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Have you ever wondered why every aspect of your life isn’t moving towards where you want it to be?

Soul Wealth Coach and CEO Corrina Steward sits down with us today to share practical advice on how we can reset our money, and frequency by tapping into ‘green light’ energies that resonate and align with our true selves. This overall recalibration not only reignites passion but also opens doors to greater abundance.

As we step back, adjust, and move forward with renewed energy, we set ourselves on a path to attract the wealth, success, and fulfillment we seek. And the first stride into getting there is embracing the power in the pause.

Learn more in this episode – Resetting Your Business, Money, and Frequency To Attract Abundance with Corrina Steward

✔️ There’s growth on the other side of discomfort. Starting over can be a difficult process – especially when it involves the biggest parts of your life. Raising your vibrations means letting go of people who no longer resonate with you and focusing on what aligns with your values and goals.

✔️  As you elevate your frequency, you should expect noticeable changes in your life. As you elevate and resonate at a higher frequency, certain aspects of your life may not align anymore. While letting go can be tough, the rewards on the other side are immeasurable.

✔️ The availability of higher consciousness opens up profound avenues for learning and growth. The pause is an opportunity to connect with a higher consciousness and embrace the lessons awaiting there. It requires a willingness to be taught, to listen, and to trust in the transition.

✔️ The rising wave of feminine consciousness sweeps across our societal norms. This paradigm shift moves away from the masculine-driven energy characterized by endless doing, production, and control, realigning towards intuition, feeling, and being. 

✔️ Recognize that the pause is a disruption and opportunity. The ‘pause,’ initially feels like an uninvited disruption that causes discomfort and uncertainty. This period of disruption is not about immediate answers but rather about embracing the uncertainty and learning. 

✔️ Stepping into a new frequency resets our life. Embracing a new frequency can lead to changes in relationships, business pursuits, and personal beliefs. 

Corrina Steward is the CEO & founder of Soul Wealth Coaching, a 7- figure business she created while working from home as a mom. Corrina is a former United Nations consultant, published academic, and graduate of Yale University & Coach U, Inc. 

In the midst of her career, she woke up spiritually and received the new wealth consciousness that is essential for all spiritually conscious entrepreneurs. She is an Angelic Reiki master, energy realignment specialist, and wealth activator.

As a Soul Wealth Coach and CEO of her company, her desire is to provide you with proven business strategies & spiritually vital steps to activate your wealth, know how to scale your business through your Core Offer & always be able to create wealth inside your business to fuel your 6- and 7-figure vision.

Learn more about Corrina Steward:

Email: corrina@soulwealthcoach.com  



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Self-care is you know swinging on a hammock making a smoothie that like nourishes you walking you know walking on the land Barefoot going for a swim like none of these things need to cost money now I love to luxury it as well but it doesn’t need to this is about you resetting to Center and becoming [Music] present hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the

Pause podcast don’t forget to hit subscribe so that you don’t miss a single episode that comes out every single week and if you love this episode or you love this podcast or you just love me do me a favor and leave a rating and or a review so that more people can find this podcast and help to guide them through their pauses in life so thank you guys for joining me today and in today’s episode because today is a very special episode it’s not only my

First guest episode of my new podcast but it’s so incredibly just potent as to who is here with me today and I am joined by my dear soul sister my friend and truly my mentor Karina Stewart hello Karina how are you hello Wendy I’m wonderful I’m very very excited to be on your new podcast and to get to be the first guest uh expert on your uh on your podcast is really special and I know we’re going to have a powerful conversation today I

Know me too I’m already getting the Goosebumps all about it even when we were chatting before I hit the record button and today you guys Karina and I are going to talk about the power in the pause as it relates to those moments where you know that it’s time to reset your business to reset your connection to money to reset your frequency really it’s all about how is it that you can increase your abundance through the pause so before we dive in I’m going to

Share a little bit with you all about Karina so Karina Stewart is the CEO and founder of Soul wealth coaching which is a seven figure business that she created while working from home as a mom Karina is a former United Nations consultant she’s a published academic and a graduate of Yale University and Coach you Inc in the midst of her career she woke up spiritually and received the New Wealth Consciousness that is essential for all spiritually conscious

