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Have you ever faced a moment in your life that brought everything to a pause?

Join me as I welcome our remarkable guest, Keni Silva, a former model, and real estate professional, well-known for her presence on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Keni’s journey through a high-profile divorce and her role as a mom has been nothing short of extraordinary, but it’s her resilience in the face of her daughter’s adrenal tumor diagnosis that truly defines her strength.

In this episode, we will delve into the value of unexpected pauses and the realizations that accompany them. At times, the universe makes its way to remind us that it’s time for us to come to a halt from our fast-paced lives. These pauses often disguise themselves as life challenges, yet if we look from another perspective, it actually opens doors to new beginnings.

Familial challenges can either make or break your family. I remind everybody that implementing open communication in the household, especially between parents and their children fosters deeper understanding and trust. It is always important to release emotions rather than suppress them. At the end of the day, while the structure of our families may change, the love and support stay.

Be inspired by this episode: Unveiling Your Strength Through Life’s Pauses with Keni Silva

Keni Silva is a multifaceted TV personality, fashion model, philanthropist, and divorce expert. She is the Co-Chair of the Children’s Oncology Support Fund (COSF) Foundation. She is most well-known for her presence in The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

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If choosing happiness means choosing divorce then I am all for it because everybody deserves to live life in their most fulfilled happiest most Joyful Way it doesn’t you you know happiness doesn’t equate to having two parents in a household Happiness is when you can be happy even if that means you being by [Music] yourself hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the power in the

Pause podcast it’s so great to have you guys here today as a reminder do not forget to hit subscribe so that you do not miss a single episode that comes out every single week and it would mean the world to me if you would also please leave a festar rating and a review so that more people can find this podcast so let’s dive in shall we so today’s episode I am joined by Kenny Silva Hello Kenny how are you I’m doing great thank you how are you

I’m so good and I’m really excited to have you here today because you guys we are GNA talk about how Kenny navigated her life’s unforeseen pause that unveiled her strength as a mom and we’re gonna dive into that topic in just a second I want to share a little bit more with you all about Kenny so Kenny is a foral mo former model and an Orange County socialite she works in real estate while also Moonlighting as a friend on the

Real Housewives of Orange County she has become a red carpet notable including this year’s LACMA Gala and is quickly growing as a press favorite and she is currently working on a book about her high-profile divorce making it about helping women everywhere and disrupting the scary one-sided process of Divorce by writing a guide book on all the things that you need to know how to break up successfully and she is also a mom and she is on the other side of her

Divorce and wants to empower other women and we are going to talk about how it is that she can Empower each and every one of you guys here today through a story that she is going to share with us so Kenny it is a pleasure to meet you it is a pleasure to have you here today and I know that you have navigated many life transitions to date I mean you you were not bored in this country you moved here when you were very young I know you met your ex-husband and you had children and

You’ve been I mean you’ve been through one life transition after another but the one that I wanted to talk with you about specifically today was about that moment when you received the news of your daughter’s adrenal tumor diagnosis and so I would love to have you take us back to that moment and how it was that it really forced you to embrace the pause of that news coming in so please share with our audience today what that was like and and what you went

Through that in that moment thank you you know exactly as you said I’ve been through so many things in my life and my life to me is just go go go it’s never actually paused until you said it I’m like wow okay like what was the pause in my life and I remember till this day I was driving in the car and the doctor called me and I was pulling into my garage and she’s like well we got the you know blood results and just judging by the blood results your daughter

Probably has adrenal tumor and I remember in that moment I just stood and I cried and I really cried like this was the first time cried the second time I cried when I dropped her off at the surgery I just like there’s something like you expect something can be wrong but to hear that it’s adrenal tumor and it’s probably pretty large it was very large so the doctors right away said it’s probably stage two cancer because it was 10 cm and it just to me it’s like

How could it happen and as a mom at least for me I always feel my kids I always know when something is wrong and the first thought was like how this like I would have felt something is wrong I would have felt something is GNA happen and then immediately the second thought is like like oh my God like she just went through divorce because as you know that kids suffer with you going through divorce it’s a big change for them too and then you know learning to live in

