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Vulnerability, the raw embrace of our true emotions, often emerges most strongly during the times of life’s pauses. 


While vulnerability is often masked by societal misconceptions, its power to transform is undeniable. 


By embracing it, we step closer to our authentic selves, foster genuine connections, and pave our path toward personal growth and resilience.


Learn more in this episode – Unmasking Vulnerability’s Role in Life’s Pauses


✔️ Vulnerability in Life’s Pauses: Moments of reflection, transition, and transformation are pivotal points where vulnerability can take center stage. 


✔️ Connection between Vulnerability and Life’s Pauses: Vulnerability emerges prominently during life’s pauses, creating opportunities for deep self-reflection and connection.


✔️ Debunking Myths about Vulnerability: Society often misperceives vulnerability as weakness. However, true vulnerability requires immense courage and directly confronts fear. It’s not a sign of fragility, but strength.


✔️ Embrace the Power of Vulnerability: Opening up about vulnerabilities is the gateway to confronting fears and insecurities. 


✔️ Strategies to Embrace Vulnerability:


  • Start Small: Open up to trusted individuals and gradually share your thoughts and emotions.
  • Recognize the Benefits: Embrace vulnerability for deeper connections, personal growth, and transformation.
  • Practice Self-compassion: Treat yourself kindly and recognize vulnerability as a universal human experience.

✔️ Unlocking Possibilities: Stripped of its facades, vulnerability is the key to countless opportunities and a more genuine life journey.


When we really Embrace vulnerability we become more in touch with our deepest feelings and desires and insecurities and that ultimately in my opinion is the Cornerstone of [Music] empowerment hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the pause podcast how are you guys doing today so today’s topic is something that is very near and dear to my heart and

The topic of today’s podcast has to do with vulnerability and more specifically it is about unmasking vulnerability’s role in life’s pauses so I want to really unravel the hidden forces behind what is possible in life’s pauses when we enable ourselves to step into that very scary place because what I know is on the other side is growth and resilience and I’m sure many of you have found yourself in a pause or a

Transitional moment whether that’s a moment of reflection transition and or transformation and what I know to be true because I’ve been through it and I’ve been through most recently not one not two but three very powerful transitions is that there are many powerful and concealed players in these pauses and the biggest one that we’re going to talk about today is vulnerability and so I invite you to continue listening because what I am

Going to talk about is how when vulnerability is stripped of what I like to call disguises it really becomes the key to unlocking your most authentic self and enabling you to cultivate true resilience so so as many of you may or may not know I love definitions of words and I want to make sure that we are all on the same page when I talk about the word vulnerability and my absolute favorite expert on the topic is none other than Berne Brown and I love her

Definition and I think it is the best one out there and so the way that she Divine defines vulnerability is this the definition of vulnerability is uncertainty risk and emotional exposure but vulnerability is not weakness it’s our most accurate measure of Courage oh right so powerful I love her um so as you can hear even from her definition is that vulnerability and the power in the pause are very much connected you see life’s

Pauses often coincide with moments of transition and challenge which makes it makes it the most ideal time for vulnerability to come and bubble to the surface and when we Embrace vulnerability during these moments it involves really honestly acknowledging your emotions and fears allowing for self-reflection and gaining some insight into your true self which then allows you to build resilience by confronting your biggest

Insecurities it also Fosters deep authentic connections with other people right intimacy one of my favorite words and it paves the way for personal growth and transformation which ultimately infuses these moments of pauses with meaning and potential and vulnerability during life’s pauses really are an opportunity or you can even think of it as a gateway to deeper self-awareness personal growth and

Resilience and it’s the acknowledgement of our most authentic and highest self and our willingness to connect with others authentically that really allows us to go there and so through vulnerability we’re actually allowing ourselves to tap into our own power within these moments of pause which leads to personal transformation and empowerment so when we are allowing ourselves to be open and honest both with ourself and with others about what

It is that we’re going through it really enables us to be vulnerable in moments where it it really unlocks the door to self-acceptance acknowledgment and really embracing our inner true self and when we think about vulnerability as um a means to confront your fears and uncertainties um headon you really open yourself up to stepping into that place rather than avoiding or sealing them you know so