Entrepreneurs she’s an Angelic raiki Master an energy realignment specialist and a wealth activator as a sole wealth coach and CEO of her company her desire is to provide you with the proven business strategies and spiritually vital steps to activate your wealth know how to scale your business through your core offer and always be able to create wealth inside your business to fuel your six and seven figure vision and Karina has done that for me and I have been not

Only H A friend of hers for many years but finally you know committed to working with her and elevating my business and I’m so grateful for you to be here because you are such an incredible example of what is possible and I know that you know you’ve not only witnessed what I have been experiencing over the last couple years and even more specifically how it is that this podcast even came to be but I’m curious for you to share with our audience a little bit

More deeply around your journey in how you’ve navigated the power in the pause as it relates to resetting your business and your money and your frequency wow well what a question Wendy thank you for that kickoff question um you know as I was hearing I it really took me to a deeper message around the pause which at first confronts us I mean the pause at first is a disruption and quite frankly we may not enjoy the fact that it has

Come so I want to speak into that because for me you know moments when the pause has come it is not something that I have invited in it’s not something that I have wanted to happen in my life certainly not in my money not in my business because you know as an entrepreneur and any of you that are listening who are entrepreneurs are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs you know when when you have a business like you are the source of your

Abundance like 100% And while we could say that about everyone when it’s your business like if you stop the money stops and if people are counting on you like in my case you know I am the sole you know earner in my family and and you know you start to feel like a little edgy and can get really freaked out so I just want to bring that in like anytime I’ve gone through cycles of pause my first experience of it is basically WTF like what is going on what am I what

What am I missing right because I come from a very Soulful place I’m going to be asking like my soul my higher self like what am I missing but at first the experience for me and I’ve had this in the last six months in my own business where things came to a halt and what I mean by that was like like the energy wasn’t there anymore for things that I was doing messages that I was putting out in the world a way that I was doing business the way I was showing up as a a

Sou Le leader it wasn’t that I could put my finger on anything and go oh well that’s off or that’s it was just like a plug was pulled and I panicked because I didn’t have an answer like well if the plug is supposed to be doing so here’s why I’m sharing that because there is power in the pause and you will miss it if you stay in the Panic you will miss it if you don’t understand why it’s happening and that

It is actually for you and it has a a huge potential for you and what I can say is you know in the last six months for me it looked like first like a major Interruption and A disruption and an irritation so those are some stages of it but then what I did and I and I have done many cycles because I’ve been in this particular business for seven years so it’s certainly not the first go around of that of being shown like hey

It’s time to stop doing it’s time to pull back go inside see what’s you know up it’s time to create something new but it’s to then start paying attention and this is something Wendy I’ve shared with you which is red light green light and this can be a really easy tool is to First go like all right well what is supported which are the green lights and what’s not supported those are the red lights some of that may be just for you on a personal level

Where it’s like you know what like I really haven’t been paying attention I haven’t been being connected to my soul I haven’t actually connected to my energy and as much as I do this work and teach this work to be Soul LED and soul driven and you know grow abundance from Soul I have moments where it’s like you know you’re in life you’re in the doing and you can kind of get in the middle of that so as the plug was pulled out a lot of red lights came in and I got to sit

With it I really got to sit with it and go what is it but I have a lot of tools that I use for that whether that’s meditation energy work there’s you know one person I’ll go to that can support me in that and I have a mentor you know I I I I use all of that to help but here’s the here’s where the power of it is you know it’s a chrysis moment it’s a moment where you find yourself all of a sudden like you are in a crysalis you didn’t even know it and

Then you start looking around and going why am I here and for me what I discovered is the good news was that I was stepping away from things that were no longer aligned for me I mean to be honest and we are going to talk about weal Consciousness here and that’s still a in what I am about but there was an evolution that wanted to come in and the messaging and the work that I was doing in the wealth Consciousness space it was pretty

Complete I was like no there’s there’s more of you to be birthed so I got excited because honestly I was like this is actually why I’m here like I get to be all of me and for some the reason that you resist the pause is because there’s fear in being all of you there’s fear in fully coming out of the closet and going you know what this is who I really am yeah and especially you know when you’re you’re in the spiritual space there can

Be a lot of fear about coming out to really Shine Your Light and and be the light in the world you know we live in a planet where that is not always supported and those inner skills and the inner like movement is not supported but I’ll tell you you know on the being on the other side of giving it the space which look like things like you know what if it’s not aligned with where I’m going and I and I don’t feel

