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Pivot Your Path is an 8-week transformative program designed to address the common struggles faced by those navigating life transitions such as divorce, death, career shifts, breakups, and grief. You’ll gain profound insights into your core values and desires, setting the stage for self-discovery. Emotional healing becomes a reality as you learn effective techniques to manage wounds and limiting beliefs, empowering you to embrace your emotions as a wellspring of insight. Mindfulness and meditation practices introduce you to a deeper connection with your inner self, fostering emotional resilience. Finally, you’ll craft a vision for your post-divorce life, setting intuitive goals that align with your newfound clarity and intentions. This program is your path to healing, resilience, and the life you truly desire.

Metamorphosis is a 12-month cocoon to guide you through the challenges of life post-life transition. It addresses the struggles you face head-on, guiding you towards profound healing and personal growth. From self-discovery and emotional healing to building resilience and setting clear, intuitive goals, each month offers a vital piece of the puzzle.

With dedicated focus on self-care, financial empowerment, and healthy relationships, you’ll emerge with a newfound sense of purpose and confidence. The program’s culmination in the art of manifestation ensures you’re equipped with the tools to manifest the life you desire, bringing your dreams to reality. Over the course of these 12 months, you’ll find strength, clarity, and transformation beyond your wildest expectations.

Intuitively Designed is a community haven for those navigating significant life transitions such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, breakups, career changes, and unexpected twists of fate.

In this nurturing space, we embark on a transformative journey over 12 enlightening months. From self-discovery to emotional healing, building resilience to setting visionary goals, each month unlocks a new chapter in your life’s story. This community is where you’ll rediscover your passions, empower your spirit, and foster the confidence to manifest your heart’s deepest desires.

It’s a place where individuals seeking a brighter tomorrow come together, supporting one another in crafting a life they truly desire. Join us on this incredible journey towards personal growth, healing, and the realization of your dreams.

Paradigm is my exclusive, application only private mentorship.  If you’re navigating life’s most challenging transitions and crave a personalized, accelerated journey to heal your heart, experience spiritual awakening, and claim your power, Paradigm is your sacred opportunity.

Wendy, a true master in guiding her clients to lean into intuition, trust the universe, and surrender to a higher purpose, will elevate your energy, frequency, and vibration to unlock your inner potential.

With Wendy’s expert guidance, you’ll not only heal and evolve but also reach unprecedented heights in your business and life. This is your chance to unlock wealth, abundance, and infinite possibilities. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity—it’s time to rewrite your story and embrace the extraordinary.


“Wendy is one of the best life coaches and soul healers I’ve worked with in the course of my life. Her tailored and personalized approach is second to none; utilizing a range of tools – from the energetic and intuitive, to the scientific and practical – depending on what I need at any given time. Her wisdom and guidance is given in a way that has empowered me, and instilled hope and joy in me for the future. I am so grateful I crossed paths with Wendy at this important stage in my life, and for her support in helping me be the best version of myself. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone needing a rockstar divorce and life coach, who also has a ton of empathy, intuition and laughter!”


“I watched how graciously you showed up- respectful, never dismissive of your ex EVEN when it was clear you were deeply hurt, then you openly shared your new love with Jeff and honestly the light in your face tells me everything I need to know about how you healed yourself.  For anyone getting divorced, you want to have the support of someone who has come through it like you!”


“During the times when I needed to come to the conclusion myself to fully integrate it, you asked me questions (even though you were hearing the answer). This was really powerful for me. The combo of this with your “direct hits” and oracle cards that helped to cement and validate all the lessons you were guiding me through. I also like how my responses to your questions were in line with what u were hearing – this validates for me that my inner knowingness comes from a higher place, that I hold the answers, and that I get to trust what I know and hear.”


“During and after our session I immediately felt grounded and connected with my name – and I haven’t had this my entire life. So I’d definitely call that quick!!! You helped me to see how I’ve chosen my name, and that I own it. I always wanted my book to be a pathway to healing for others, and I see now how it is healing me in the most unexpected of ways – who would’ve thought that the conundrum of what name to attribute to it would be such a powerful lesson. It’s made me further trust and surrender into my path.”


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