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Life is full of transitions – moments that force us to reflect, grow, and unlock our true potential. Join us as we delve into inspiring stories of resilience, share practical tools for navigating pivotal transitions, and empower you to thrive during life’s transformative moments, all while trusting your intuitive wisdom.

This podcast is more than just a source of inspiration; it’s a community of individuals who believe in the incredible power of these pauses. Together, we’ll prioritize well-being, embrace our true selves, and create intuitively designed lives filled with purpose and authenticity.

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Raising your vibration it’s not like you do it once and you’re done no it’s it’s a continuous choice in every single moment that’s where the accountability comes into play what I know to be true though is that when you emit that high vibration energy that’s when the abundance starts flowing into your life like that is when you start really understanding the power of [Music]

Frequency hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast I am Wendy Sterling Wendy paig Sterling uh here as your host and I am excited to talk to you guys today about the power of frequency and how that relates to how our life transitions awaken us so I want to start today’s episode by actually sharing a personal story that really underscores the profound impact of Life transition um two specifically that I

Went through which were both my divorce as well as losing my mother and what I know to be true is that these moments can really serve as powerful wake-up calls which really spark our spiritual Awakenings and Propel us to step into that high vibration that high frequency that we are destined to inhabit and my first first Awakening came about seven years ago when I realized that my marriage was over and it was in that moment that I for the

First time really trusted my intuition and made a life altering Choice which was to choose me and it was really about choosing to prioritize myself my well-being and that was something I hadn’t done for most of my life you see when I was growing up I was well I am first generation born here in the United States and so my family came to this country wanting to fit in right wanting to fit into America and so as a result I was taught to conform to certain rules

Or expectations and to really fit into this mold that my family saw as being part of you know being American and so what that actually became for me in my life was really suppressing my voice staying Silent not questioning the status quo but yet what I knew to be true was that actually who I was was the exact opposite of that right I was this little tomboy I was very outspoken I was super super inquisitive and I really had a natural

Gift for actually sensing energies and Spirits when I was growing up my mom called it that I had imaginary friends and so that’s really what I had as you know that’s what I thought was happening and it really wasn’t until um you know I woke up and I really realized that I actually have Clairvoyant uh abilities and so what I had done for my whole life was really operate from the lens of who everyone saw me to be and I did bring that Dynamic into my marriage

And what it did was it created me being a people pleaser and constantly seeking validation from the outside because I couldn’t see myself I couldn’t I didn’t know who I was I had disconnected from her so frequently and what ended up happening was that you know my self-esteem my confidence my worth were in the toilet because I didn’t know who I was I didn’t love myself because I didn’t know if I was worthy of love if people didn’t tell me then how would I

Know right so all of that being this Trifecta of super super low vibration frequency and what those frequencies manifested into were really negative emotions like complaining or being depressed or overwhelmed or anxious or resentful and I and I found myself for most of my life being trapped in this cycle right a cycle of unhappiness and bitterness and resentment and anxiety and overwhelm and it took me some time it took me um you know really learning

That these are low vibration frequencies right so as you guys I’m hope know our emotions are or I hope you’ve heard this our emotions are energy and motion and so when we operate at a low frequency we’re attracting people and circumstances that really mirror that energy and seven years ago my divorce served as a massive wakeup call for me and a sign that I needed to to stop playing small that I deserved to vibrate at a high frequency and to align with it

247 and so when I started doing that all of a sudden I discovered that everything in the universe is energy were energy right and I also learned about science right specifically quantum physics and how it is that our thoughts themselves actually have energetic frequencies attached to them right our thoughts are opinions our decisions so if what we desire isn’t aligning with our current reality it’s because we’re playing in this conflicting vibration space and so

I realized that my vibration was something that could help me figure out like what worked and what didn’t work and it It ultimately paired itself with my intuition right my intuition was telling me what that high vibration was and when it was my mind or my ego I realized that that was wasn’t the frequency that I wanted to align myself with and so when you become and and I learn this so quickly when you become a vibrational match for what it is that

You desire those things not only start showing up but you also begin to release what doesn’t align with your energy and sometimes that’s also people and so for most of my life I was staying in low vibration relationships because it felt comfortable it felt familiar and anytime I wanted to use my voice or to express myself differently I tended to suppress my truth and that’s what kept me stuck for so many decades and so as I began my

Journey to raise my vibration to uplevel my frequency I realized that those who vibrated at a lower frequency really felt heavy and made me feel super lethargic and sad and depressed versus when I was engaging in experiences and around people that gave off or you know embodied a higher frequency like joy and love and lightness and creativity I felt so much more aligned with myself and so I craved that high frequency so I wanted to learn more I wanted to like go really

Deep into this place and so what that meant was recently right was really you know discovering that I wanted to be an entrepreneur discovering that I wanted to change my business um which came a couple of years later and it’s always come with hiring mentors to help me to guide me into this next level and so what I started to understand and to realize and to feel was that being in this new vibrational state was beyond invigorating right it just it was like