Two homes and it’s a big survival skill you know that they inherit for the rest of their life but it’s been sure like a year after I I got divorced on April the year before and in March she was diagnosed and I was like oh my God why my little girl has to go through all these things like give it to me like I’ll take it for her because I just I know I hide pain very well you know emotional and any kind it just I don’t know just something that I was raised

Like that you don’t you don’t you show your strength you don’t show when you hurt and to me I was like how can I help her it’s not it’s outside my box it’s not something I can hug her and kiss her and how would I even tell her how do you tell your daughter she was uh 14 at the time that she has adrenal tumor that can be cancer and that she’s going to have to go through the surgery and potentially chemotherapy because you know and my ex-husband is a doctor so he

Right away the moment they told us it’s adrenal tumor and that’s what he gave me the whole prognosis of where can it be and it’s like at one point I remember telling him I don’t want to know like in the back of my mind I knew and thank God it’s not cancer in the back of my mind I knew it’s not going to be something like it’s not going to be cancer but you don’t want to say these things because what if you’re wrong and what if you misjudge the situation and you know but

I couldn’t I couldn’t take all the information he was giving me because the doctors don’t really they they give you what can happen but because my ex is a doctor he gave me full statistics and if this is this and the survival rate and the chances for this I couldn’t handle it I really and I can handle a lot but knowing this about your child and this is I remember okay like I’m going to just just day by day so what’s the strategy so we had to do all this m we

Had to do an emergency we went to chalk as an emergency in patient because they needed to do all the checks on her and I remember going and I’m like I will and I told my I’m like let’s just tell her she has a sist let’s not scare her you know because we don’t know yet what it is and I I don’t want her to start thinking all these things until we know exactly what it is but now she tells me she like Mom do you know they admitted us on floor five it’s a cancer floor every time we

Would walk around I see you know like everything about cancer this kid died or this kid died or I see kids with you know no hair and she said that actually was the scariest time of my life not knowing what’s happening with me because that she’s like I remember the first night in the hospital I started thinking cuz I see all this and I spend every night with her in the hospital you know after the surgery before the surgery during all the testing and she’s like I

Remember she’s like Mom I remember that night I was laying in bed and I was thinking like is this it this my life over like what’s happening with me and she told me ever since that she’s like mom never hide anything from me because not knowing is scar than knowing and hoping for the best so we talk and she’s an amazing she communicates with me amazingly and I guess we’ll learned that during divorce like express our feelings and you know and obviously I have a girl

Where girls talk much more and they open up if you’re willing to listen they will open up so yeah and that was the first that was the journey that we both kind of bonded in a sense we started realizing both because it was hard for her to go through divorce but now she was in a moment where she started seeing things in a different color you know she started seeing the beauty of life so as I like everything because in my book divorce has an opportunity I say divorce

Is not the end it’s actually the beginning of your next life and you have to start preparing during it and to me of course as every woman going through divorce there is times when you’re like am I doing the right thing you start doubting and you know because you see the pain your children go through even inside you know you’re not happy you want something different but you start doubting yourself because you love it you see the pain you cause to other

People and you like what you my entire it to actually happiness am I entitled to happiness and make these people suffer but now when this whole thing happened I realize you know what the time is so precious you can have the most perfect beautiful life and then something like this will change you know and happen and you would never expect it and then like I I would rather spend you know my life enjoying it every day and something happened at least you know

That it it was worth your life was worth something like now I love empowering women and tell them and help them that’s what makes me happy I realized that there’s so much time I spent on doing things I don’t want to do like I can’t I don’t want to say no to go into an event because I don’t want to you know I don’t want people to be upset or I don’t want and now I after that moment I realized you know what all these things are so not important not only it’s not

Important to me but for for this people they would forget if I didn’t go and I started realizing what do I I actually want in my life well it made me reassured that what I did my divorce was a correct decision even if it was painful but every change is painful as we know but it was right it it was the right decision and then my daughter is an amazing girl because she’s been singing since she was the age of six she actually wrote a song the fight’s not

