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Building a business can begin with a pause.

I invite you to go beyond the bells and whistles of competitors to attract our ideal clients with focus and planning. 

Explore the possibilities of an aligned business filled with reflection with business expert Christine Campbell Rapin. She teaches us to slow down and contemplate so we can choose the right lane and scale our profit-generating ideas to new heights. 

Remember, when we take time to create value for those who seek our help, we become magnets for high-value clients.

Join the conversation: Slow Down to Scale Your Business with Christine Campbell Rapin.

✔️ Choose a lane and focus. Be clear about your direction and concentrate on two to three ways to attract clients. Will you find the fit for you through speaking, networking, or events? 

✔️ Apply the 80-20 rule. Zero in on the things that are working to get you clients and revenue. By focusing on the most impactful 20%, you optimize your efforts for maximum effectiveness.

✔️ Attract your ideal clients. Master your skills and let your expertise speak for itself. Rather than begging for clients, draw in those who resonate with and appreciate your expertise.

✔️ Slow down and create movement. You can go a long way through small, purposeful steps. Take time to research and plan for fruitful results.

✔️ Provide value. Prioritize delivering quality over quantity to your audience. Make meaningful contributions that match your audience’s needs and aspirations.

Christine Campbell Rapin is a business mentor, consultant, and owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc. 

She has a no-nonsense approach to helping business owners achieve consistent client growth by improving client conversion rates. 

Creative service-based business owners and consultants seek her out to create consistently profitable businesses by implementing effective marketing and business strategies and scale successfully.

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Knowing that you have the power to say no because that is in service of a potential client right because I never want to get into a relationship with a client where I don’t see how it is that I can serve them and and you bring up another really good point which is you know we’re a conduit for them right we’re helping them to see what they can’t and asking them the right questions to guide them in their right

Path [Music] hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast how are you doing today as a reminder please do not forget to hit subscribe leave me a five-star rating and a review I want to make sure that more people are able to find this podcast and I also want to make sure that you guys don’t miss a single episode that comes out every single week

So thank you guys for tuning in today where I am joined by Christine Campbell rapen hello Christine how are you I am awesome thank you so good to see you and so wonderful to have you here and you guys we are going to talk about slowing down to speed up the value that you create so before we dive in I want to share a little bit more with you about Christine So Christine is a business Mentor consultant and owner of clear acceleration Incorporated she has a

Non-nonsense approach to helping business owners achieve consistent client growth by improving client conversion rates creative service-based business owners and Consultants seek her out to create consistently profitable businesses by implementing effective marketing and business strategies and to scale successfully so I’m excited Christina is here because I heard her on another podcast that I was listening to and was just blown away and then of

Course I had to like binge listen to her podcast um because I wanted to number one make sure that this would be a relevant conversation it wasn’t just me being you know Wendy and loving the content that she talks about but I really saw a ton of value in what I saw that she could add to this podcast today so Christine I would love for you to share with our audience today you know how it is that you have done you know what led you to the work that you do

Today and and how it is that you’ve embraced sort of a pause or a slowing down that led you to create this incredible business and the impact that you’re able to have with your clients you know it’s an interesting story I I sort of have always been in the world of business it was something I watched from a really young age my dad was in the world of business he’s you know that old school generation where the handshake is the Integrity piece contracts didn’t

Need to be 8,000 pages long and I watched him build relationships and I knew I would at some point want to create my own business and I knew that from probably a pretty young age because I was around some really great women business owners early early in my career and I started educating myself to be in the world of business and I have a really interesting career background because I have worked successfully across the job functions and worked in

Different Industries and in different parts of the world and it was curiosity that was always the driver I started in marketing I kept saying it’s pretty so what that was really irritating by the way to the marketing and then that end I said well if you’re going to depend this to a salesperson you got to have more than style that led me into business development and then as I was starting to build Business Development and inspiring people they could catch the

Vision that we were creating I kept looking at why are we not deliberate like what the hell I didn’t want my reputation impinged so I then got invited to really work on the back end and really work on the operational side and in the world of business the only way you stay at the table is if you’re creating success for other people and I was great at it and it led me to New Opportunities and I was always the unlikely higher but I was curious enough