The green light it doesn’t happen it just doesn’t happen that means I’m pausing it I’m pausing the program I’m pulling it out I’m no longer going to do it right or I have a timeline like there’s still some that shift in my in my business space that I have a timeline on it like I’m like Oh that’s come the new year that’s going to shift out it won’t be anymore but it starts with that like red light green light what’s supported and what’s

Not but the sooner you get into that space my experience has been the quicker you get the answers and those are the answers you’re looking for but you’ve got to take that pause and not bypass what wants to teach you your future is ready to teach you your higher Consciousness is ready to teach you but if you’re not available for it which you become available in the pause then you’re just going to keep looping

And cycling on things that actually aren’t working anymore right well and I think you hit on something so powerful and and a lot of people can relate to is you know this fear that comes in the pause especially for those of us and I’m speaking for myself and I know a lot of listeners who are doers right we like to be in control we feel like we are in momentum when we are doing and as you know for the last what

Two years I have really been focusing on getting out of my doer and being Wendy and really leaning into that and and I think that what we resist in the pause is those moments where it is an opportunity for us to lean into the being and we resist that because it’s not only uncomfortable but it’s so unknown because it’s like a full 360 from how it is that we’ve operated for how many decades of our life and you know one of the things that I think that

You have been such a a tremendous Mentor for me in understanding is how it is that those feminine qualities appear in the pauses right that the power truly was being in my my feminine and again you know as you know and I’ve talked about in other um either podcasts or just on social media is that my journey in the pause started last November when we went to Egypt and you witnessed me resisting for almost a year you know close to eight months of like what being

Wendy was supposed to look or not supposed to but what being Wendy looks like and so can you talk a little bit about how you know I’m sure that there’s somebody listening out there who’s like I don’t know how to be like I I don’t know any other way like I want to change I want to be in my feminine I want to stand in my power in those moments can you talk a little bit about what embodying feminine energy and and Consciousness looks like and feels like

Yeah yeah this is really good because first I want to say like if you are feeling the the call or like the pulse or the movement to shift into being you’re right on track because as a planetary Consciousness we’re shifting into a feminine Consciousness and I’ll I’ll talk about what that actually means you know we’ve been in the doing energy we’ve been in more of the masculine like producing

Generating energy meaning like your money comes from when you do your your money comes from like getting a lot done and that has been the system that’s been the structure right of business of our economy of work and so there’s a lot of ingrained programming that we have around that and so it is scary to be like shifting gears because it doesn’t feel natural in some way even though it’s the most natural thing to do is to

Be you but it’s not what you know but the feminine and I imagine there’s a lot of women hearing this but even for men right the feminine is to is are things like following your intuition following the movement of energy and just having a sense of where things are flowing you know if you’re if you’re a mom you get this sense with your own children right you can you’ve known them

Since they were babies and from that moment and you watch them blossom and grow you can already essentially see who they’re going to be right and who they are and their defaults and their strengths and their gifts and personality like it’s like this just inherent beingness and when they’re out of alignment of that it’s can be really easy to see that maybe they’re trying to be something that they’re not and it’s

Really easy right from an outside looking in we can see that so I share that because it’s no different for you for any one of us being and The Feminine nature of that is to follow what I feel is like a pulse because it’s this pulse of life that is literally flowing through everything and it’s to put yourself in that river that River of Life and go with the river rather than trying to swim upstream it and when we’re in the

Doing like that’s what’s happening it’s like and that’s exhausting it’s like you’re just keep trying to go up the you know against the current rather than flowing down stream you’re into we are hardwired in with what the flow is that’s your intuition this is what we could call like just a sense a knowing it isn’t always as tangible as masculine energy that’s like well what does it look like right that comes this isn’t about having

Not having a masculine structure or systems in form but it’s coming from the being first coming from intuition first coming from what is actually supported in the energy of who you are and when you come from there than the masculine is very simple those are oh it’s clear I know what I’m going to create it really is the shortcut so the irony of it is we think in the doing that we’re getting somewhere when in fact we’re not but if you slow down

Right there’s the saying of slow down to speed up if you slow down and come go inside connect with your energy connect to the messages that are inside of you connect to your heart that’s another aspect of the feminine which is love right the feminine heart this love and compassion and pour that into to yourself and you give that space then the solutions are clear they’re easy they’re simple and now all of a sudden you’re already there where you wanted it

