Wendy Paige Sterling

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

In the middle of the holiday rush, make the opportunity for introspection and to recollect precious moments of people who have made your year beautiful.  

Let’s discuss the power of gratitude in transforming our holiday experiences. Notice the love, joy, and care that surrounds you and let your appreciation radiate to others.

Join me as we welcome the warmth of the holidays by rediscovering the joy of the season and the power of pausing.

Be inspired by this episode: Unlock Connection and Gratitude Through Holiday Pauses with Wendy Paige Sterling

✔️ Embrace the holiday pause. The holiday season can be chock full of preparations and activities. But it’s also a time to be present and ponder on the growth we’ve made.

✔️ Expressing gratitude amplifies our connections with others. Creating intentional pauses to acknowledge our blessings fosters a sense of abundance. This practice encourages us to pause and appreciate the richness of our experiences and relationships.

 ✔️Showing gratitude can strengthen bonds and create cherished memories. Whether it’s through a handwritten note, a heartfelt thank-you, or sharing a special memory, these acts of appreciation build lasting connections beyond physical gifts.

✔️ The holidays are an opportunity for self-reflection. Give yourself a gift this season and take time to strengthen your relationship with yourself through self-care.

✔️ Set your intentions to nurturing and mending relationships. The holiday season can often bring everyone to one place. Be intentional and focus more on meaningful engagement with the people you love.


The holiday season comes with its own hustle and bustle of you know the holiday rush but there’s definite ways to uncover how it is that you can express appreciation to others so how is it that you can use pauses in the holiday season to create those moments of [Music] appreciation hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the

Pause podcast I am your host Wendy paig Sterling how are you doing today I want to say a special thank you for tuning in to today’s episode and if you would do me a huge huge favor please please leave me a fivestar rating on this podcast and even better leave a fstar review to help more people to find this particular podcast so let’s dive into today’s episode we are in the thick of the holiday season and the festive spirit is amongst us and so I thought that this

Would be the perfect time for us to explore the theme of connection gratitude and intentional pauses and so today’s episode is really going to connect you guys into the theme of how it is that you can foster connection and gratitude through intentional holiday pauses that you get to create so let’s dive in um I don’t know about you guys but the holiday season is bringing in some natural pauses in my daily routine and a lot of that having to do with my

Kids coming up to being off of school and so I see this particular time of year some may see it as stressful but I see it as an opportunity to actually strengthen my bond with not just myself but with the people in my life and so I think that what the natural pause in our routine is going to create for us if we let it is an an opportunity for reflection and appreciation so the first point that I want to discuss with you guys is this is

I invite you guys to embrace the pause during this time of year so I don’t know about you but the world definitely does seem to slow down um but amongst us we still get to be adorned with twinkle lights and the smell of Pine and just a beautiful atmosphere and what I believe that does is it Taps into our senses and it inspires us to just take moments of pause and just to reflect and Express gratitude for all that we have

Experienced in the past year and so these external cues really create this opportunity for us to really sink into and celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments you know just think about it like Joy is all around you right the twinkle lights the festive meals the smell in the kitchen the joy that comes you know the the family gatherings and to me they’re signals of being present and slowing down and giving us an opportunity to reflect on

What it is that we’ve created for our t for ourselves in in this year and I believe that it’s a time where we can gracefully pause appreciating the highs learning from the lows and having just immense gratitude for the moments that have really shaped our experiences and our growth and so while the external world is taking on that festive Hue it really aligns with what I believe gets to happen inside right that introspection that we get to create

Acknowledging in addition to what’s on the outside celebrating on the inside the beauty that we have created for ourselves the next point that I want to make is you know obviously the holiday season is synonymous with the spirit of giving and what better gift to give than sharing gratitude now the practice of gratitude to me really means about acknowledging the blessings that we have in our life and in order for us to do that it’s going to mean that you get to

Create intentional pauses where we reflect on our abundance rather than the lack because when we connect in with that abundance it’s really a profound way to connect with really what this season of giving is all about you know gratitude is a current that runs through the air encouraging us to just pause and recognize the richness in our experiences in our relationships and acknowledge every single blessing big and small to Foster that warmth and

Appreciation for yourself and for the people that are on this journey with you and so I invite you to view gratitude as just a simp Le act this holiday season of recognizing and expressing your thanks for yourself and for for those around you which I know is going to just amplify the joy of the season and create really deep connecting bonds with the people around us so tagging on to the Gratitude piece um what I think is also important for us