To say I know this much and I’m really good at this but I am curious about how it interacts with everything else and it’s that connecting the dots that has led me to where I am today because I never set out to be a business mentor and I tell people that’s such an important thing for you to know if you’re ever in my ecosis or you ever consider even hiring me because I think the way the business world is people who call themselves business coaches have

Never created businesses and it’s evident there’s a one pony one strategy approach that they take and when it doesn’t work they look at you as you’re at fault versus I had approach to say I want to be a great entrepreneur rur and I’ve done that in a lot of different ways in a lot of different Industries in a lot of different places but business is elegantly simple because I’ve been able to see the consistencies because of that diversity and as a result people

Kept saying to me what the hell are you doing to create your business because I know that you have a lot of other priorities when I first started my first business I built it one hour a day and that’s not hyperbole that’s just truth because I had a full-time career I traveled a lot I ran half the country I was getting married adopting bonus kids and a dog building a house like I didn’t have time time was a luxury but I got curious when someone said I think you

Need to know about this opportunity and I was like I’m fascinated you even remember my name because the person who approached me did so on LinkedIn and talked to her in 10 years and we were not friends in the office we were colleagues but she knew that I was curious and that I wanted to create something and I left that impression with her and she sparked my imagination so I built it 1 hour a day and people kept saying to me can I buy you coffee

Or a glass of wine or a beer depending on how you knew me and I want you to really distill business for me and I would because I want to make people successful and then they go I can see it I can see that Simplicity and I don’t get that a lot in the marketplace and they would be inspired and leave and then they’d phone me a period of time later often usually within you know a month or two and say I can’t apply this I’m back in the weeds I’m back in the

Distractions I’m back in overwhelm could I spend some more time with you because I know your time’s highly value I’d like to pay you and at first I was slightly offended and it was very unexpected and when I looked to the industry I thought I don’t want to be with that brush because I don’t want people to not get the results because of false expectations in the marketplace so I did what any smart Savvy person does I went to talk to to other people peers who

Were in the space doing it really well that I admired and they said to me the world actually does need you to do this that’s why you’re being asked that’s why you’re being invited to be paid for it it’s valued because if you’re going to help a client build a $100,000 business they’ll pay you $10,000 because you’re exponentially going to get them there because you’ve been at that table a lot of times so you do need to help those that are seeking you and when I heard

That perspective I started to shift of this was not about my ego which I saw so much in the business Community coaches were driven by ego volume slam dunking clients and I said I don’t want any part of that so I thought to myself if I could do it in Integrity how would I do it it’s time to build that and I jumped in with my first client that said this was a hot mess it was probably the worst sales conversation I’d ever had in my entire career because I was expecting

Literally this is a funny thing but I’m you’ll appreciate this I was on a podcast I was there prepping to talk about a podcast and she I thought she was just asking me general questions and she’s like no I want to scrap up the podcast I want to hire you and I was like I’m sorry what it went that was how it actually my first client did come into my business and it really was opportunity Clarity and using the skills I had which was connecting all the dots

Which most businesses really struggle with and if you can’t connect the dots it’s freakingly hard to make the impact you want yeah and I think that that’s probably one of the biggest struggles that people have is figuring out how to connect those dots but at the same time like you used my number one value word which is integrity right because I do I agree with you I mean I think that there are a lot of coaches out there who are not necessarily in Integrity with the

Value and the offers that they do have out there but what I do know to be true is that when you are making offers or you are creating a business from your values right you’re able to provide value to your potential future new clients and so I want to dive into that for a second so you know so many of us get caught up in that overwhelm right and part of that is also um getting caught up in um you know I call it being on kind of the hamster wheel like the

Doing hamster wheel so sometimes that that can be a death sentence like let’s be honest um so how can somebody think about how it is that they can distinguish between creating value and getting caught up in that hamster wheel yeah the first thing I always remember is is what inputs are you putting onto the table because if you’re looking to scale which means to do something repeatedly I’m not talking it has to be a million dollars I’m just saying

Scaling is about repeatedly delivering a high quality service what inputs are going in because the simpler it is the easier it is to replicate and so when I’m working with clients I always say two things and only two things will drive your business never lose sight of the two how many people you’re getting in front of that could be buyers the buyer piece is often not talked about about in circles but that is the key it’s the buyer piece and how many offers