Over yet about her whole experience and in her lyrics She said um I will be the odds and she did so because we she has an amazing support group we filmed the music video three days before her surgery so the three days she got to experience and this song fights not over yet on every platform it’s you know every musical Apple music all all the platforms and she was so occupied with after of course we told her what’s happening you know this is what it is

And she actually did the whole video the day before for the surgery hi guys I have adrenal trauma tomorrow I’m going into surgery because she’s a big also Advocate right now for young girls and teenagers you know she showed her pain but she also showed that you know hoping and believing and putting and helping it’s a beautiful thing and she you know she she has a big scar in her stomach but she’s very proud of it and she spend the whole summer going you know to all

The areas into bathing so they like 10 10 people a day ask me this and I said how do you have it I would never do this I’m not that kind of person but she does and she’s like you know what I’m so used to it but you know the one good thing the girl she had like appendix removed and she had little Scar and have seen mine she didn’t care about hers anymore and you know and I’m so proud that you know in this days where teenagers use all these apps to make them beautiful

And especially after the pandemic when all the teenagers had to wear masks you know know that and it’s very everything right now is but a conscientious how you look how you perceive she’s so uh open about her experience and to show the scars yes I’m not I’m not like everybody I have a scar but I’m alive that’s what’s the most beautiful thing and you might be the most beautiful person but your life is wasted on things that don’t really matter and that’s when you know I

I we both realized it was a journey actually I mean it was her Journey but it made me realize so many things it made us Bond on so many you know she I guess realized why I did what I did you know why I not want to help other woman and she she helps you know teenagers and advocates for she has a foundation fights not over foundation for also kids who go through cancer or just like her adrenal tumor or any other tumor so I I’m this whole moment of life because as

I told you before I don’t stop I don’t see obstacles in my life as something like okay I need to pause for a minute you know like and figure out what to do I don’t have that in me I’m always go go go and before I know I hit the obstacle I’m already mentally on the other side of obstacle knowing I’m going up know and at first I’m gonna go down then I’m gonna go up I even you know when I talk to my daughter I always tell her like you know if you think about every moment

In your life even when it was the most you know hardest moment like the divorce for you but out of divorce I ran into my friend Damon Elliot and you started your music career there’s always something good comes out of something bad you just have to concentrate on the good not on the bad and then make the best out of it you know and I’m a big believer of a positive thinking and you know it’s not just the manifesting because manifesting in my mind is just

You sit and you think about things it’s actually doing things you know and planning things and really looking for you know in your life those moments that are were good after something bad happened so you can see how it how life is like a roller coaster you go up you go down but what that’s what you made out of it at the end it’s you’ve said so many powerful things and you know I want to highlight a couple of them I mean you both clearly navigated this very very

Unexpected occurrence in life and it reshaped your priorities it reshaped your perspective and I think that that’s so hard for so many women especially um is and and even as a mom right because as you said like we’re Mama bears we want to protect our kids we we don’t want anything bad to happen to them we want it to happen to us but what I think is so beautiful that both you and your daughter navigated simultaneously is you both both

Navigated your experiences together held space for what each other was going through but you guys saw what was on the other side and how like I’m curious to know I’m sure you guys were close even before this but how is your relationship with your daughter even shifted in terms of like your um your priorities with your kids or even just as a mom how has all of that changed for you guys since I do have I share my kids with my husband with my ex-husband 50% of the time my

Priority even when I got divorced I told my children just because you know we got divorced you still have a mom I’m always going to be there for you even when you’re with your dad but you forget something you need something I’ll be there and I’m always that you know I I always do that if they call me like Mom we forgot a book or can we stop by and get something or can you bring me food I remember those thing I was always there but I think and because I only have them

50 % I already feel like I don’t see them 100% of the time but now I feel like after that moment we it’s not just being with them it’s spending and talking it’s actually that quality time I guess they call it right when you actually get to know not just doing homework or you actually talk to them and because me and my daughter would drive once a week to land for her music so this is our kind of time to talk and sometimes I’m amazed she’s only 15 but

