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What drives you to be a disruptor in the business world?

Success is not accomplished overnight. It takes time and a curious mind to achieve the set goals. In this episode, I’m sharing how my inquisitive mind has led me to where I am and kept me going.

Staying curious is a game-changer in today’s world. Your curious mind will take you to places you’ve never been before. It’ll motivate, inspire, make you resilient, bring growth, and, most importantly, meet where your clients are.

When I allowed my curiosity to work, it brought me not only success but unlocked my full potential.

I encourage you to be curious and listen to your intuition today through the power of the pause.

Tune in to this episode of The Power In The Pause: The Secret Sauce to Disrupting Business As Usual

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  When you are curious. It really encourages you to keep kind of probing, right, keep looking for new ways, new solutions, even when you are faced with an obstacle or as I call them stepping stones to make sure that you’re not settling, right? Don’t do it like your neighbor. Don’t do it like somebody else.

Because at the end of the day, what I know to be true and how I have built my first seven figure business and now what is going to soon be my next seven figure business is that my curiosity has been a catalyst for growth because I have allowed it to disrupt the marketplace.

Have you ever wondered how to harness the transformative power of life’s pauses, how to unlock your true potential, create a profound impact and manifest the life, you know, you deserve. Welcome to the power in the pause podcast, the show where we explore. Explore the incredible potential that lies within life’s pivotal moments.

I’m your host, Wendy Paige Sterling, and my mission is to guide you through these transformative pauses so that you can embrace your true self and make a lasting impact in the world. As a dedicated intuitive coach of personal growth and empowerment, I’ve spent years helping individuals navigate life’s challenges.

Transitions, such as divorce, grief, and career shifts and awaken their inner strength. Through this podcast, I’ll be your guide, sharing insights, stories of resilience and practical tools to help you thrive during life’s pauses. The power and the pause podcast isn’t just about me. It’s about the incredible journey we’ll embark upon together.

So join my community of listeners who believe in the extraordinary possibilities that these moments offer. Thank you for joining me. And together, we’re going to learn to embrace the power within life’s pauses, prioritize your wellbeing, and unlock the incredible transformations. that await you. I’m Wendy Page Sterling and your host, and I can’t wait to explore this exciting path of self discovery and empowerment with you.

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Power in the Pods podcast. How are you guys doing today? I am excited to be here with you because this episode was actually inspired probably about two hours ago, um, from a conversation that I was having with somebody who is new in my world and someone that I was connected with.

And today’s episode has to do with the light bulb that came on for me during my conversation with her and what it triggered inside of me in a good way, is What the secret sauce is to disrupting business as usual. So you’re going to want to tune into today’s episode and keep listening because if you’re somebody who is, you know, you’ve had that inkling since you were a young child where you just maybe haven’t always fit in or you’ve always gone against the grain or your opinion has been different than the norm.

And what I want to dive into in today’s episode is really all about this secret sauce, which is curiosity, right? Diving into the power of curiosity, which to me is what is sparked when you gift yourself with the pause. And it’s really curiosity that fuels our ability to create innovation and to transform.

And. I want to talk to you a little bit more about why I believe that Some of the most successful disruptors that I know are driven by their insatiable curiosity and how it is that you can harness this trait to start challenging the status quo in your industry to uncover hidden opportunities and to create breakthroughs that are going to leave You’re what you consider to be your competition in the dust.

So keep tuning in to ignite your curiosity and be a game changer, be a disruptor in your field. of business like me. And if you guys haven’t already done so, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so that you do not miss a single episode that comes out every single week. And you would do me a huge, huge service and favor if you would leave a five star rating so that more people can find this episode.

So without further ado, I want to talk through how Curiosity is the secret sauce or a driving force. Behind how it is that you can be a disrupter in your business. So you’re going to want to take some notes on this one. So number one, when you are allowing your curiosity to flourish, what you are doing is compelling yourself to question the norms, which means to me that you are challenging the status quo.

So when you are questioning the status quo, you’re really asking, well, what Why are we doing things this way? Why does it have to look this way? And so I would encourage you to explore different approaches to what you may consider to be conventional ways to think about something, right? When you look at something, what are some other perspectives that you can come up with, right?

You don’t just necessarily look at a situation. Typically we react to many situations because we’re either afraid or we’ve always done something some way. What would shift? What would change? You know, what new innovation would you create if you approach something with a different level of curiosity where you do things differently?

Think about that.

Before we continue with today’s episode, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve discussed. So far, we’ve explored the transformative potential of life’s pauses and the importance of embracing them to unlock your true potential. Remember these moments of reflection and growth are stepping stones towards creating that intuitively designed life that you desire.

So in this moment, let’s take an opportunity to pause. Breathe and consider how you can apply what you’ve learned so far to your own journey. Now let’s dive back into our conversation where I will continue to explore the power within life’s pauses and how they can guide you towards a life filled with purpose and authenticity.