Many times our fear gets the best of us and it just really the reason it does is because we’re terrified to expose ourselves right we’re we’re acknowledging that we’re in a struggle um and a lot of times we want to appear strong um and I’m actually going to share with you guys a couple of the most common myths that I hear about why people tend to steer clear vulnerability um and I get to debunk those for you guys today

So you know one of the biggest ones I would say is really that vulnerability is frequently misunderstood or it’s perceived as a weakness um and this is really because of I believe it’s because that Society has a misconception um around what vulnerability really means and I think that we also um see it as a weakness because it’s like walking onto a stage and you know thinking that you know you have no clothes on right we’re we’re terrified of exposing our most

Authentic self and so um in the world that we live in uh so many times that you know we we think about being vulnerable we’re just terrified that we’re going to be mistaken as fragile and I know I’ve been there um I wanted everyone to think that I was strong um I thought that you know doing it myself was strong but ultimately that was the weakness what the strength was in asking for help and very similarly with vulnerability so

Many times we associate it with being defenseless or opens us up to um or really becoming more susceptible to hurt um but the miscon that particular misconception really overlooks what ber defines vulnerability to be which is it overlooks the immense courage that it takes takes to be vulnerable because ultimately what you’re doing is you’re embracing your true true true emotions and you’re really facing and confronting your fears headon which I think is far

From a sign of weakness right that vulnerability is really a strength it’s a strength that enables us to create deeper connection it enables us to dive so much deeper into our own personal growth it builds resilience and it really helps you to challenge those stories those misperceptions that run rampant in your mind so here is um you know I want to share um a personal Journey um actually of one of my clients who faced a series

Of setbacks and challenges in her life and we talk a lot about vulnerability when I work with clients because so many times we’re so afraid to tell other people what’s really going on we’re we’re afraid to tell friends and family because we’re afraid that we’re going to be judged or we’re going to be shamed or we’re going to be talked out of something or maybe in the past you have and that has been the outcome and so what my client did was she was making

All these assumptions and creating all these stories in her mind that she convinced herself to be true and so it kept her very um withdrawn and she and I during a session I I was inviting her into a stretch and asked her if she was willing to be vulnerable and share with her friends what it was that she was um you know holding back and she accepted she accepted the stretch and she was so excited and surprised by what happened so much so that she immediately called

Me afterwards and I’ve never heard so much joy in her voice before she received empathy and support and encouragement and love back from her friends and family and she quickly discovered that when she opened up about what her struggles were about what some of her insecurities were when she was sharing her truth she didn’t only just build a stronger support system but she also it was a step for her to embrace courage to find courage to take steps

Towards making a positive change and so it became this incredible source of empowerment for her and it gets to be the same for you this could happen in any aspect of your life and when we open ourselves up like there’s so much magic and Beauty on the other side you know that vulnerability really does help us build resilience in confronting our fears and our insecurities rather than avoiding them and so when we’re willing to be open and honest

About those vulnerabilities it really is the first step in being able to develop and strengthen your emotional stability and your emotional state and so it really allows us to acknowledge and process the experiences on a whole other level and it really ultimately helps us to adapt more to Life’s adversities I mean I’ll tell you guys seven years ago when I unexpectedly went through a divorce first life transition had to be vulnerable and share with people what

Was going on um you know I wanted people to see that I was strong but I was really falling apart inside I needed support I allowed myself to be vulnerable and the outpouring of love I got back was amazing the next time that I went through a life transition I left corporate people I was so afraid that people were going to think that I was crazy and as soon as I started sharing that I was becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business everyone was

Saying to me oh my God Wendy that is amazing you’re going to be so good at that and oh I I can see you having so much success right can you see can you feel more importantly that deep emotional connection that I created with the people in my life and it helped me to build a stronger support system so that honestly when I went through my next life transition which was losing my mom to cancer I iMed immediately immediately

Thought to myself gosh this is such a great opportunity for me to be vulnerable because I need support I need more than just my coach and my therapist I really need my friends and so ultimately what it helped me to do and and honestly it accelerated my healing process was openly acknowledge what my emotional responses were it was it was so much easier to name what the fears were what the uncertainties were um what I was insecure about during these