She’s so mature in her thinking and you know like I tell her things like my careerwise and she’s like oh Mom you should do this or like this morning I’m like Alexis what are the Trends on Tik Tok you know because she knows it you know she’s becoming like my guide because you know obviously the time changed when I was growing up there was no Instagram or Tik Tok I don’t know how to I don’t even know how to never get this Zoom thing you know for it’s

Different but I realize now and it matters to her that’s why I realized it’s not just asking you know like okay what’s your homework what did you do it’s not the conversation the kids expect from you that she loves to talk about not just her friends but when I ask her advice it validates that she knows something you know that I don’t and I think it makes any child happy when you know there can be a help to us too and this is how it you know it’s

Like now this weekend they’re going to be with me and I’m like Alexis let’s go watch a movie about Beyonce because it’s music and then we discuss it and it’s like she wanted to go we GNA go to New York so it’s a quality time and I realized that it’s so important after especially she told me I don’t want you to hide ever ever anything so we talk about the good the bad in between you know and of course she’s a 15-year-old teenager and you know it’s two girls

Like any two girls we have good moments we have bad moments we yes we were 15 at one point we remember being there but you know the thing is I mean I grew up in mosow and Russia I could never talk to my parents like this this is just I grew up in a different generation where even my mom was my best friend but she was a superior to me so I had different rulings you know and I’m not saying it’s just it’s just we live in a different time in where schools don’t even

Encourage kids to be respectful to adults so it’s different you know I mean I have amazing kids I don’t have problems with them but still you know once in a while it happens it does and you know and I’m curious to know as well um you know I also co-parent I share my kids 50% and what I have noticed is in moments when our kids are going through really hard times especially health related issues it really brings you closer together to your co-parent and

You know I don’t care where anybody is at in their relationship with their co-parent I mean it’s about the kids right divorce is something that happens between the two of you it’s not something that happens to your kids there’s still going to be you know mother you’re still mom he’s still dad so how did your relationship with your with your kids’s dad your co-parent how did that get impacted by this diagnosis and sort of the process of you know

Watching your daughter go through this together like what happened in your co-parenting relationship that you know either shifted your relationship or further strengthened it you know about a year ago we actually kind of had a big talk and we let’s say we became best friends again you know we put past in the past the divorce it took us like six months and we became best friends so we already and her surgery happened in in March so it was four months after that

So we’ll already we in a great standpoint of you know being great co-parents being friends and I’ve been with my ex-husband since 23 I’ve been for 16 years I GRE with him and that’s what I told him even it was my initiative to leave but I’m like you you’re my family I don’t have another one like I grew up with you you’re always gonna be there you know I’m always there for you you’re always there for me but I actually think that during

Her um you know her whole journey of you know getting the surgery and the diagnosis actually we had tension because I think we both didn’t expect this and we didn’t want to blame each other obviously but it was just so much emotional that we couldn’t believe and there was little things that we would just over you know over emotion at some point I remember I said listen I don’t want to argue with you I know you you you you experiencing the same emotions

As I and as you know men can express them you know I can say you know what oh my God I’m crying like I don’t know like like how’s this fair but I know guys don’t talk talk so they just skip it so for it was not the ideal situation I mean we were there for each other were there in the hospital we were there you know seeing each other more than usual which was unusual but I think it it was just it was just very sensitive for both of us because it was just you know we we

Both were shocked what’s happening and we didn’t want to blame and of course we all had thoughts like are we the reason for that like is is this something like you know the the why so I don’t think it was the best moment in our relationship you know actually after that it went back to normal being you know normal friendly because every time there would be something off we both were and we of course like I I used to you know I was with Alexis for two weeks in the

Hospital so I was sleep deprived I was you know to and we will take shifts so it took a toll on us too but than God it’s over and we back into normal relationship but I don’t know it didn’t make us closer because we were already close enough you know we were close enough where we need to be we know and that’s and that’s great and I’ll tell you like I appreciate your honesty and I appreciate your cander and you being vulnerable and saying that you know it