To be but you actually didn’t have to spend a lot of energy trying to get there right so the more that you’re really following I mean this is the language of Soul this is you know our soul speaks to us from a place of intuition from signs from messages in dreams for the longest time Wendy I’ll will tell you I mean this is very wired in me and has been for so long like I you know I have prophetic dreams I have for

Decades but I always like because I was so ingrained with that masculine you know you read my BIOS like I went to Ivy League schools I was top of the class like this was what I learned I didn’t give it value for so long like I was curious and I would maybe read books about it but I didn’t allow it to be the central way in which I exist and it wasn’t until I really built that muscle and said you know what I pour in to who

I am first and who I am is this greater being I am the soul and I allow my soul to show me the way and the more I pour it into that it’s like a muscle and it gets stronger and it gets stronger until it became Central to how I exist and yes there are moments when I I’m like oh I just want to do something it’s no no no no no wait for it because it’ll be that much more powerful if you wait for it to crystallize and tune in and tap in but

It’s to really give what some might call those sort of softer qualities you know of feeling and sensing and knowing and intuition and allowing things to move it’s also where healing happens right and sometimes we’re we’re put on pause we could say because there’s something to heal you know healing a broken heart healing like e even from things you just went through recently you might be you know like some of us needed to heal from all the

Doing it’s exhausting we just need to rest self-care right that’s a part of the feminine Consciousness yeah and that word resonates deeply as you know because you know it was I was so in this doing doing doing and it wasn’t creating the results that the old version of me was able to create when I was in that energy right it served us until it no longer served us because we were coming up against that new threshold that new ceiling as I

You know say it’s all about shattering ceilings and Paving New Paths and the only way to lean in and to get to the other side of that is really to allow yourself to sit in the being of the pause and you know you’ve said said so many things I want to ask you about but you know there’s there’s this um I think that part of all of our fears right and and this was one of mine is well what if people really see all of me right I’ve been known in the divorce space for six

Years I have been you know I’ve had this other podcast I have been coaching divorcees I am all about you know teaching women how to recover and heal from their divorce and all of a sudden I’m feeling this pull in a New Direction which is also going to expose as you said like the more spiritual side of me where I was afraid and I was concerned what are people going to say what are people going to think and ultimately you know when you get to that place of when

You really realize that you’re you know there’s ego versus intuition and when your intuition is that softer voice just continuing to just kind of like guide you guide you guide you versus ego which is like no don’t do this stop what are you doing security like you know it’s that louder voice and I think that so many you know I know of so many women who are so afraid to really kind of almost like expose themselves in this higher level of Consciousness afraid of

Letting go of those that they’ve brought on their Journey for so long and yeah to me what I’m hearing you say is that it’s really about as you are upleveling your frequency right it’s hard to come back down to where you were when people can kind of sniff out that it’s not it’s kind of fake like it’s just not as genuine as when you’re up here at that higher level of frequency so can you talk a little bit into how it is that when we allow ourselves to step into

That new frequency and essentially it forces us to really reset everything else in our life to a track that next level of abundance and opportunity yeah I mean this is why so many don’t reset their frequency or follow that pulse of energy that is from the soul and really coming from a future possibility because the fear of what it’s going to mean about relationships about businesses you might already have about

A career that you’re in um about family like there’s just all the like but what does it mean about my whole reality and it’s true what you’re saying is it it does mean a 360 transformation of your reality right and something I always say like when people are afraid in fact someone who was messaging on a DM with Instagram who was like you know thinking about working with me and I was like I’m not sure if like I want to take the step I’m trying

To figure out if my soul is telling me not to do this or if it’s my blockages and I said your soul would never stop you from having what you desire that’s not how this works same with the pulse of energy that’s coming in that’s saying move in this direction not where you’ve been it’s all for you it’s all for you and I can promise you that what’s on the other side you’re going to enjoy more than what your current reality is there’s not

Going to be anything that you’re going to be disappointed in that said you are from the level of Consciousness that you’re still in at the old frequency to Your Ego it will look like a Death to Your Ego it will look like a loss like a sacrifice but that’s the fire that you need to walk through in order to receive the fruits that are on the other side it’s all an illusion but that’s why this is like a being like the spiritual Warrior right

