning in today thank you so much

For allowing me to share my amazing friends and guests who have incredible wisdom um and I hope that you all found at least one nugget of information in today’s podcast that is going to help you to pause redefine and Rise as you go out into the world and create your most amazing life yet so thank you all for tuning in today as a final reminder don’t forget to follow me on social media as well Wendy p P Sterling and I invite you guys to also head on over to

My brand new website Wendy pag sterling.com where I’ve got some incredible Brands spank a new downloadables for you guys and other information that you guys can access so thank you so much for being here sending you all so much love and light as always ra bye [Music] everybody [Applause]

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