Was actually hard for us you know and I I don’t think a lot of people allow themselves to be vulnerable and to say that and and I agree with you I mean I I find so similarly my ex-husband and I we have we are very close friends now better than we were probably than we were married we were married for 15 years and you know the last couple years of our marriage we weren’t friends until we got divorced and worked through you know all of that fun stuff but I don’t

Think a lot of people I think people expect that um you know really uh pivotal moments that happen in our life are moments that oh this should bring you guys closer together when at INX uality sometimes it does kind of cause like a little bit of a rift but it’s also a testament to the strength of your friendship that you guys were able to get back to that and you just you know let this be kind of a blip on the screen and and a moment in time where

You guys were what I’m hearing is you guys were doing your best given what was handed to you and I’m hearing that you know there even there were even more insights and lessons that you learned as you were navigating this and I’m curious to know how that has impacted your ability to be vulnerable right your ability to be resilient um you know maybe it’s about the approach to your life can you talk a little bit about how that’s impacted those areas you see I

Remember when I we just got the diagnosis and I remember for me I didn’t want to tell anybody because I’m a kind of private person I’m like I suffer myself and I don’t want any even not that many people knew when I was going through divorce not that many friends until even when I was divorced not that many people knew especially you know kids like I just don’t think it’s anybody’s business so my ex-husband actually had a different approach and

That’s where I think we had differences he wanted the world to know and he believes in the power of prayer which I do too but to me it was like wait let’s just figure things out and this is where I think we had the differences you know and then I said well we should ask Alexis because it’s her journey we can’t just be like you know what she wants to do and she was very open to it so she was very open to talk about it but that’s where you know even today I said

Alexis can I please talk about you because I’m the kind of person that I I have to respect everybody’s ground and to me if it happened to me I would never say it I would never even tell it maybe too close of my friends my mom but I would never discuss it to the world this journey and I think it’s because I was born in Russia and we kind of were raised differently you know not to show the pain and vulnerability it’s life it happens you know but I feel like

American society just very different and especially I feel like right now and I’m not saying anything it just I see how in school they bring up all these subjects like so many kids have ADHD and an anxiety disorder and all these things to the point where kids want to have something wrong with them in a sense because then they’re like everybody else you know so I think this the their ability comes from this Society being so open you you know like you like it’s

Okay and I I think it’s it’s amazing you know that you can be so open and everybody supports you I was just raised differently so for me to be so open it took actually a little bit of time I did during my um divorce I did brain therapy and I usually Never Cry Like Never Cry only after I did the course of two years of brain therapy which changed my whole brain thing I started crying instead of screaming I would release and start crying which you

Know it actually feels sometimes very good to relief it or to say things I would never say because you know when you hold everything inside it’s it’s not good and it causes different things you know now we know that tress can kill you because yes not good so you know it just it just I guess I got into being being open is okay you know and that’s what I learned and maybe because when I was going through divorce I saw a lot of my friends didn’t support me for different

Reasons so maybe that was also the reason why I didn’t want to share it so much and now when it’s over and I really don’t care because this is my journey if it makes me feel good to say it that’s what I’m going to do that’s why I’m saying the whole realization came it’s not about anybody’s opinion it’s not what they want me to see or to do it’s about me if it makes me feel good then I’ll be open if it doesn’t I’m not GNA say anything I’m not going to open up

But that’s where the whole shift I don’t want to be what they expect of me I don’t want to do the things they I should be doing because somebody else is thinking it’s all about me how I’m feeling about it and at night when I go to sleep I know I did it because I wanted to do it right yeah I I couldn’t agree with you more I mean I feel like so many people don’t first they want to say they’re sorry and then it’s you know they don’t they don’t understand what

It’s like living your life right and you’re the one who has to wake up every day and look at yourself in the mirror and choose happiness and what I have always said is that if choosing happiness means choosing divorce then I am all for it because everybody deserves to live life in their most fulfilled happiest most Joyful Way it doesn’t you you know happiness doesn’t equate to having two parents in a household Happiness is when you can be happy even