Oh it just felt so amazing and I wanted to stay in that place I wanted to be surrounded by people who vibrated at that higher frequency and I was reminded of that yet again when I experienced another profound Awakening and that is when I lost my mom to ovarian cancer in January of 2022 and losing her reinforced the importance of embracing my true frequency and living life authentically while losing her was probably the most

Heart-wrenching experience of my life it also reminded me of the impermanence of life and so anything that isn’t aligned with truth or love or connection or compassion is what’s going to lower your vibration and it really my mom’s passing really highlighted the urgency for me in this moment to live in alignment with my deepest truth and passion and it really reminded me to stop postponing my dreams to stop compromising who I was authentically and and those signs

Started last year and I fought them with every bone in my body because my ego was likew you just spent six years building this whole new business like you can’t give that up what are you thinking what are you doing right how many times do your negative critics get involved and I kept noticing how I was doing this dance of raising my frequency going back lower raising lower raise lower and I was getting really tired and I wanted to stay on that high vibration you know

I’ll be honest I was afraid what people were going to say was afraid of what people were going to think I was afraid of being judged right all those things that I I talk about and you know what I’m really good at is helping others as well as myself to get out of that place right it’s not that we’re never triggered it’s about shifting more quickly and I realized that when I was staying at that high vibration I was in that place of aligning with that state

Of being more frequently and so I started to pay attention to when I was in that low vibration because I was attracting low vibration versus when I was in high vibration I was attracting High vibration right like attracts like and so when I shifted my focus from you know fear and separation to connection and you unity all of a sudden like my life literally changed and while I know that change is unsettling for a lot of us right what I know to be true is that

When something is uncomfortable able there’s growth on the other side and so if you’re willing to be uncomfortable at that higher vibration you are going to notice that certain you know you get uncomfortable because certain relationships or people are not resonating with you anymore and I know that that can be super super difficult like I said I fought it for a very long time what I also know to be true is that I tried to change other people’s

Frequencies I was like oh I’m just going to change change them and they’re going to come with me and it’s going to be fine no I had to let go in order to stay on my path of ascenstion and so if you’re somebody who is thinking about I’m not sure what vibration I’m at I’m going to invite you to consider these questions okay number one are your decisions driven by fear low vibration or love High vibration do you find yourself in negative emotional

States low vibration or positive ones High vibration right be honest with yourself do your do you treat others with kindness and respect High vibration or do you try to hurt them with your words and actions low vibration sometimes it can be even without realizing right are your actions aligned with your values High vibration not low right or excuse me are your actions aligned with your values which is you being at a high

Vibration or they are they not aligned with your values which are your low VI vibration right so when you shift into that higher frequency it is going to necessitate in our work in consistency you guys like that’s just the way it is and the minute that I started integrating frequency healing into the work that I do with my clients it’s really helped to accelerate their process their healing and their Awakenings and their ability to really

Step into this new being that is awakened and what I know to be true is that when we focus on those High vibration practices and fostering those positive feelings what ends up happening is that you end up really being in a place where you are um you’re loving yourself every second of every day and so remember though that it’s not just about thinking positive thoughts it’s about feeling right feeling good it’s it’s

Really it’s such an ongoing process you guys and I teach my clients Way new and different ways to be able to um have a morning and an evening practice right that that looks like um gratitude um I guess you would call it a gratitude practice in the morning and at night because you get to start your day high vibration and you get to end your day low vibration right I talk a lot about mindfulness right mindfulness is a practice that gets us back into that

High vibration frequency and it’s really about nurturing healthy relationships in your life and engaging in um you know your ability to really affirm what it is that you know to be true about yourself right not what others are telling you but what you know your truth to be and so I invite you guys to really ground yourselves in what you know to be true and in really also understanding that raising your vibration it’s not like you do it once and you’re done no it’s it’s

A continuous choice in every single moment that’s where the accountability comes into play and so what I know to be true though is that when you emit that high vibration energy that’s when the abundance starts flowing into your life like that is when you start really understanding the power of frequency and how it awakens you right to really step into and be living your life and aligning with your highest self in every single moment so when you vibrate at a

Higher frequency you are creating a reality that is filled with love and positivity and abundance so I invite every single one of you guys today to start choosing love and to practice your gratitude and to embrace the higher vibrations and people in your life so I hope that you guys really enjoyed today’s episode I feel so passionate about this topic and I really you know with every single episode of this podcast I really want you guys to start

Recognizing how it is that in these life transitions if we just gift ourselves with pausing and really acknowledging and recognizing how our Awakenings can really shift our frequency and really just change the trajectory of our life like that is what I want for each and every one of you guys is to see how powerful these moments are and how it can just completely change your life life forever I am an example my clients are an example of it and I know that

Each and every one of you guys can do this work it just takes consistency so thank you guys again and I send you all so much love light and joy I’ll see you in the next [Music] episode [Music]

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