Are you making and when you are making offers it is about understanding nobody and I mean nobody wants to pay for your time they want to pay for the result so for you to create value you need to not assume what’s valued but to talk regularly about what’s valued and I always tell my clients really candidly you don’t buy a $9 thing from me and end up as a high ticket client that’s not the way I’m building my business and it’s contrary to every other high Guru I

See in the marketplace and that creates a lot of problems because at that small price you’re not committed you don’t invest your time bandwidth and energy and as a result you don’t get where you want to go and so for me when I talk about value I go what do you need and am I capable to leading you to that result because I am not the solution I’m the thinking partner that helps you learn to make better decisions see where your opportunities are so you choose your

Lane and have the confidence to execute and so that’s where I think value creation really stars and you need to get out and that’s one of the big challenges with emerging entrepreneurs or growth-minded entrepreneurs is they think that the value is about justifying themselves when you’re the least important part of the conversation you have to be credible you have to have experience you have to be trusted but you have to be

Intentional about creating that so that people can choose to say I come into your ecosystem because I saw value and the first question you ask is what did you see because if I assume it chances are I’m gonna get it wrong and we’re in a perfect example for that because I put something into the marketplace that you saw as valued and when you came and asked me and said I’d like to know if we’d like to collaborate I said what did you see was value how do I add value to

You this is not my ego at play I am simply a resource that you can choose and I have to decide I’m capable and offer only when I’m really sure that I know how to help you get there and so to me that’s St an Integrity because you can’t simply choose to have a relationship with me and be a client we have a collaborative conversation and you ask and I offer we don’t jump the gun in that yeah because otherwise we setting ourselves up to fail exactly I

Don’t want to see another business owner or another person another peer feel like they got taken for a ride on a missed expectation that could have resolved in a conversation yeah and I think I think what you said is so incredibly important and to me what this means is knowing that you have the power to say no because that is in service of a potential client right because I never want to get into a relationship with a client where I don’t see how it is that

I can serve them and and you bring up another really good point which is you know we’re a conduit for them right we’re helping them to see what they can’t and asking them the right questions to guide them in their right path it’s not that we have the answers right I see my clients as having the answers I see them as being the experts in what is right for them but I think that you know so many times you know we live in this world

That you know we feel like you know we got to do it now I mean this used to be my methodology it’s like I got to do it now I got to do it now I’m already behind because I’m not doing it now and you know and and I feel world where you know we value quantity right over quality but I’m wondering like how can somebody who’s listening um effectively you know be able to find the right clients communicate with them and communicate the importance of like that

Slowdown right for them to really strategically create the right path for themselves no when we think it’s all about us and we’re justifying the how the classic example I see to people is they launch a new programmer services and it’s all about the how 5% of the marketplace cares about the how the other 95% does not because the 95% who does not goes oh my God that sounds like I’m gonna have to do some work and they back away it is work if you want to

Create a movement from where you are to where you want to go it requires effort Focus effort is my recommendation but it’s not rainbows and unicorns there’s effort and progress and iteration and growth and that’s all sticky and uncomfortable that’s why it’s better to hold somebody’s hand to do it but what I think’s important when we talk about value is two things for your person in the dark they are looking for a much smaller win than you can possibly even

Get your head around and I think some of the challenges with when we get caught into that how and trying to throw all the bells whist whistles unicorns lollipops and rainbows at it is it’s not that they don’t want it it’s not that that’s not what they’re searching for and a classic example to this for for me when I’m working with clients I have clients that say you know I want I want to help you live your best Liv and I just that makes me cringe on every level

Because I said it’s not that I don’t want that but I didn’t get out of bed looking for that today and to me that seems really far from the Epic meltdown I had having coffee this morning so I just connect to you and I could be your buyer and what I tell people when you’re figuring out who do you want to serve is you want to think about the moments that create movement what is the really small step that they would say that feels like progress because progress feels

Something that I could repeat and we talked about scale the way you get momentum is to have repeated successes over and over and over again and the movement creates the moment and so I always tell people you need to really understand what’s the moments that create movement your goal is to interrupt intersect and show an alternate way on the other side because they can’t see it yet or they don’t feel it’s relatable to them in their current