If that means you being by yourself and I think that it is so important for so many people to hear that because I think that as women we you know and you’ve talked about this and other interviews that even I’ve listened to where you know it’s like you want to stay for the kids right and you know I know that you know you also when you were growing up right you had parents that you didn’t necessarily think should be together and you know there I went through moments

Where I was like I should stay for the kids but then is that really the best for them and so I just I just want to take a minute and reiterate that point that it is so incredibly important and and honestly it is so courageous of you to choose yourself I don’t think a lot of people have the power to do that and and so I commend you wholeheartedly for Having the courage to choose yourself and to know that that was what was in the best interest not just of you but

For your kids and ultimately also for your ex-husband I mean he gets to be happy he gets to have the life that he wants as well so I just wanted to take a moment and just commend your courageousness because it I I’ve been there and I know like it’s it’s a hard decision to make and it’s so easy for other people to to judge or to comment on it when you know they just they don’t you don’t get it unless you go through it so I just wanted to exactly right and

You know one day my daughter was telling me like Mom but I didn’t choose the divorce and I said Alexis I understand you now have two household but really what did you lose you still have a family unit you still have a mom and a dad yes you have two homes and I understand it’s very inconvenient to move from one home to another you still have that family unit I said Alexis I lost a husband yes it was my choice but I still lost a family member and you

Have to understand that I’m going through grieving too you know that I’m missing that too you’re not alone yes it was my choice but when you’re going to be a little bit older you will understand why I did it and obviously after everything that happened she started realizing you know things but that’s so insane it’s exactly as you said for children and I realize it’s not to parents been in the home because I told my kids what about the kids that

Have no parents what do you think their life is or they only have one or or you know it’s not it’s and that’s why you know it’s when I started thinking about it like okay we all grow up it’s the love you give them it’s the understanding it’s the time and I know so many people that have two parents at home and they never see the parents because the parents don’t care about children you know it’s the same thing like you said you you know like our Rel

I think because it it’s just a picture perfect like that if you have that that people think the kids are happy it’s the same thing like a lot of girlfriends I have they want to have a children thinking okay now their life is going to be good and they’re going to be happy with their husband and I say you know kids don’t bring you know to to adults together if anything if you’re fighting now wait till you going to have kids you’re going to go opposite directions

You know this is kids are testing for you that’s why it’s like you said like actually this moments like you know having our daughter sick made us go like show us the differences we have so all those things are not going to bring you back and when you start realizing and with and it all comes with experience and going through things but I think the most important thing make notes for the Future Okay this didn’t work out this is like good to look for for the next time

Exactly and I mean if anything I mean the journey that you have been on you know both the you know through your divorce and also through your daughter’s diagnosis I mean clearly this journey has influenced you know how you show up what your outlook is and you know the importance the weight of what you’ve put as being at the Forefront of being important in your life um you know is I think that it’s rep prioritized things for you it’s clearly re prioritized your

Daughter’s life and so I’m curious to know how all of this has influenced your ability to find strength Within These difficult and of course unexpected moments W you know it’s it’s honestly no choice it’s not like it’s like you just move forward you don’t think about those things you you’re like okay well we’re gonna deal with this and we’re going to continue moving on and you know we’re going to hope for the best I remember dropping her off at the surgery and it

Was 7 hours and I started balling like because that was the moment when I realized because it was very complicated surgery this is this was the first moment that made me realize what if I was wrong and my feeling internal was and something will happen you know and but still it’s not like you know you just continue the cumor you recovered from the surgery then we had we weren’t thinking about anything because for seven days she couldn’t e she couldn’t

Walk she needed to relearn all those things there’s no moment to think about only now looking back like wow we went through some turmoil but at the moment you just like hey like we have to work it through you have to learn how to eat you have to learn how to walk like I remember bringing her home and she had a walker it was just little baby steps towards you know and little goals and that’s it you just move forward you not it’s they and she still she wanted to go