To focus on especially as we exchange gifts um and create new holiday memories with our loved ones is focusing on expressing our appreciation so the holiday season comes with its own hustle and bustle of you know the holiday rush but there’s definite ways to uncover how it is that you can express appreciation to others so how is it that you can use pauses in the holiday season to create those moments of appreciation now that might be writing handwriting remember

Remember that handwriting a heartfelt note or a card giving a genuine expression of thanks or perhaps it’s through a gesture of a shared reflection or memory right these small yet super profound acts create bridges of connection that extend beyond just physical gifts you know I always tell my kids and I tell um my partner Jeff all the time that what means the most to me me are cards I love the written word it’s one of my love languages and the

Simplicity of that is a moment and a memory that lingers in my heart touches my heart and just deeply connects me with the people in my life so think about that this holiday season now the next point I want to make is something that I don’t think we necessarily think about all the time and that has to do with connecting with yourself so the holiday season we think has to do with everybody else but I’m here to invite you to think about this holiday season

As a prompt for introspection so think about how it is that you can strengthen the relationship with yourself right if you’re not watering the roots of a tree the your roots how is it that you’re going to provide or or have the foundation of stability how is it that you’re going to nourish yourself and ultimately Ely if that’s not nourished how are you going to relate to people in your world how is that going to impact your relationships

Your interactions and so I invite you to intentionally pause and self-reflect this holiday season so that you can strengthen those roots so that you can nourish yourself how do you do that well acknowledge your growth Express gratitude towards yourself become you know your own best friend and how it is that you are connected ING with yourself and so really recognize how it is that when you connect with yourself you’re

Allowing yourself to really authentically connect with other people in your life in a much much deeper way and lastly as the holiday season unfolds it is also the time of year where we get to nurture relationships I know that the holidays can bring stress whether that’s through your kids or through family or travel but I really invite you guys to just take moments to instead of you know getting caught up in the stress or the overwhelm of the holidays to instead

Think of it as an opportunity for you to either create new relationships strengthen existing relationships mend relationships whether that’s you know reaching out to somebody or whether that’s having conversations in the moment but I invite you to really allow yourself to check in with the people in your life that you’re spending time with and see it as an opportunity to open yourself up be vulnerable and I I have just this deep feeling that it’s going

To bring Connection in a way that you’re not necessarily expecting you know I think that when we step into the new year we really think you know or I should say that when we step into the holidays which then are followed by the new year you know so many times we’re thinking about just either getting through the holidays or you know you know thinking about what it is that we’re going to be doing in the new year and what I would invite you guys to do

This year is you know setting intentions for the holidays around the relationships that you want to cultivate with the people in your life and really reflecting on who it is that is important in your life consider how it is that you get to nurture that relationship right intentionally engage in meaningful conversations actively listen show appreciation for that particular person or people and so when you make this a practice this holiday

Season what it’s going to Foster and almost you know bring out in other people is an is just this air of kindness and care and joy and you know again cultivating relationships through the lens of gratitude is just going to strengthen the bonds you share with the people in your life and so I invite you guys as I wrap this particular episode is to really just let yourself bask in the warmth of pauses that you get to create

This holiday season and ways in which you get to Express gratitude to people in your life you know the holiday season really can be a transformative time of year where you allow yourself to reflect where you Express gratitude and appreciation and you create deeper connections with the people in your life so as you’re navigating the festivities and the travel I invite you guys to take moments of pause consider the pause as a gift to yourself something that is going

To allow you to breathe and and Foster experiences that bring you into the present moment and what I know to be true is that when you allow yourself to intentionally pause and to feel and Express gratitude it is going to enrich your life it’s going to enrich your heart it’s going to make the holiday season so much easier for you guys so I hope that the pauses that you create this holiday season are filled with moments of gratitude that really just

Strengthen what I see as the tapestry of your life so wishing you a very happy holiday season and a holiday that is Rich with genuine connection and mindful reflection and just a transformative power of pauses so until the next episode don’t forget to pause and reflect and celebrate the beauty of the present moment of the holidays so thank you guys for tuning in I hope that you found today’s episode inspiring and a different way for you to approach the

Holiday season sending you so much love light and joy as always Mah bye [Music] everybody [Applause]

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