Because we need to face our dragons right to get to the gold that’s you know on the other side of the Dragon that’s the setup it’s to realize that it that it’s an illusion anyway right fear false evidence appearing real and when you when you’re willing to consider that that is true then you’ll walk through it and I won’t lie to you absolutely at another level of frequency at that new threshold there will be things that will

Drop away and whether that’s existing clients existing things you’ve poured all sorts of heart and soul and energy into that just they’re complete right you know for me I mean a lot has happened like I when this started it was like you’re gonna go buy this house so we bought a house it was like we needed to be in a different location we got to walk through that it was a wonderful

Thing and yet it was intense like buying a house in 60 days like okay doing it right and you know honestly like we’re in a house that still has so much that needs to be done and were barely unpacked and some people would not even have done that because it’s like oh but how how are we going to make it everything that I want whereas you’re in your comfort where you live right and so you don’t move right but this is how it works and the willingness to take the

Risk not only I mean I can promise you that it’s worth it but to be aware that it’s just simply law it’s law if you exist at a higher threshold and at a new frequency all that can exist with you in there is anything that is in resonance with the new frequency that you are and that is very neutral and how it works but there’s a cost to staying at the old frequency and a big part of it is not

Only the continual kind of like pitfalls that you’re going to keep hitting into but there really does become a cost even to the physical body and your physical health I mean I’m sure so many that are listening to this are in that overdrive that are in the like you know adrenals being taxed out and like you know feeling that because if you’re stuck in the doing it strains on your body and it strains on your health and this is why

Sometimes you’re just going to be thrown into a crisis maybe it’s a Health crisis because your body is saying you need to reset that it’s not working for you and that is actually your body’s way of protecting you right and you know often can come through that way yeah and I think you know what you just said is super relatable and it even comes through in unexpected life Transformations right that we that could be any number of things ultimately you

Know with me I hear the signs but it’s like sometimes they have to come you know a bunch of different times a bunch of different ways and you know my last and final one really came from me just I mean I I was so burned out I mean for me the transition was burnout and I hadn’t experienced burnout for years I mean as an entrepreneur I mean I loved what I was doing I loved my calling I loved my mission I loved what you know what I had

Created until I stopped and it really put me into a state of just complete and utter procrastination and burnout and you know leaning into what you had said before is really that self element and I think that a lot of people also think that self-care has to look a certain way or it has to cost a certain amount of money or it has to be a certain amount of you know time that we give ourselves and ultimately you know self- care is something as simple as just

Pausing yeah I mean Wendy my favorite pause is literally like giving myself my morning like it’s my favorite time of day and I live in this gorgeous place looking at the mountains looking at the ocean like palm trees and green parrots and I just want to sit on my deck like and like take it in and not like not need to do anything see the on the old mindset I’d be like oh my gosh I need to have an offer I need to have an email

Written I need to and that would be the first thing instead no I need to breathe I need to breathe I need to get centered in me yeah and when I do that like then I’ll know what is the aligned movement that wants to become visible in the world like that’s self-care like literally just or sometimes I sit on the land here because I get so much so charged up and so energetically potent and I’m like oh no I mean I did that two

Weeks ago and I took a whole day and all I did was just be in my home like whether that was up on my deck and looking at it or sitting in our little banana Grove and like receiving information from the land and anyone who was if they were watching me on the outside it would look like I was doing nothing and someone who’s really stuck in the field of doing would think it was lazy right like right what is she doing like you know especially if you

Looked around me I have a lot I could be doing in my home right now but I’m like no I’m not about a to-do list this is not how I operate it’s let me connect in so yeah self-care is you know swinging on a hammock making a smoothie that like nourishes you walking you know walking on the land Barefoot going for a swim like none of these things need to cost money now I love to luxuriate as well but it doesn’t need to this is about you resetting to Center and becoming

Present I love that is the best self-care gift you could give yourself yeah I love that and I you know and it brings up um you know I think one of the reasons why and especially now that maybe a lot of us are are having trouble being in the present is we’re living in a world that is you know quite honestly you know a world that none of us thought we would be alive to witness or to see right that there’s so much uncertainty and change being you know