Distress they said you don’t need to solve it you need to show the possibility and that goes back to what we added earlier which is your goal is to create curiosity and What Makes You value is your ability to see the sequence not to tell them there’s 30 steps because that’s not helpful but here’s the next one step and this step leads to this step and when I get hired as a mentor it’s not that I will tell you here’s the answer but I will tell

You here’s the 50,000 things I’ve tried and I have a lot of experience and that’s where the value is created said I will tell you what some options are if you can’t yet see the other side but then we’ll sit and said what feels like you’re laying because to be successful to have a handle on your own capacity you get to intentionally choose what do you say yes to what do you say no to and I’ll give you an example in my own business because I I really bucked the

Trend and I’m proud of that decision I decided in 2023 that I would remove all of my group programs and my masterminds in the industry everyone was moving to group everyone was going to volume everybody wanted low ticket High thing and it was all about me stuffing my pockets that really was the energy that that’s about there and I said I’m not here for that doesn’t sit with my Integrity I’m watching people get left behind and I’m watching gurus or experts

Who position themselves as such saying here’s the one way and the only way to do that which isn’t accurate at all and so I said I don’t want to be part of that I am going to focus only on serving High touch high impact clients for the rest of the year as I watch what’s happening in the Marketplace because I believe there’s a place to do that and I said I also believe you can scale in value and not be so focused on the volume because I only wanted to work a

Certain number of hours and I had a very clear idea what that capacity look like my business had the best year ever serving less people more richly to achieve faster results and it’s amazing to see the belief system that it creates and as my business evolved I’m able to bring more value so I said as much as I’m you you know what you get from day one what is important when you’re choosing a you know wagon to Hitch to is are they in movement too because all of

That Crescendo falls down to you as a benefit to somebody who’s in motion and so I think you know you have to look at what are the things that create movement you have to know what is the really small things that build momentum and you need to be clear that if you slow it down for them it’s going to sound over simple to your brain it is where they need to be met and you can say yes there’s a longer path as long as an Integrity wise you’re not trying to

Make them dependent on you forever please don’t do that your goal is to make them independent to move on or to graduate or to take their next step you might have steps you can help with don’t don’t self- fulfill your pocket please I just makes me crazy to see that and I said to people that’s how you create value shift your lens and then equip yourself to be a resource you don’t need to try so hard to sell a mirage small steps really are the big things I

Couldn’t agree more couldn’t agree more I mean if I could bold highlight underline everything that you just said um it’s you guys everybody listening like rewind and go back and listen to what Christine just said said that is so incredibly important and and what I am hearing you say is it is so important for us to slow the F down right we’re so quick to want to like it’s like throwing spaghetti at a wall of like I can do this and this and this and and our ideal

Clients are like whoa whoaa whoa I I’m literally just like sitting up from having just woken up like I’m just I’m hardly breathing please don’t add more at me exactly like I’m literally just taking a breath I am sitting up like you already have me in the shower and I I haven’t even like and I’m still in bed so I want to reiterate and also ask you um with your expertise I mean what strategies and or techniques do you use that you teach your clients that you use

You employ to ensure that you are slowing down that you are pausing that you are not at Z when your audience is still at a what can you share with everyone as a a strategy that they can take the first thing is you do get what you measure so it’s deciding what your lane is so I said I track a couple things and I choose activities that support only those things so the first way to get out of overwhelm is remember the 8020 principle yes love this 20% of

Your activity is creating results 80% of the results come from % of the activity will drop the other 880 my friends get out of the overwhelm so I tell people if two things predict your Revenue which as I said before attracting an audience of buyers and making offers that are valued so people say yes to them then I need to think about what Lane do I want to choose that drives those two things because without them I will have a crater in my business and I will be on

Life support so I then tell people in the world of marketing I want you to remember the strategy piece which is what do you stand for where do you want to create movement how are you moving people from Curiosity to pay client you need to understand what’s the lane because every tactic out there works the question is whether it will work for you I recommend and personally do one two or three things only that drive those things to me it’s speaking networking

And events and the reason for that is because nobody got out of bed today thinking that they needed me in their pocket until they start to go that makes sense but I can’t do it I maybe need some help and the fastest path is hiring you so they’re experiential this conversation is best served through an experience and that can be through those three strategies but I don’t do everything else I don’t spend on ads I don’t spend on complicated Tech I know