To school so bad I remember and they had a school trip to go to New York and Bost she said Mom can you can I please go I said Alexis you just had a surgery still have an open wind you can’t but she’s like Mom please can you come with me like maybe I can take a nurse with me like you know she she wasn’t she was so happy she recovered that when they told her that the tumor was benign that I think especially at that moment she just wanted to get back to normal life you

Know it wasn’t like anything it just now like sometimes I know when I have in a day I go back mentally to those moments like this was bad wake up this is nothing isn’t it amazing how our kids are I think some of the best teachers I’ve had in my life I mean my boys are now 17 and 14 and I mean they are the greatest teachers don’t don’t you think I mean your daughter clearly has taught you so much about yourself and but you know there’s one thing I actually want

To point out because I do so my son is 11 and and I remember actually I feel like for him it was the hardest time because we all were so focused on her that we just I mean neglected him in a sense because you know it’s like I was always gone to the hospital he was staying a lot with my mom and of course he was worried about her too because we were not really talking to him because we we didn’t have time and he’s so much younger and what are we going to say

Your sister might have cancer like this he even understand what what it like why scare him you know that I remember I wish I I did things different with him not to put him in through pain and especially you have boys you know what it is boys don’t really talk yeah they’re so you’re so different they just closed in but I feel it affected him in so many ways that you know I was so concentrated on my older one and her well-be that I kind of neglected you

Know my son and you know and it’s also hard because I remember it was his birthday and we went he wanted to go trumping and the moment we walked in he does the first jump and he lands wrong on his foot and we go into urin key and I’m like oh my God I can’t have two kids in hospital but I feel like it was an attention he wanted you know because I remember we were in Urgent kid he’s like his dad GNA come and I’m like no he’s not and because you know and I was like

Wow that’s such a strange question question because when it’s like we’re not together it’s my day you know but it’s because Dad was there and mom was there for his sister you know and it’s like this is the only moments when I realized you know now looking back that he also wanted that it’s hard to explain a little kid why I’m sorry I can’t I can’t really be with you right now because you’re still and it was hard for him maybe even more than all of us

Because he couldn’t understand what’s going on but he sees everybody so worry about his sister that you know he I know he loves her and he worried about her so that was I think very hard you know for for him also and it’s it’s hard to talk to boys because boys shut down right away everything is fine everything is great you know it’s not like girls like we talked and you know with my son we still going to maybe one day he would be more like we talk but it’s not the same

Yeah no I totally feel you I mean my kids I mean it’s one of the things that I think my divorce actually helped my boys around is is learning that it is okay for them to have emotions about this and you know I think that I think that these unforeseen um you know transitional moments that we go through that you know it’s the universe’s way of slowing us down and and rep prioritizing things on our life I just think that you know it

It what I always say is that it happens for us right it’s not happening to us it’s happening for us and I just I really commend everything that you have been through and I mean clearly you know what an incredible mother you are to your both of your kids but I mean especially your daughter I mean just to have that kind of a mindset and for her to just be in that place of wanting to help others and to give back and for people to learn from her experience is

Just I mean it is such a true Testament talk about leaving a legacy and having a vision for you know what you want to create in this world I just it it truly is an honor and pleasure to have spoken with you today and thank you so much for being my guest I really really appreciate it thank you so much for having me thank you yes of course and you guys everybody who tuned in oh last thing how can people find you I want to make sure that every I forgot this part

How can people find you and connect with you across you know social media they can connect with me on Instagram and it’s KY Silva my name very easy lovely well you guys definitely connect and reach out I know that you you’re an advocate as well for um you know so many incredible causes so you guys please be sure to follow Kenny and thank you guys again for tuning into this week’s episode as you know with every single one of my podcast episodes my goal is to

Empower you to see what is possible in moment of pause because what is on the other side is more beautiful than you could ever imagine so thank you guys for tuning in don’t forget to follow me on social media as well Wendy page Sterling and I will see you guys in next week’s episode sending you all love and light always Mah bye everybody [Music] bye [Applause]

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