The word I’m hearing it’s like it’s there’s so much heavy breathing around change and uncertainty right now that is you know perpetuating you know the fears and and the unrest that a lot of us are feeling these days and I think that you know there’s also guilt that comes up of like well but this is happening somewhere else and look at me and look what I’m doing in my life and I think that what a lot of you know one of the things I had to come to terms with and

Kind of wrap my mind around even very recently is it it gets to look different for all of us how it is that we are breathing through the uncertainty and the change and rather than resisting right or being hesitant um and keeping distance from you know your true path and and really what your highest self sees as being in your best interest you know instead of Leaning into that it’s like well no I I get to be the light right we get to embody what it is that

The world gets to see and you know some people may say well you know that’s selfish or this the Judgment right can go on for me we could have a whole other podcast about the Judgment that comes with that and it’s important for those of us that are intended to be right these light workers these high vibrational frequency workers um you know how can people just kind of you know or rather what advice would you give somebody who’s kind of in this

Place of like I know that this is where I’m supposed to be right like I know that I was born to be a butterfly right coming back into the crysalis example which you know resonates with me the whole metamorphosis you know thing process and so it’s like if somebody really knows right now like I’m supposed to be a butterfly and I’m a caterpillar and it’s selfish if I go into my crysalis because of all this other stuff that’s happening like it’s selfish for

Me to become that butterfly like what advice would you give somebody um about you know really leaning into and embracing the the change that is on the other side right you may not be able to see it but you know that there’s something there yeah yeah this is really good because I used to feel really guilty about taking like what we could call self-care time um you know I’m a mom of two my husband does most of the domestic

Stuff um you know all of our Cooks our meals does the grocery shopping um does the laundry like that those things and as a woman I I would occasionally feel guilt about that even though like I’m running an epic business and I’m making the money and like you know this is this contorted thing right like well hello like I’m massively contributing and yet you know there’s that programming right that tells me as

A mom like I should be or as even as a wife right like I should have a certain gole so I would feel this like almost need to ask permission right be like hey hun so I’m gonna go just like it’s a cool if I just go lay down on the bed I’m going to do some energy work I’m going to meditate a little bit and you know he never had those Hang-Ups but I would feel like I needed to ask the permission right and so I feel like your question gets to this like it’s almost

Like do do I have the permission and the privilege to take a pause right when all sorts of things are happening maybe in my personal life my kids need me my husband needs me my community needs me the world needs me right and then we start thinking that the way that you’re needed looks a certain way and that’s what we make up about that right well what I’ve discovered about that is we’re wrong we’re wrong often about that because I mean it comes down

To some simple things first you know the the age olds you know saying you got to put the oxygen mask on yourself first right I mean that is true if you are not breathing if you are not centered if you are not present if you are not okay okay no amount of doing is actually moving anything in your reality because you are not filled up you are not okay so that has always got to be step one but I would even say from the

Standpoint of like the bigger kind of picture of the planet and your soul purpose and and all of us that are connected as really a soulle group and a Consciousness that are that are here to be the light we’re a te and I we talked about this on you know another call we did because it’s it’s it’s a big aha for people to realize that you know what if you are being tapped to to go in if you are being

Tapped to pause right now that us actually making room for someone else then to step up and be visibly in the light because see we’re connected and it’s important as a as a team of life to to remember that hey you know what you got to go sit back go do some self-care take the pause and there’s going to be someone else that’s going to step in you may not even know who that is and it’s

Okay but it’s so important that you do that otherwise you’re not allowing space for someone else to step in and be visible and contribute in a more visible way now you taking care of you is contributing not only because you’re now filling your own cup again which is essential but you see I’ve done some of my best work in meditations like my best work you’re you’re literally moving the consciousness of the

Planet and you know that’s a whole area we could speak into right but but like we are energy and so if your energy is not expanding and you’re in contraction and you’re in stress and overwhelm that’s what you’re putting in the world right like you’re no good to anyone and you’re not contributing to this higher Soul path that is why you’re here so go inside shift your energy which is to shift your frequency and now wow things start moving for you first of all but

Now you are a positive impact on the planet you know you this reminds me of something you said earlier this morning um Karina was teaching a class this morning and was amazing and you said something that really resonated with me and I feel like it fits in to this point um you said two things actually because the word I keep hearing is it’s really around trust and surrender right trust trusting in the pause trusting in the power in the pause

