Wendy Paige Sterling

Having Audacity In Resilience with Erika Rothenberger

Research by The National Council for Mental Wellbeing shows that 70% of adults in the United States have experienced trauma at least once in their lives. After facing a near-death experience in 2022, author and female empowerment leader Erika Rothenberg made the choice to embrace the challenging path of resilience. Instead of staying stuck in […]

How to Manage the Panic with the Pause

I invite you to explore the transformative potential of pausing in moments of panic. Taking a deliberate pause amidst chaos can recalibrate your energy. It also allows you to respond with strength rather than react out of weakness. Pausing acts as an emotional regulator, shifting you from heightened stress to a state of calm clarity. […]

Embrace Life Transitions Through The Power In The Pause

Embrace Life Transitions Through The Power In The Pause Welcome to “The Power in the Pause Podcast,” the show that explores the extraordinary potential within life’s transformative pauses. Hosted by Wendy Paige Sterling, a dedicated advocate of personal growth, empowerment, and intuition, this podcast is your guide to embracing the moments that challenge, transform, and […]