Because I don’t want you buying a $9 thing to be a client I want you and I to meet each other I want us to be really sure when I want to make an offer I want to know where my capacity is and so you get to pick your tactic and once you pick it you do it because it’s what you want to build your business around that creates the lifestyle that you want and you say no to everything else what that does mean is you then have the time focus and space to start to master that

Skill because you can choose a lane that you didn’t have a lot of experience in but the only way through the storm of learning is through it and so if you Embrace that I’m going to do this one thing and I’m going to learn and iterate as long as the end goal is non-negotiable you’ll start to build up speed and that’s where you slowed down it’s like I don’t do a ton of things people’s perspective is that you’re busy but you’re like I’m focused on the

Things I chose that derive the results of 20% activity 80% results and I look at what’s working and I f- tune because what I see in the marketplace right now is all of those that went to that group program all the went to the high volume they’re dying because the marketplace is saying I tried that I wasted saturated don’t you think yeah I think they well I think there’s so many doing it poorly that it’s got a very negative

Brushstroke against it and what people need and what they’re craving is intimacy access help me think help me learn to make decisions and help me ReDiscover my self- leadership because if you want to create ripples you know feel alive and really embody what you choose it requires you to lead yourself and you cannot lead if you’re spending a thousand directions it takes centeredness and I think the world really needs leadership

And so when I’m working with clients I said I’m building the next Empire Builders I’m getting a seat at their table and I’m helping them feel their way for growth so that they can stand up and be an icon and I mean that in a light way to be a beacon of others and to hire others train teach guide support and I just think that’s what the world needs I made that decision and I shifted my business to support it and I think it’s going to be where the market really

Resonates with certainly those that really want to come work with me will go that’s something I’m not hearing elsewhere yep I couldn’t agree more I made a similar pivot and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made um so again you guys like Christine is G giving you gold right now like Platinum it and what I love that I’m hearing you say is that it gets to be this simple it really does and and I agree with you I think so many entrepreneurs and businesses try to over

Complicate they try to put their footprint everywhere well let me see if this works well let me see if that works instead of really doubling down and investing their time their energy their money into what is actually producing results and I and I you know I think that’s actually one of the greatest lessons I learned you know many years ago when I first started out on my business was I was trying to do and be everything to everybody when I was in

The divorce Arena and then I realized no no no no I need to just hone in and I need to focus on what is working what is producing these you know what’s producing Revenue But ultimately to your point like my goal was to work less and to make more money and that was in high ticket and so similarly I have shifted my entire business model into focusing on that high ticket and you know I everything you’re saying is just this is why I needed you to be here today

Because I’m like she gets it and I would just add one thing and I think the difference is whether you chase the market yeah or whether you have faith to attract the market and I think when what we what I’m hearing and what I think well I just we stand on my Soap Box forever about is I would rather you be the magnet and I think some of the big challenges that if you are clear on what you stand for and you’re clear on the value that you can help create and

You’re clear on why you’re the must higher you need to own the Integrity that says I know there’s a market for me and what could be the reality is that you’re not in the right rooms you’re not creating the right movement you’re not credible in the right spaces yet that doesn’t mean there’s not a market you get to build the business the way you want to live the life s you want so you know the answer to that is you need to find your

Buyers and that is I get a really challenging thing for people that’s why I get hired it’s I said you know they’re like can’t you just tell me the answer and I said I can but would it be any fun like I I know what I instinctively would say for you but that’s not my business it’s yours and that’s why it’s important that we do the work to figure out how to do that I said but then you must pull your buyer there’s eight billion people out there and here’s the truth which I

Find fascinating the marketplace 47% of it close the doors because they can’t find enough buyers it’s why most businesses collapsed the second is cash flow if you cannot find your buyer you do not have a business you have a hobby and I will tell you Google Pinterest and YouTube have multi multi-million searches every single day the market is buying the problem is they’re not finding you because you’re not in the right room for

The buyer who needs what you have because you’re trying to sell a unicorn and they’re looking to take their first baby step you can make a really successful business helping people make first steps you can absolutely walk a very long Runway with them but don’t believe for a second that there’s not the buyer stop chasing it and trying to be a replica of somebody else figure out what makes you the beacon own it and then say my most important thing is to