And the second level of that of what you said today which resonates deeply because you know this particular first word that I’m going to say is actually the name of my private mentorship program which is you know you said Paradigm shifts don’t make sense until you make the leap and I mean I like I still get goosebumps right like Beyond chills and you know I think that that’s what so many of us have have a problem with we think that the leap

Either has to look a certain way it has to be huge it has to be like full of energy and sometimes taking that leap means just stopping yeah and trusting that what’s on the other side so I’d love for you to to talk into that as as we you know bring our episode to a close so it’s so good here’s the thing we are in a paradigm shift and and what I mean by that is you know what we’ve been talking about here on this episode because we’re

Shifting into the feminine Consciousness and The Feminine ways of being all of us are no matter if you’re a man or or a woman and that is to allow room and space for our higher Consciousness to exist here and that is the paradigm shift that we’re coming from higher Consciousness which is to come from our light and to come from our soul and to be embodied in our soul here right but that’s not going to make any

Sense to the part of you that hasn’t made that shift yet you literally can’t read the language of that you you won’t understand it that’s the caterpillar inside the C list that cannot that has no clue that it’s becoming a butterfly doesn’t know what wings are doesn’t know what flying is like doesn’t know what the outside world you know flying to a flower is so all it knows is inside the Crysis and being the caterpillar that’s going

Through some Mushy Mushy messy phase which is getting to a pivot point right so if you realize that that can take away the hesitation to lean in to trusting that it’s going to work out for you that if you do lean into the pause on the other side of that is everything that your heart desires that’s the promise on the other side but it takes the courage to stop needing to have certainty or needing to know what it is on the other side

Because the more you obsess and attach to that you actually push away your own shift you push it away and you say Stu so yeah I mean I think it helps just to realize that it would be it’s like impossible to know it’s on the other side but the way to get there faster and it accelerate it is lean in lean in and follow that energy because it is showing you how it’s teaching you yeah absolutely I mean I couldn’t agree more and oh my God there’s so much more I

Want to ask you and we could talk about Karina this was amazing this was such a powerful conversation and I want to make sure that everybody knows where they can also follow you and where they can find you yeah so you know the my my best advice is to find me on Instagram because I’m available for DMS there you can message me you can tell me you heard this episode and what lit you up about it I’d love to hear from you so I have

Two Instagram accounts my main one is at the new Cod Global so you’ll find me there and then also I have a new Instagram account that I started just a couple months ago called The Frequency experiment and it’s at the frequency experiment so you can find me there as well um those are really the best ways to find me and we can connect you’ll see my content you’ll see things I put out there and and come say hello and you also have your own podcast oh yes I do

It’s called activate your wealth yes I’ve got hundreds of episodes so listen to those those are amazing I know people binge on them just like people binge on your podcast Wendy yeah um yeah if you want to go deeper in you know this work wealth Consciousness resetting uh higher Consciousness business go check that out I mean hundreds and hundreds of episodes to listen to yeah and they’re amazing I still go back and listen to so many of them because there’s so much amazingness

In them plus you feel elevated every time you finish listening to one of your episodes which I do hope my listeners feel the same way about my podcast episodes as well but Karina thank you so much for just being who you are in this world I’m so grateful that our paths crossed when they did and just you know the work that you do is unparalleled and just so incredibly potent so thank you for being my guest today thank you Wendy this was

Awesome thank you everyone for tuning in and yeah it was a real real honor to be here thank you for inviting me to be a part of your brand new podcast yeah you’re welcome and you guys Karina also has a free gift for you guys which you can check out in the show notes um it I don’t know if you want to say anything about it or not but it’s the five essential keys to unlocking your wealth there’s this is my foundational process to shifting your wealth frequency so it

Is five days of U video activations and teachings on shifting your wealth frequency yeah it’s so good you guys grab it go in the show notes click on it just do it that’s all I have to say it’s incredibly powerful um and everybody thank you guys so much for tuning in to today’s episodes as you know with every single one of my episodes my goal is to really demonstrate and show you how it is that you two can tap into the power within when you choose to pause so thank

You guys for listening to this week’s episode don’t forget to also follow me across social media if you aren’t already my new Instagram is Wendy page Sterling and that’s me on Facebook as well as on Instagram and I also encourage you guys to please rate and review this podcast so that I get more listeners and can help impact and change more lives so thanks for tuning in sending you all so much love light and joy as always Mah bye.

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