Number two is you can discover needs that have been unmet in your business, in your marketplace. So what I know to be true, because this is me, is that curious minds really try to understand our buyers deeply. Right. We put ourselves in their shoes. And what this does is it really leads us to identify the gaps or some unmet needs that they have.

What is it that they are not receiving? That we have figured out already for them and this, this, you guys, these are the seeds for those disruptive ideas that you are being tasked to plant and to grow and to build and to start sharing and reaping the benefits of, okay? Number three is continuous learning.

So, When you were curious, you are always in. self development, right? Disruptors, we are lifelong learners. And curiosity drives us to continually seek new knowledge, new trends, new technologies, right? Because we always want to stay one step ahead of the curve, or we have questions about, well, how Why is, you know, why is this appealing to you versus something else?

And so we really lean into what is possible with these new technologies or this new information and we figure out how it is that we can implement that in our lives, in our businesses, so that we can start laying the foundations for new ways to do things. Okay. Number four, curiosity encourages experimentation, which means that we embrace failure and see it as success.

So hear me out. When you are curious, failure actually becomes a learning opportunity. We do not see it as a setback. We see it as a stepping stone. And this mindset is crucial as a disruptor because it allows for our ability to pivot and to constantly improve and to seek new ways, right? Failing at something means that you just learned a way not to do something.

So why don’t we start checking that off of our list, right? Instead of the things that we actually do accomplish. Number five is that when we’re curious, guess what? It opens. That’s the door to creativity, right? I think of the childhood book and I might be aging myself here by saying this, but it reminds me of the, the book series curious George.

And I used to love these books as a little girl because curious George was always getting into what The book would like us to believe as trouble, but I could totally relate to George because I would want to be curious. I would want to start really like diving in and understanding and learning about these things as though I was seeing something for the first time, right?

Like, that’s the beauty of being a kid, I feel like, is that we’re really able to see things from an innovative lens that enables us and really leads us down the road. To to create things that are disruptive in our products and our services and our business model. So. Be curious, George. Embrace that. Right?

My nickname as a little girl was Monkey. If you’re on my email list, I’ve been talking about this recently. And really embracing instead of fighting back with that particular nickname because really what it’s enabled me to do is to stand out and be different. And that is 100 percent what I was born to do.

And I want to inspire each of you to do the same. The last thing that I want to talk to you about is real, or actually two things actually that are coming to mind are that curiosity also will fuel your passion and it keeps you motivated. So when you are genuinely interested, passionate, motivated, desiring to explore something new, man, the energy behind that, the frequency behind that, It energizes you to push through the norm, to push through the status quo, to push through those industry boundaries and to pursue disruption with a smile, with enthusiasm and with passion because that is what is contagious.

And then finally, the last thing about curiosity is that it builds and instills resilience. When you are curious. It really encourages you to keep kind of probing, right, keep looking for new ways, new solutions, even when you are faced with an obstacle or as I call them stepping stones to make sure that you’re not settling, right?

Don’t do it like your neighbor. Don’t do it like somebody else. Because at the end of the day, what I know to be true and how I have built my first seven figure business, and now what is going to soon be my next seven figure business, is that my curiosity has been a catalyst for growth because I have allowed it to disrupt my growth.

The marketplace has driven me to continuously want to learn and to explore and to innovate and to start paving the way for those behind me to start being a unicorn and, and soaring and breaking through the status quo. Because every time that I nurture my curiosity, I am unlocking my potential to become a disruptor.

In the coaching world, in the mentorship world, because we get to do things differently. We get to build and create our own tables. I was not meant to sit at someone else’s table. I was meant to create my own and invite listeners like you to join me at my table. So if you are somebody who is feeling inspired by this episode, I invite you to jump on a free, free course.

Call with me, go to contact Wendy dot com and let’s see what you get to use as your disruptor in your marketplace. How are you going to change the status quo, do things differently and not only unlock your potential, but unlock every single one of your future clients. Potentials as well. I promise it’s going to be a game changer for you and everybody else that comes into contact with you.

What was an aha moment? What was something that totally landed for you? Share it with me. Email me. Wendy at Wendy sterling. net. Don’t forget to also follow me across social media, Wendy page, sterling. com. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. You know, that with every single episode of this podcast, my goal is to show you the power in every single moment that you gift yourself with the pause sending you all so much love and light.

Always. I will see you in the next episode. Mwah. Bye everybody.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. Your quest to embrace life’s transformative pauses and unlock your true potential is a powerful one. My podcast here is to support you on this journey and guide you towards creating an intuitively designed. Stay connected for upcoming episodes where I will continue to explore self discovery and empowerment.

And if you found today’s episode valuable, please leave a review and share this podcast with other people. Remember your life. Pauses, hold incredible potential. Embrace them, prioritize your wellbeing, and believe in your transformation that awaits you. Until next time, keep discovering the power within you and let’s create your intuitively designed life together.

I’m Wendy Page Sterling, and I look forward to our next empowering conversation.

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