Moments and rather than masing what was going on I chose to embrace vulnerability and to become you know with with every time that I embraced it it enabled me to be better equipped to confront any new challenges or losses or changes that I encountered and I did so with courage and authenticity and so that unfiltered approach really let me process my experience so much more quickly that’s what built my strength and my

Resilience and that’s what I want to see for each and every one of you guys is that when we really Embrace vulnerability we become more in touch with our deepest feelings and desires and insecurities and that ultimately in my opinion is the Cornerstone of empowerment and so you know I’m sure that you guys have heard myths about V vulnerability such as you know I talked about one of them earlier that vulnerability is a weakness or perhaps

You’ve heard that vulnerability leads to exploitation or harm um or maybe that you think being vulnerable might be inappropriate if if it’s in the context of a workplace but what I know to be true is that when you are vulnerable in a way that has or when when it’s done with intention okay when with when it’s done with intention and purpose it leads to deeper connections and understanding effective leadership even collaboration and so I invite you to

Debunk those myths within your own life and overcome that fear of being vulnerable and the way that you can do that is just start small take baby steps towards vulnerability um you know maybe it’s sharing thoughts or emotions with someone that you do trust and you feel comfortable with and start gradually opening up and see what happens that is what’s going to help reduce the fear associated with it another strategy is you know recognize the benefits I’ve

Talked about many of them today remind yourself of the positive outcomes that vulnerability can bring resilience deeper connections personal growth transformation understanding that it leads to those benefits is what’s going to keep you motivated and then finally one of my favorite in terms of overcoming the fear of being vulnerable is practicing self-compassion and Grace being kind to yourself like you would your best friend

And recognizing that vulnerability is a natural human experience and so it it really we don’t talk to or treat ourselves the way that we would our best friend and ultimately that’s what I’m asking you to open the door to that’s what I’m asking you to step inside of and so as you in incorporate vulnerability into your life which I hope this episode is inspiring you to do you’re really going to initiate the most open and honest

Conversations with people in your life it will also teach you those people that you know that you can count on you know I I said you know a couple years ago I’m like God divorce was amazing because it really enabled me to clean house like I really it enabled me to see who my real true friends were and it was those people that I could share my deepest thoughts and feelings and experiences with and so the more that I opened up it enabled me to get deeper in those

Conversations with those people and I’d rather have the small number of friends that I have today than to have a million friends at my fingertips because to me it’s really about quality not quantity and so I hope that today’s episode really shown shined shown shined the light on the endless possibilities that are on the other side of vulnerability and that you can see that when vulnerability is stripped of its disguises it really is the key to

Unlocking just the most amazing possibilities in your life and being able to navigate it no matter what and really in the moments where we can pause that’s typically when our emotions and feelings flood to the surface and when we really have the opportunity to go in to then be able to go outward and to seek that connection and that support by being vulnerable with somebody in your life so thank you guys so much for tuning in I hope that you found today’s

Episode empowering and informational you know that I’m always striving to provide you guys with nuggets of information to support you wherever it is that you are in your life transition uh process and to encourage you to also see the power in the pause that life gifts to us so thank you guys for tuning in in case you haven’t gone into the show notes I want you guys to know that I have an amazing brand new website Wendy

Page P AI G sterling.com you guys can find also these podcast episodes you can also learn about many of the brand new programs that I have and I created what I think is an amazing mini course or as I’m calling it a micro course all around pivoting your path and you can get that on the homepage of my brand new website so be sure to go there and input your information so that you can receive that free mini course you can do it at your own pace it’s short I

Know you’re busy um and then don’t forget to also follow me on my brand new Instagram account which is same Wendy page Sterling same thing on Facebook I really would love to connect with you guys to just really get to know you I love hearing suggestions for even future podcast episodes or if you’re somebody who is really seeking support or you don’t know what kind of support you need you know that I always offer that to you guys so again you can find all of that

Information on my website Wendy pag sterling.com thank you guys for tuning in today sending you all so much love light and joy as always mAh bye [Music] everybody

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