Have a thinking partner to help me get clear on who that buyer is what creates their movement how I can create value for them and then confidently lead offers experiences trusted conversations and fun can we pleas bring some fun back into the business world I would love I that’s what I try to do to be honest because I do I feel like the fun has been lost I mean I feel like people you know creating your own business gets to

Be fun it that is what gets me up out of bed every day that’s what lights me up when I get on a phone conversation it’s why I love doing my podast because I love having these amazing intelligent conversations to share wisdom with people because it this is this is what we need more of in this world I mean I oh God it is sometimes it can just be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be like I always say like overwhelm is a choice exactly oh my

God said but like it really is like that is your choice own your choice choose differently you can the rest of us are that’s why we’re out here here and you know I think the one last point that I’d love to um kind of bring us home here on this episode is you know some people are looking at you probably looking at me and going well I can’t do that like I’m not like them or you know it’s great that that happened for them but that’s not going to happen for me so what would

You say to somebody who’s you know in that self-doubt mindset right now what would you say to them to overcome that negative thinking yeah well first off the only difference between you you and I if you’re a person who’s living with self-doubt is that you were named differently than me because we still have the same doubts that you do the simple reality is that I’m chapters ahead of seeing it recognizing it navigating it and that was a choice to

Do it like I didn’t hatch as a great entrepreneur I’m 30 years in the making of one and so I would simply say to people that nothing beats experience and if you can shift from wow I can learn from this to a spectator sitting on the sidelines you will be chapters ahead of the clients you will serve and so this is a Continuum it’s not a destination every business owner I know and you and I are women 95% of women leaders struggle with impostor syndrome 95% so

Welcome to the crowd my friends and this week is a perfect example so I’ll just share like I know what grows my business I’m putting new content I’m running a new event tomorrow I’ve never done it I was on the fence maybe I should cancel it until I realized wow I’ve got 25 people registered I haven’t written it I’ve got to figure that out I’ve got to stop avoiding the problem and I need to get to work and do the thing and where do I start what do they need me to be

What do they need to hear how can I guide them Inspire them and illuminate the Gap and create movement and so it’s a wobbly week but I’m committed to the experience and I do it in December and I do this intentionally I’ve done it a couple years now in my business I launch new things right in the middle of a really crazy time because two things are happening people are reflecting I have a uncrowded Marketplace and that means I will start January really strong so I’m

Like Go Wobble now I can’t get better in January if I don’t do it in December so I agree take the action because your simple action puts you light years ahead of where you were when you got out of bed amen I mean I cannot agree with everything that you said more today Christine thank you so much for being here and sharing your wisdom and I want to make sure that all of our listeners know where they can find you so you can find me at Christine camping.com my name

Is spelled on the screen it’ll be in the show notes but I would invite you to come explore that’s where you can connect explore what we do listen to some of that podcast and collaborate with us start there amazing and I also know that you have a free gift for our listeners I do so if you are trying to figure out well what is my Lane sounds great I do need to simplify I have a resource and it’s 25 ways right now these are tactics to help you attract

That audience of buyers when you go to the website you’ll be able to download that PDF it’s 11 pages of options here’s my number one tip after you download it pick a lane no more than three start with one strategies you’re going to say that’s how I’m going to build my business and then start mastering it and get the result ources to equip yourself to be confident in that lane that’s how you step out of overwhelm all 25 of these strategies work right now they

Work for people in my network they’re work with people I know so they’re golden whether they’re golden for you is your commitment to choosing the Lan I love it thank you so much for being here today and for sharing so many great nuggets you guys everything is in the show notes go and grab that incredible download there’s no excuse there’s no excuse for you to not do it there’s no excuse for you to not start your business today because as I always say

Like your ideal clients are waiting for you they are literally waiting for you to open your mouth to be seen to be vulnerable to put yourself out there so if there’s anything that you gain from this episode today it is about taking that first baby step towards the business that you want to create towards attracting the ideal buyers that you want and learning how in the Slowdown is where the speed up happens so thank you guys for tuning in today don’t forget to

Also follow me across social media my social handle is Wendy page Sterling thank you for tuning in I hope that you guys have a beautiful rest of your day sending you so much love and light as always Mah bye [Music] everybody

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